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  1. I’ve been desperate to see Clyde play Hibs at Easter Road for years just so I can finally tick it off the list, so naturally that’ll be Matchday 2 or 3 when I’m on holiday. Morton is becoming a bit of a trope the way Kilmarnock was, but I’m quite happy with the draw overall. Bonnyrigg away in the Scottish Cup in 2019 was one of my all time favourite away trips as well but I suspect games against them will probably be coming thick and fast in the not too distant future.
  2. Looks like a new tour is being announced tomorrow!
  3. That was a good final and you would’ve been a brave man to call it either way, but I think over the two legs QP probably deserved it. Getting Coyle in when they did has probably won them promotion. I don’t think even the most ardent QP fan would say they’ve been better than Airdrie over the course of the season, but I suppose that’s the beauty of the play offs.
  4. Buoyed by the fact I’ve already seen QP lose a final this week, I went along to this hoping for more of the same. First half was a typically cagey affair. The play offs are brilliant value but equally feel that first legs are always quite shite (insert open goal for QP fans here). Second half was excellent, though. QP deservedly took the lead - a brilliant finish from Murray. I’ve seen suggestions that the ‘keeper could’ve done better but from where I was it just looked a great goal. Thought it was a stonewaller for Airdrie’s penalty, too. The ref was getting a pasting from the QP fans behind me but I don’t think he got too many things wrong tonight. Does Luca Connell train full time with QP during the week or is he with Celtic? Thought he looked by far and away the strongest player on the park tonight so made me wonder. Sunday is set to be a cracker - I think overall, Airdrie deserve promotion but I don’t see QP shiting the bed in the manner Montrose did in the semi. Brilliant numbers through from Airdrie tonight. Got me thinking about the 2008 play off final where they pretty much filled the away stand at Broadwood. You really do wonder where these folk are every other week, even if you take the day trippers out the equation .
  5. After deliberating for much of the afternoon what would be the lesser of two evils, I went along to this and took my seat in among a decent QP support. Thought it was a fairly entertaining game. Pretty even until the hour or mark but QP just looked like they ran out of steam in the end. I don’t think I’d part with my hard earned to watch a ‘B’ team in anything other than a regional trophy but it was interesting nonetheless to see them play. Clearly they have some gifted players but I got ‘fur coat no knickers’ vibes off them tbh. It would’ve been interesting to see if QP went full strength had it not been for the play-off final this week, and how the game would’ve panned out. It’s obvious to see who their inclusion in senior football is designed to benefit but hopefully regional cups and the embarrassment that is the Lowland League is as far as they get. I quite like this competition but realistically it’s going to be difficult for ourselves to compete in it against the B teams and two other full time outfits so I’m not bothered about us getting routinely horsed in it. Is there a reason why the likes of Pollok can’t join it? Agree with the above in that there is probably a decent tournament in there somewhere given its history. Naturally having Rangers or Celtic in a final is going to draw a bigger crowd but was surprised at how many turned out tonight from both clubs given the miserable weather and ridiculous kick off time. Hopefully we can get into all the games next season.
  6. There is only a limited bus service to Cumbernauld train station and no buses to Greenfaulds. Then you've got about 2 miles to cover in Hamilton to get to the ground. Its doable but you're looking at the best part of 2 hours to get there and the same coming back plus train and bus fares. The train goes to Hamilton West, which is 5/10 minute walk from the ground,
  7. Aye, will be back up and running After the low level at Central is back open. Use that line frequently and it must be one of the most unreliable on the whole network, though. Cumbernauld and Greenfaulds stations are also a bit of a pain in the arse to get to from many parts of the town. Certainly wouldn’t say it’s convenient for Cumbernauld based supporters but I suppose we’ve had it relatively easy the past 28 years. As if it there wasn’t enough at stake next season, it is now even more crucial we get a decent team on the park to keep arses on seats. Crowds this season have been absolutely abysmal and I don’t think anybody can blame those who have found better things to do. I’m not jumping for joy or spinning this as some sort of victory over NLC quite yet. The club need to get this spot on.
  8. We are terminating the lease at Broadwood early. We will be playing home games at NDP from next season.
  9. Cheers. I probably could’ve worded that better tbf . For clarity, I appear to have bagged myself a half decent seat and wasn’t sure if it was a free for all once you got there, so I best get there early.
  10. I’ve jumped on the hype train and bought a ticket for this. I realise I’ll probably be the biggest VL in the stadium for even asking this, but is seat allocation enforced in the East Stand?
  11. Be sure to give Elgin, Albion Rovers and other assorted diddies our regards.
  12. Had a bit of a nightmare with that one. Hadn’t realised they had moved stadium so made our way to the old one. Saw the floodlights and thought “Great, that must be it!”, so got ourselves a couple of beers from a nearby shop and sat for about an hour or so waiting to go in to the game. I had been to a BFC game in 2019, albeit an away game to Viktoria Berlin, and could remember them having quite a lively support at that game so I thought it was a bit weird that we hadn’t seen the crowd starting to build with club colours on etc but didn’t think too much of it and just assumed that we were round the opposite site of the ground from all the pre match shenanigans. About 20 mins to kick off we realised we were at the wrong fucking ground so jumped in a taxi and missed the first 15/20 minutes (including 2 goals). Nearly never got in at all but thankfully the ticket office took pity on us. Thought the game itself was quite poor but Jena got a late penalty to win it so at least we saw one goal. Would’ve been typical had it finished 1-1 and we had missed both goals (last time I went to see them it finished 0-0).
  13. Berlin derby yesterday. Considering I would’ve otherwise been at Alloa v Clyde, it wasn’t too bad. BFC Dynamo v Carl Zeiss Jena today.
  14. Might go along to this. I can see ICT fans can buy online but assuming they’ll be behind the goal so I’d rather sit in the home end. Can you buy online for the home end? If not, do I need to go to an ATM beforehand like a caveman if I’m buying a ticket at the ground?
  15. Can anyone confirm if it’s cold in Arbroath tonight?
  16. I hope we’ve at the very least got a pre-season friendly out of it.
  17. Think the pitch would be fine. Not sure if the conditions around Broadwood are more likely to cause a postponement on safety grounds. Edit: Pitch inspection at 10am. I know f**k all about anything.
  18. Judging by the amount of wee fannies outside Central Station about half an hour ago, yes.
  19. This weekend’s games do have a “last for a while” feel to it. Beyond fed up of this shite.
  20. Bayern giving Stuttgart a right pasting. 3 goals in 5 minutes. 5-0 with 15 minutes left.
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