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  1. Talbot have the habit of doing it. We went over a year undefeated in the league between October and November this year. Beaten by the Glens on both occasions. We won our last 11 league games last season at the end of a superb run, conceding just two goals along the way, after being over 20 points behind the leaders at one stage.
  2. Hypothetical question. What would the reaction of other clubs be were the likes of Pollok or Talbot to stick their necks above the parapet and say "We're having some of that" Would it be a game changer?
  3. I think it could be tight..........repeat ad nauseum and hope for the best!
  4. The fact that there has been nothing would probably indicate that there has been an agreement reached between both parties to not do so. Common practice.
  5. Can't see past an all West Region quarter final line up, which no doubt will give rise to the nay sayers saying the competition's devalued etc etc.
  6. I think Aiden Wilson has done superbly in the games he has played in, and shows yet again that Tucker can pick them out young and mould them in the Talbot way for the long term. Totally different player to Gordon Pope, and I honestly don't think it's going to be as easy as some folk might think to get back in. What it does mean, of course, is that there is genuine competition for the place and that is always healthy.
  7. TFW

    John Millar

    Be big shoes to fill as others have noted. Always hard games against Beith, tough but good.
  8. In the old set up with 12 teams no team ever got relegated with 24 points, barely over a point per game, over the 22 game season. If we are now playing 30 league games per season it would be natural to use the same kind of scenario, two points over and above the games played, so 32 seems like a very safe call.
  9. Think you are probably in the minority there. Was standing on the terrace between the Main Stand and the clubhouse for the last 15 minutes and everyone was talking about just how good he'd been. It's not a love in, just an appreciation.
  10. Hope you backed yourself at the bookies with that!
  11. Headcount at Talbot approximately 520, including about 30 or 40 Benburb. This was another joint effort from Isabel Goudie and my good self.....I did have to scale him back somewhat from his original "eight and a half thousand Big Man!" though.
  12. To me, this whole thing just gets weirder and weirder. I think change is inevitable, and that there will be a move to the Pyramid structure at some time by clubs in the West. As an initial "no thank you" type fan to the Pyramid set up I think it's now important to be part of the vanguard for change when it comes. Somebody made the salient point about who will be chosen to make the move, and it could be the likes of anyone with a plastic pitch and lights because they'll meet the minimum licensing criteria. My club, Talbot, will hopefully have our floodlights up for next season, but it hasn't been easy raising the finance and getting the work done to date. I think it could be much harder for certain clubs like Glenafton and Pollok if they have designs of making the move as well. I would hate to lose clubs that we have played since nineteen o dot, and have to play some of the teams being touted as possibly joining a LL West set up instead. Crowds would inevitably drop at Beehwood, whilst the likes of the Braves, Threave, etc would see significant increases in their gate income. Whatever does happen, I certainly hope it happens sooner rather than later, and is done so on the basis of a well informed decision making process.
  13. He hasn't got the balls to resign and do the right thing. He has to go, and the other delegates should make sure it's done as soon as possible to mitigate any further fall out
  14. I'm going with my normal prediction of it being a tight game, as I've done that for the last three home games which have resulted in 6-1, 5-2 and 4-0 wins.
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