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  1. Brilliant Craigmark well done [emoji1303]
  2. Congratulations to Shortless. Thought they managed the game really well sitting back for almost all of the second half and defending their lead. I thought Bannockburn were really poor. Terrible in possession with absolutely no idea how to break down the Shortlees defence.
  3. I hope that any supporters of clubs that voted to keep Robertson are asking their committees why they voted in such a manner as it would appear that absolutely nothing has changed from previous years. It's no wonder more and more clubs are looking for ways out of the juniors which is a crying shame.
  4. I'm sorry if this has been covered already but I've been dipping in and out this thread. What is the minimum requirement to obtain a licence?
  5. Ian’s done a fantastic job and deserves all the credit the same way he would get all the criticism if they were getting beat every week. I’m sure he’ll be the first to tell you how much he appreciates Greg, Lloyd and Keith’s input but he’s the figurehead I know first hand how hard he’s worked this season and I really hope they can secure that 3rd place spot.
  6. I'm afraid part of that isn't true. A professional contract only ties the player to the club for the length of the contract, not for life. It used to be the case but, thankfully, getting rid of the reinstatement rule changed this.
  7. I agree they will all drop points but even if you and Whitletts win your game in hand over Craigmark the gap will still be 3 points and added to that is Craigmark's vastly superior goal difference which is effectively another point. Muirkirk and Saltcoats improvement means I can't see any thrashings been given out which will eat into that. I see it between yourselves and Whitletts for the 4th spot. Just saw Lugar's lineup for last weeks games against Ardeer and you have got some quality signings on board which will certainly make it very interesting in the run-in.
  8. Dean is a good player and a good lad. His main issues have been staying fit and being able to commit, for various reasons. If he is there and fit he'll be a big asset to Annbank. As for the league, I believe if Craigmark beat Whitletts at home that will be enough to all but guarantee them third. Lugar have come on really well but I see them dropping points in the run in. Really hope Ian and the boys at Craigmark can secure that 3rd place, would be an amazing achievement.
  9. Morgan is a good player who will do really well for you. Great lad too. However, I would say you probably have the best left back in the league in Sean Ewart so be interesting to see how he fits. Unless Sean is injured?
  10. 3-0 Craigmark. Game over. Great win for them. Pleased for everyone involved
  11. 2-0 Craigmark v Whitletts. Good value for it as well
  12. Whitletts 1-1 Craigmark Draw probably a fair result and whilst I'd say Whitletts had the more clear cut chances Craigmark probably had the better of the game and looked the more cohesive unit.
  13. Ok mate cheers. That's an absolute shambles. Clubs that voted for him should be ashamed of themselves and I hope to never see any of them moaning on here about 5 days notice for a fixture.
  14. So did Robertson beat out Kennie mate?
  15. Top teams all strengthening and spending, signing players from Premier League, to make a big push for promotion. Be an interesting season ahead. Looking forward to seeing it unfold.
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