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  1. He also said Broxburn where from remote deepest darkest West Lothian. I think he may have some Broxburn issues
  2. I think he could of went a league higher no problem. He was sticking out this season like a sore thumb. I didn't think we'd keep him long, but good luck to him, we will always have good memories of our Scottish Cup run
  3. Broxburn 4 Newtongrange 3 Newtongrange took a 3 goal lead in the first half and deservedly so. Broxburn did pull back 2 before half time. Broxburn changed things in the second half and scored 2 more. Newtongrange had a goal chopped off for offside, I couldn't tell as I was at the other end but they where celebrating not noticing the flag. What a turnaround. I think Gary Brass gave Broxburn someone who could hold up the ball and push on from there.
  4. Next game is where we need to get some points
  5. Having watched all the preseason games, It showed up how far behind broxburn have become. There is nothing in midfield but try to be a passing team. Defense isn't as strong, and the new striker doesnt get much service. Any team closing us down fast will win everytime. Penicuik next week and I dont know how we're going to win that. Anyway preseason games mean nothing lol
  6. He looks a tasty signing for us. Looking forward to seeing both the new strikers scoring lots of goals for the Brox
  7. Well going by your profile picture, I hope my club signs you . Good luck
  8. Zander is a good goal scorer and helped us on a good Cup run. A good signing for Bo'ness. Hopefully his replacement will score as many Anyone else jumping ship????
  9. That's the club announced that Brian McNaughton and Steven Hislop have resigned and have appointed Chris Townsley as manager. They done great work and we've had some of the best memories together but you have to appreciate their decisions. Good luck guys, and good luck to Towser
  10. The option I just said. We will have to wait to see what happens then the options will be more obvious and the lead will come from the top leagues.
  11. But why void it if there's other options on the table?. You do seem very eager to void this season.
  12. Clubs will have to suck that up and manage that, all clubs will be in the same position so that's fair. But you shouldn't have a void season when there's a solution to this, it's grossly unfair to teams like Bo'ness who have put resources and effort to be where they are and to other teams who have put themselves in good positions. They should all have a shot at the title while not having it given to them. I can't see a competitive game until well after October after a pre warm-up period, it could even be next year! mix in a local league cup with neighbouring teams, we've got enough fixtures. Apart from contracts, It doesn't disrupt next season if it's not started until 2021
  13. Well not scrapping it but postponing the start off next season. All depends on when clubs are allowed to play again and after a warm-up period. It could be next year before we can start again. It's just an option to consider when we have more answers in place. I'd rather that than 5 games a week
  14. I don't know if this has been suggested but a simple solution, scrap season 2020/21. We go on a long break until the virus is gone. Then continue the fixtures where we left off. I think we'll start around Septemberish after a warm-up spell to get match fitness. We will have plenty of time to get the fixtures done. And no midweek games and maybe an extra league format cup if we need extra games. We could also think about alligning into summer football, but that's too much forward thinking for one day The problem is financial. Hopefully some kind of tax breaks or government funds to help cover the burden.
  15. Broxburn 4 Dunbar 3 Despite the bad weather, what a cracking game of football. Must of been tough for both sets of players as there where plenty of mistakes. Lucky we all had seats and cover to watch it. who knows, maybe next year we can be back
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