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  1. I enjoy it. Can understand why it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, right enough. That being said it would be harsh to be too critical of the show the last couple of weeks when there’s been absolutely f**k all football. They did an interview with Si Ferry on OpenGoal for the 25th anniversary a few months back and it kind of showed the two of them in a different light, they clearly act up a bit on OTB but I thought they came across quite interesting in that interview. Worth a listen.
  2. A strange one. I enjoyed it for the most part, but the ending was just far too ridiculous and it left me absolutely seething.
  3. Raith Rovers do a cracking pie, but the best I’ve ever had at the football was a steak & black pudding number from Linlithgow Rose. Absolutely incredible.
  4. Presumably if you have a close relative in hospital with it you would need to be in isolation and unable to see them. Pretty sure it was the case with one of the UK fatalities that the family couldn’t see their relative and were just getting telephone updates. We’ve been told to work from home tomorrow. Can see it being made longer term in the coming days.
  5. What are the chances I’d be able to pick up a ticket for this, in the Aberdeen end? Wouldn’t mind taking it in as it’s on the Sunday. Assuming it’ll go to a general sale, would they allow someone with no booking history to buy one?
  6. Was expecting lengthy additional time tbf, we were time wasting as soon as we went 1-0 up. Veins would be popping out my head if it was the other way about, of course. Rode our luck against a decent Loltrose side but Grant’s goal worthy of winning any match. Superb effort. Things are looking a lot brighter compared to this time last week but not taking anything for granted as it can still go south very quickly. Dumbarton probably have nothing to worry about in terms of relegation now with 3 wins on the bounce, so if they could let us win on Saturday that would be great.
  7. ScottR96


    Got my hopes up when I saw this thread had been bumped.
  8. Warning in place for snow tomorrow. Surely this will be off again?
  9. After Cunningham missed his second one on one, it had 1-0 Raith written all over it. If we play like that (and take our chances!) we’ll be absolutely fine.
  10. All areas of our stadium have a roof. Can't remember if you were in the railway stand or not last time, I'd assume that is where you will be on Saturday. It was the railway stand, aye. You must have been pretty pissed if you didn't notice the roof above your head. Surprisingly not. I have just tried to erase the time inside the ground from my mind for obvious reasons.
  11. Assuming we’ll be housed in the same part of the stadium as last time? Is it covered? I was at the game in August but I can’t remember noticing. It was warm and dry that day I’m sure. I doubt the weather will be as kind in February.
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