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  1. Assuming the fixtures are decided using the same formula as recent years, you’ll be at home to Clyde & Accies and away to Cove and Brechin which is probably the best set of fixtures in a truly dull group.
  2. If they are using the same method to determine the fixtures as previous years it’ll be (I think): Livi away Brechin home Cove away Accies ‘home’.
  3. As soon as Livi, Accies and Cove got put into the group my thoughts were “that is the most boring group ever. Clyde a shoo in for that”. Absolute misery.
  4. Livi, Accies, Cove, Clyde and Brechin. Absolutely stinking
  5. QP’s games at Lesser pre-September an absolute shoo-in to be against ICT and Arbroath where capacity won’t be an issue, with Partick Thistle or Dundee United conveniently being the visitors for the big Hampden homecoming.
  6. Really looking forward to our group consisting of Kilmarnock, Morton, Edinburgh and Stranraer.
  7. We had to get rid of the previous manager because he’d assembled an abhorrently bad group of players and presided over the club’s worst run in 50 odd years. It may well have been Duffy’s brief to try and keep us in the league but at the fans meeting at NDP a few days after he was announced, it was clear to me and everyone else there that it was just simply not going to happen. The damage was done. You could argue then, that he had 6 months to prepare the squad for a handful of key games and failed to do so. Mistakes were definitely made in the run up to the play offs imo but there’s no doubt we had managed to gather a bit of momentum and in the end a few things went against us in the play offs which made it nigh on impossible. As for the concerns about how hands on Duffy will be as DoF - that wasn’t really his style as a manager so I don’t see why people would think he’s going to be facilitating training, being in and around the dressing room on match days, in the dugout etc. The only other time I can remember having a DoF was Neil Watt when Stuart Millar as manager. Latterly he ended up in the dugout when things had gone completely tits up but it wasn’t the case initially - Millar was given a chance and although he ultimately failed, McLean deserves his chance too and should be moved on if it doesn’t work. Hopefully we’ll get a clearer picture of how it’s going to work in practice at the meeting next week, however I’m hopeful he’ll be bringing his own ideas to the table as opposed to being a “puppet” to Duffy, as if he’s some evil overlord.
  8. The amount of people that now seem to be of the opinion that we had a great chance of staying up when Duffy took over, and that relegation is entirely his fault is absolutely nuts. I’m no fan of the guy or his football but there is an awful lot of rewriting of history going on here.
  9. Willing to give him a chance. It’s slightly underwhelming because it was so predictable but I think some of the comments here are a bit over the top. McLean was not the reason we were relegated, so him being part of last season’s squad doesn’t make a difference to me. Spurs maybe just pipped us to the post for Postecoglou.
  10. We really have gone full circle. League 2, Jim Duffy and bargain bucket away strips.
  11. The Boss was incredible tonight. The greatest show on earth.
  12. Could’ve just been a slip of the tongue, but Duffy was on Off the Ball earlier and said we only had 2 signed players for next season.
  13. McGeever off to Dubai. https://dumbartonfootballclub.com/club-captain-moves-on/
  14. Annan’s tactics tomorrow will be frustrating to say the least, but I’d be wanting us to do the exact same if the roles were reversed. It’s not their fault we’re in this mess - can’t blame them for taking full advantage. I agree broadly about the admission price tomorrow, especially given we’re going into the game pretty much dead and buried but I think we’ve got more to worry about than the price Hamilton Accies charge for pies.
  15. I was far too invested in the game last night as a Clyde fan to notice the commentary tbh but I have felt the same way as the OP in the past when it’s a game I don’t have a vested interest in. I would much rather these games were shown on BBC Scotland but find it hard to level any sort criticism at Alba as at least they’re showing them. The Gaelic commentary is a small price to pay imo. It can also be quite good not having a clue what’s going on instead of having to listen to the likes of Chris Iwelumo and Rory Loy. I do find it odd that BBC Scotland put all their eggs in the one basket with the Championship and don’t show at least a couple of games from L1 & L2, although I don’t really understand how TV deals work so I’ve no idea if it’s even an option. For all the Championship gets plaudits for being a really exciting league, some of the games shown on the BBC this season have been absolutely shocking. The size of the league also just makes it quite repetitive - you feel as if you’re watching the same teams every week.
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