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  1. New St Mirren strips are nice, although its been a while since ive seen them, but initial reaction was good strip.
  2. Coulson and Smith played on opposite sides. McGinn is better than Smith though, we have defo upgraded, he's been one of our best players so far id say. He was solid against both Dundee and against Rangers and has a decent number of assists already. We do need cover there though.
  3. Pretty sure we do have a sell on with McLean - it was reported 20 or 25% at the time.
  4. I was relatively optimised before our game against Wednesday - we started well enough passing the ball about nicely but we currently have zero cutting edge and our defence and goalie are extremely suspect. The manager and the fans all know we need a couple of strikers, a couple of defenders and a goalie - whether we get them or not is another matter. The new left back Conlan looks a total liability, Cameron Howieson has shown nothing either since signing in midfield, hopefully both these guys are just currently not at match fitness.
  5. McGinn was terrible last year - its funny as the year before he was rated much higher than Kenny McLean who grabbed the team by the scruff of the neck, bust his gut and with a terrific work ethic earned a move to a bigger team - he will always get a warm welcome at St Mirren park. McGinn either did not progress as much or did not put the effort in, I really hope its the latter because he was a very industrious player who should have a bright future.
  6. We were decent yesterday, Agnew looks a great player. Defence is still a bit ropey and we need some striking options up front.
  7. Cant argue with that kind of praise - lets hope he lives up to the hype.
  8. Its pretty bad for sure - at least its not the blue pound, that would be a step too far.
  9. I think you are being a bit harsh on Gow - he did not start great but the last home game where he got injured he had a smashing game (other than that miss) and looked like he still had something to offer.
  10. These clubs should instantly be relegated with this seasons relegations/playoffs scrapped. Its the only fair way to deal with a problem as large as this.
  11. Beat Roma 5-1 in my second champions league game I've had Alan Armstrong on loan from Newcastle for the 4th year running - he scored 30 for me in the league last season.
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