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  1. Broxburn Athletic 2018/19

    craigroyston where good for the first half but you can't keep that level up for 90 minutes. In the end we should of won 4 or 5-1. Well done Brox
  2. Broxburn Athletic 2018/19

    I feel they'll be another home tie this season. I hope so anyway
  3. Broxburn Athletic 2018/19

    It was surprisingly easy. I think that's down to the players attitude with an eye on the prize. They look very hungry.
  4. Weather Watch Saturday 19 March

    Don't know, but looking at the live webcam from the golf course, there's no snow
  5. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    no clue, I'm just going by what I found on various articles on Google and what to do after I got those texts. it definitely comes from a bad advert or link. And I've no idea what the advert was. Do you know when you click something but as the adverts and icons load, the thing you want to click on is half a page away and your fingers over the advert. Then 1 second later, I was getting a text from payforit charge from 30090009. Then freemsg from 83463. I also found they change names regularly as they get closed down Unless I was scammed some other way and the timing is coincidence. That's possible too. Anyway, I hope this info helps others
  6. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    I had a link on your site, that signed me up to Www.hdwallpapers.com. i was using chrome on an Android phone. Basically what happens, If your finger brushes on the advert, it sends your details to them, you get a text from payforit, which costs you £4.50. Then you get a text saying youve signed up for wwwhdwallpapers.com. A warning for other users, this isn't a spam text, they do actually charge you weekly until you send STOP to the number on the text, then if you can be bothered you can speak to your provider to get your money back! Thanks P&B. If you Google payforit scam, you can read up on it. Oh, and now I'm getting lots of phone calls for insurance and ppi I'm not using my phone for your website again, I'm using a tablet. Just incase
  7. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    Cheers, its on. My son tried videoing a few games, we only managed to make 1 video because we missed so much in the other games lol.
  8. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    Another good video. Is it okay if I post it on our facebook page? The first goal, we where on the other side and we had a great view of it. I'm glad there was someone there to record it. The Sauchie goal was a cracker too.