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  1. He looks a tasty signing for us. Looking forward to seeing both the new strikers scoring lots of goals for the Brox
  2. Well going by your profile picture, I hope my club signs you 😆😆😆. Good luck
  3. Zander is a good goal scorer and helped us on a good Cup run. A good signing for Bo'ness. Hopefully his replacement will score as many Anyone else jumping ship????
  4. That's the club announced that Brian McNaughton and Steven Hislop have resigned and have appointed Chris Townsley as manager. They done great work and we've had some of the best memories together but you have to appreciate their decisions. Good luck guys, and good luck to Towser
  5. The option I just said. We will have to wait to see what happens then the options will be more obvious and the lead will come from the top leagues.
  6. But why void it if there's other options on the table?. You do seem very eager to void this season.
  7. Clubs will have to suck that up and manage that, all clubs will be in the same position so that's fair. But you shouldn't have a void season when there's a solution to this, it's grossly unfair to teams like Bo'ness who have put resources and effort to be where they are and to other teams who have put themselves in good positions. They should all have a shot at the title while not having it given to them. I can't see a competitive game until well after October after a pre warm-up period, it could even be next year! mix in a local league cup with neighbouring teams, we've got enough fixtures. Apart from contracts, It doesn't disrupt next season if it's not started until 2021
  8. Well not scrapping it but postponing the start off next season. All depends on when clubs are allowed to play again and after a warm-up period. It could be next year before we can start again. It's just an option to consider when we have more answers in place. I'd rather that than 5 games a week
  9. I don't know if this has been suggested but a simple solution, scrap season 2020/21. We go on a long break until the virus is gone. Then continue the fixtures where we left off. I think we'll start around Septemberish after a warm-up spell to get match fitness. We will have plenty of time to get the fixtures done. And no midweek games and maybe an extra league format cup if we need extra games. We could also think about alligning into summer football, but that's too much forward thinking for one day The problem is financial. Hopefully some kind of tax breaks or government funds to help cover the burden.
  10. Broxburn 4 Dunbar 3 Despite the bad weather, what a cracking game of football. Must of been tough for both sets of players as there where plenty of mistakes. Lucky we all had seats and cover to watch it. who knows, maybe next year we can be back
  11. Very good read with interesting photos too. Thanks for the post
  12. With our ground not ready yet, we play Tranent away this Saturday and on the 15th February we play Dunbar at the Tony Macaroni stadium in Livingston. I'm looking forward to that one, at least for the novelty value
  13. That puts context into 'where we're you watching'. You started going on about players dissent after asking that. Halfway line if it's that important.
  14. My reply was about getting the Scottish cup out our system. You jumped in with the smart assed comment mate. Your tactics got you a point, we've done the same tactic a few times this season with success, it wasn't a critism, sorry you've took it that way. It was a hard game where we never squeezed a goal past a determined defence. And your comment on players surrounding the ref and half our team should of been sent-off is strange, I never noticed it more or less than your and every team does, and I would have the captain as the person to complain to the ref. No hard gripes about the point, performance or the visit to Whitehill but saying Bo'ness fans are better than Broxburn fans, that's hard to take 😂😂😂😂
  15. Lol, you must be on the wind up mate. What have you been smoking? Only 1 team that's no parking the bus 😂
  16. I was thinking of that possibility today, but Broxburn vs Whitehill was as much a 1 sided game as us playing St.Mirren. Their keeper should of been sent off in the first half and went on stop Broxburn with a few saves. Broxburn couldn't find a second, making chance after chance, and on another day we would of scored loads. Can't believe the keeper wasn't sent off after saving a shot outside the box, but these are the breaks that go for you or against you sometimes.
  17. From my understanding, it was to do with the arranged funding and grants running out. it will be costing a fair bit I imagine. Present council don't have sports facilities high up in their agenda and where dragging their heels. I think they just got in on time without losing too much funding. I wonder if it's before we get out of the EU! Lol. The park is run by Broxburn United Sports Club, lots of teams play there so it would be a decision with everyone in mind.
  18. It's been great memories made, unless you only have one shoe lol. Well said Captain.
  19. Seriously are you asking that? No, we normally take about 50-100 to away games. I also didn't see any underage people drunk, i did see a lot of legal age young guys drinking and to me they all look like14 year old's too. I know they're legal age because I see a lot of them either driving their cars or drinking in the pubs. That's probably what you seen. Anyway, I hope you don't get relegated. Too nice a club and town to go down but that doesn't help in these things.
  20. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/a-grand-day-out-and-broxburn-athletic-do-their-town-proud-1-5077233 This is the best report of the game so far. Pretty sums it up for every Broxburn fan. Back to the day jobs for them on Monday and every supporter is proud of our team. It's funny how some people can't see pass the negatives. Every time we've played it's always complaints. Happy to take our money for tickets and pies though
  21. I wondered that too! I wasnt sure if it was him or the police at the time as they where moving around at that point but then they booed some other players, if they where near, so I never gave it another thought.
  22. He only went on to get his shoe, buckfast made him a bit disoriented lol. Embarrassing
  23. Who are Broxburn playing today? Can't remember Best of luck to them today. Such a good feeling around the town and everyone coming together, what a buzz. Let's get to the next round and do it all again and we'll be even bigger news.
  24. I'm looking forward to this Saturday. The big support will be loud and make a great atmosphere. I just hope the team is in the game long enough so we can get the fans singing into full swing. Then we'll score in the 86th minute, 1-0 to the Brox! Crowd 5560. Crowd at 90 minutes 1600. In all honesty a low score, a St.mirren pie and a programme will do me 😂.
  25. Definitely not. Just like the Friday before Inverurie, I was like a kid going to sleep on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa. 4 to go! ðŸĪŠ
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