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  1. I used the lockdown to my advantage and decided to lose weight. I was absolutely enormous. Frankly, I was never going to get a better opportunity than them closing the pubs/restaurants and working from home meant I wasn’t tempted by fast food for lunch. Also started walking daily which helped too. Think I’ve shifted about 3 and a half stone. Like yourself, once I got into it I found it to be a piece of piss.
  2. Really hope he can keep injury free and hopefully return to his 18/19 form. A very exciting player. We’ll probably need him and DGW to score a hat trick each every week to cancel out our defenders’ inadequacies. The defence is giving me the fear.
  3. I took in a a game at that level in Berlin in November. It was a poor game (finished 0-0 - typical) but I’d say overall the standard is pretty similar. Similar crowds etc too. Grant’s departure got me thinking. When was the last time Clyde fans were as disappointed at losing a player? Shows how far we’ve come under Lennon that a player leaving has us all in deep mourning! Just hope he doesn’t rock up at QP but I think he will.
  4. I thought Buchanan was a Clyde fan when he ballooned a 1-on-1 over the bar from about 5 yards out at TFS.
  5. Only really started to take an interest in hillwalking in the weeks prior to lockdown so have only managed the aforementioned shitey Weegie hills but this thread looks to be a good resource. Did the Cobbler this morning - met Ally McCoist on the way down.
  6. Glorious. I’ve had a craving for Cruzcampo for months. Takes me back to a weekend in Cordoba in 2017, possibly the hottest day I’ve ever experienced, and finally settling down to an ice cold Cruzcampo nearly reduced me to tears. Was meant to be in Madrid in a fortnight too, which has obviously been kiboshed. Some things just aren’t meant to be.
  7. Does anybody know when 2020/21 fixtures are released for Bundesliga?
  8. Having “The Bully Wee” on the back of the collar is a bit naff but otherwise I like what I’ve seen so far. Can they just show us the feckin’ thing now!?
  9. Aye something along those lines by the looks of it, although as already mentioned it looks to be across the collar area. I liked that strip so would be happy with that.
  10. I wish they’d just show us the strip instead of this phased nonsense. Nevertheless here is the first preview: https://twitter.com/clydefc/status/1280790270104293376?s=21
  11. Thanks for this. The whole of Scottish football has been waiting with bated breath to hear *checks notes* Brian Rice’s musings on this issue.
  12. That quiz should’ve come with a trigger warning. Some amount of jobby we’ve had in the last decade.
  13. I know nearly every aspect of the Old Firm rivalry is just a dick measuring contest, but I’ve noticed in the last few seasons that who manufactures their kits is now a big deal and almost a rivalry in itself. I haven’t bought an ‘as new’ football strip in about a decade, so maybe I just don’t get it, but my Twitter is rife with Celtic fans in particular creaming themselves because Adidas are better than the mob Rangers are using. Do people actually care? Also willing to bet these morons are the type who go on about how much they hate the modern game, but will pay hundreds of pounds to kit themselves out in this year’s no doubt unique take on green and white hoops and all the training gear etc. Bizarre.
  14. Wait to you see the state of the grown men getting their knickers in a twist about it.
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