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  1. Bit annoying that Dumbarton and Forfar picked up points tonight but overall an excellent nights work for us. Would’ve bit your hand off for 4 points from Montrose and Peterhead away.
  2. By the time he came back to us on loan from Thistle in 2011, I’m sure he was a firefighter, so he may well have been going through his training or something at the time you’re talking about.
  3. God forbid we ever find ourselves in the L2 relegation play off in the future, they’d probably put us in the Highland League if we lost. Assuming Ayr come through the Elgin tie we will lose, and on the off chance Elgin come through, we will lose.
  4. I, for one, am really enjoying “the journey”.
  5. Remarkably, I was telling my dad about a podcast I listened to about McLean’s United team about half an hour before I read that he had passed away. What he achieved is unthinkable now. Rest in peace.
  6. Glasgow Cup game against Rangers being shown on YouTube free of charge. Bonkers we’ve had to shell out on Covid tests for this nonsense, would take another 9-1 defeat as long as we come through it without any injuries.
  7. Collect 12 packets of crisps and become *checks notes* head of recruitment at a basket case of a football club.
  8. Only way this will be worth £12 is if we get to see Chris Fahey slapping David Hutton about again.
  9. The commentary was decent I thought. Streets ahead of Falkirk’s. Assuming it’s just a Dumbarton fan who has volunteered, I can understand his anxiety at times when we had so much possession in the 2nd half but I reckon most Clyde fans would’ve been comfortable putting the mortgage on us not scoring tonight. Absolutely dismal stuff.
  10. Falkirk and Thistle are. Not sure about Cove Rangers, and I think Airdrie have a mix of FT and PT but again not 100% sure.
  11. Imagine needing a replay to decide that wasn’t over the line
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