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  1. I thought it would be £25, Christmas bonus as I'm getting 5 tickets 😊
  2. have a look at the website www.broxburnathletic.co.uk for some good info and there's a contact for Jim Provan (our secretary) who could probably help with any info you need or photos. We brought over 500 to Inverurie so you'd think we'll bring a bit more since Paisley is closer but there's no many more people left in the town to bring, it might also depend if Rangers are playing too, unfortunately. Can't wait
  3. I like that draw, the only team's I didn't want was Bonnyrigg or Auchinleck. I reckon we'll get a big crowd going through as well. As the William Hill Scottish Cup Slogan says, unforgettable memories have been made already
  4. Weatherspoons and Morrison's have had a bumper day from our visit lol. What is amazing, is how many away supporters we brought. 7 buses with a good mix of young and old, the town's buzzing. A great effort from everyone.
  5. No arguments here. The tackles today where what you'd expect in a local derby game, both sides committed in the challenges. Just bad luck. Good luck on Friday, maybe your result can inspire us too
  6. A big blow losing Shaun Harrison today, I think our Scottish Cup chance just disappeared in the ambulance that left the game. Also looks like Nimmo could be missing too. Another bad game defensively, it is not the best preparation for Inverurie. Fingers crossed we find some magic again
  7. comparing the Edinburgh photo, maybe the photos don't show what it's actually like, but it looks bright enough to me. He should of raised a concern for it to get checked and got on with the game, sometimes these refs think we're in the Premier League and don't use common sense. I bet he got paid even though your out of pocket.
  8. Broxburn 2 Tranent 4. We where poor again, Tranent sat back after going 3-1 up, let us back into it but they could of scored more if they had to. Anyway, improving after last week at least. We still need to get injured players back asap. We have to adapt substitution's to change games instead of waiting for the 75th minute, and we have to find a better team line-up. We need to get a lot tighter defensively and hopefully we should get back to normal.
  9. Maybe, but it might give more confidence and give us a boost in the league campaign.
  10. Just realised, out of the 3 EoS ties mentioned there, Broxburn must have the biggest chance of getting to the next round! Patrick Thistle and Falkirk are glamour ties for our teams. Let's hope all 3 make it through, that would be amazing.
  11. Good luck today, I hope you all do well. Pressure is on the big dogs, who probably have a bus booked for Inverurie already. Anything can happen on the day
  12. I hadn't seen these posts. apologies for this, What I would say is normally we get a crowd of about 100 to 150. Cup fever seen the town get right behind the team. The young team sang that Billy song early on and I believe a quiet word was had in the ears from regular supporters and they seemed to listen and moved on. Credit to them, they made a right good atmosphere after that. I'm hoping it's just immaturity and that's the end of it. They don't get taught that stuff in the BUFC teams
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