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  1. It closed for ages then reopened under new management but wasn’t open for long before the pandemic. Doubt very much it’s survived. Disagree with the poster saying the Amalfi Coast in its entirety, had a great holiday there a few years back. Pompeii was absolutely shite, though, IMO.
  2. Anyone know why there are no games picked for Sky Sports on the weekend of the 16th of October? All games that weekend are showing as being at 3pm on the Saturday.
  3. The insistence on including Goodwillie’s ‘goal’ in a 3-0 defeat is even more ridiculous after his first today. Would’ve been an unbelievable way to mark a centenary.
  4. 2 points dropped against a very disappointing Gretna side. Do you think any of the coaching staff have tried explaining to Rumsby why fouling players in the box every week is generally not a good idea? Might be a bit of Fr Ted small/far away psychology required there. Shoutout to the chap in the away end up the back with veins popping out his head in sheer rage throughout much of the 90 minutes. His performance served the occasional reminder that there were actually some people in the away end.
  5. What happened to the other team that played in black and white, had a terrible fanbase and got bankrolled by a millionaire?
  6. Think I’m in the minority here and actually quite like Cosgrove and Cowan. Listening to yesterday’s show just now, Darryl Broadfoot is absolutely insufferable imo.
  7. Perhaps it was the copious amounts of lager that made me oblivious to it all, but surprised at the number of folk I’ve seen say they had bother getting in. Arrived at my turnstile in the North Stand at 19:35 and was inside for kick off.
  8. Dundee were newly promoted to the Premier League when Declan Gallagher left us to go there, albeit only because Rangers were loused out.
  9. I live a 5 minute walk from Broadwood and was going to take this game in last week but by the time I got home from work and had dinner, I couldn’t be arsed. Was absolutely seething when I saw the score! Random games you didn’t go to thread for this pish, etc.
  10. Worked in a calI centre when I was at Uni and one of the team leaders would point blank refuse to go to a Christmas night out unless steak pie was on the menu.
  11. Old Firm on Sunday behind closed doors please, just for a laugh.
  12. He was fine. Not amazing, but when partnered with Conrad Balatoni it’s not hard to look semi decent.
  13. Lennon certainly isn’t blameless in this situation, but I really don’t think getting rid of him is the answer. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any decent manager out of work just now that would a) touch us with a barge pole and b) improve our fortunes with that group of players. Yes, it’s Lennon’s squad and he should absolutely be taking some of the blame. The budget he has been given has been wasted on players that are nowhere near good enough and that’s on him. However, I agree with the above - we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, and if you contrast the feeling around the club just now with the promotion season (or even our first season in L1) there has clearly been a monumental shift. Unbelievably frustrating yet entirely predictable that we’ve ended up a complete mess again after a short period of success. I really fear for us in the next few years. We seem to be standing still while teams around us move forward. When we first went down to the 3rd Division in 2010 we could just about afford to fanny about until we got our house in order, but that’s no longer the case. Something needs to change pronto.
  14. Does anyone know why there aren’t any fixtures on the weekend of the 29th of January? Doesn’t look like it’s the FA Cup or an international weekend.
  15. Probably just more sound bites about how much he loves the club and how we’ve got to stick together. Actually watched a video recently of his post match interview from when he won the LC with St Mirren and his comments are scarily familiar. “I’ve fallen in love with this club and it’s the privilege of my life to manage here”. Birthday card pish. We can moan about the budget all we want but whatever budget he has had, he’s pissed up the wall. I think he has enough credit in the bank to be given a chance, of course, but it’s running out quickly. That said, given our off field activity, particularly the two clowns co opted onto the board recently, I’m not hopeful of this ending well.
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