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  1. Rothaus Pils on draught in The Belle in Glasgow. A rare treat.
  2. The results of late are clearly a cause for concern but suggesting the manager should lose his job is ridiculous. I think he has enough credit in the bank to ride this out.
  3. Noting your username and assuming you live in Motherwell then that is also my nearest Aldi so keep us some! I got the last 2 in the Glasgow High St branch. Londis on Glassford St and the Day Today in Blantyre also do the Spaten kegs - the latter also having a decent selection of bottles.
  4. Aldi are selling 500ml bottles of Spaten for £1.79. Tremendous value. No idea if it’s a permanent fixture or just for Oktoberfest because apparently they are selling the Paulaner Oktoberfest beer as well but I couldn’t see that when I went in.
  5. Original plan was pub>Clyde v Dunfermline>pub>out for dinner>pub. Will still have an adequate day I’m sure, but I’m seething nonetheless.
  6. If you’re referring to the 10th, that’s the 4th round of the Challenge Cup. Knowing our luck we’ll be out and Dunfermline will still be in it.
  7. Ridiculous decision. Not that it would’ve made a spot of difference but I hope the club pushed back on this. I’d imagine we’ll be taking a big hit financially because of this. Dunfermline would’ve brought one of the bigger away supports this season which will no doubt be halfed for a midweek game. Seething.
  8. Sadly I can’t see the SPFL growing a set and allowing the games to go ahead. If any forelock tugging weirdos want to stay at home crying in front of the TV, then let them. Let the rest of us get on with it. Might seem trivial but I’m assuming stewards, hospitality/kiosk staff etc will end up losing out if it’s canned? Seems very fair in the current climate.
  9. It was 2-1 at the time but aye it was 2004. Not a kick in the arse off 4,000 at that game. Would be nice on Saturday.
  10. Bellshill Athletic 1-0 Royal Albert Haven’t been to a game this far down the pyramid for a while but thoroughly enjoyed it. The standard obviously isn’t great, but the value for money (came home with change from a tenner) is fantastic. 1st half was a complete non event but the 2nd half had a bit of everything - a goal that turned out to be the winner, a missed penalty, a Bellshill red card, a disallowed Royal Albert goal and loads of right feisty tackles.
  11. So bloody frustrating. Could’ve been our easiest 3 points of the season. Feel sorry for Cunningham - could see he was absolutely furious with himself when he got subbed off. Ironically scored the hardest one of the lot. Work to do, but there’s definitely a team in there somewhere. There won’t be many boring games this season, I don’t think.
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