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  1. When I first started boozing I’d only drink cider as I couldn’t stomach beer. I took a bit of a slagging off my mate who maintained cider was a wee guys drink, so I forced down a pint of T one day and I’ve never looked back. That was in 2013/2014 and I can remember my local used to sell pints of Carlsberg for £2 which was by far and away the cheapest pint, I reckon a T would’ve been just under £3. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for a decent pint.
  2. Big club. Huge. Colossal. Finally season ticket holders will get to redeem their first dibs on any ticketed matches perk for the first time in about 15 years.
  3. Thistle kept the score down in the first half with some poor finishing. The goalie was terrible.
  4. It would also mean about 75% of our games in the past decade wouldn’t be there but the last time I checked, there’s a fair chunk of them sadly
  5. Could be wrong, but I doubt we are going to produce highlights at the behest of one overly keen individual for a game that took place more than a week ago. How you will come to terms with it, I don’t know. Good luck anyway.
  6. Been redirected to a different site to claim my Amazon gift voucher this today. Using Safari on iPhone.
  7. “So. There’s no way he’ll be able to play?”
  8. Cold Beer Company (aka Morrisons). Walk straight ahead out the station onto Murray Place, and it’s on your right. Standard Belhaven fare but it ticks the above boxes and will have the football on TV. You’ve also got a Wetherspoons just up the road from it, if you’re into that sort of thing. Stirling is an excellent day out. Really looking forward to it. Hopefully we’ll have 11 players.
  9. Never thought I’d live to see a QP sell-out at Hampden.
  10. Good read. Cheers. Hertha 2-4 Leipzig was slightly better. Hertha took the lead with a cracking strike but Leipzig were fantastic. First time I’ve seen VAR in action too, a Leipzig penalty for the equaliser. Was only really going to be one winner after that. Cracking stadium, too.
  11. Was at FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin 0-0 Berliner FC Dynamo in the Regionalliga Nordost tonight. A poor game but the home side definitely the better of the two teams. I arrived early and headed for the first gate I saw, which turned out to be the away end. They brought decent numbers and their ultra group appeared mid-way through the first half and created a bit of an atmosphere. They unfurled a banner but had no idea what it said so unsure if their late arrival was in protest at something. There was a minutes silence at the start of the game that was quite poorly observed by the Dynamo fans, but again unsure what that was all about. The stadium wasn’t great. Mostly uncovered terracing with a stand that housed the home supporters. There’s a running track that goes round the pitch so you’re quite far away from the action and separated by fence too. Felt a bit like a slightly more upmarket Cowdenbeath. Weirdly enough, got talking to a couple of St Mirren supporters who were with their pals, a Morton and an ICT fan so Scottish diddy teams were well represented
  12. Much more audible seethe from the Falkirk fans too. Lovely stuff.
  13. Just as a wee aside, dont know if anyone had a better view, mines was very good and I thought the header was going wide of the post. It looked like it was going in from where I was but having seen it again on the highlights, I'm not so sure.
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