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  1. Club Licence

    Thing is though, history is viewed differently by everybody and I wasn't asking anyone to understand my views on it. It's a personal thing, and as it's the only grade of football I've regularly watched in the last 28 years after watching the game down south before then it's perhaps not unusual that I still view it as a breath of fresh air. As I have said on numerous other occasions I know Talbot will move if they have to, but that doesn't mean everybody's thrilled at the prospect - far from it.
  2. Club Licence

    .As a fan of Auchinleck Talbot, and Junior football, it is only with great reluctance that I think we will have to move as and when so the club does not get left behind. Am certainly not alone in that, either at Beechwood or elsewhere in the Junior game. The administration aside watching the Junior game for the past 28 years since moving up from England has been a real breath of fresh air. I love the history and the culture of the Junior game. It's history is indelibly linked to working class history and I, for one, certainly do not want to lose that. The thought of moving into a new set up en masse with other Western clubs isn't the problem, but moving into the Lowland League should we win the new league fills me with dread. Nomadic clubs, sterile atmospheres (from what I've seen already at the LL grounds have already been to) and teams that aren't as good as the clubs who will be playing in the league below them - and that's a real issue. Were Talbot to win the league in the first season and move into the LL, the other clubs would soon notice the difference financially, especially at Glenafton and Cumnock where the away support often outnumbers the home support significantly. The moving of the goalposts re licencing shows that the SFA really do not want that many more clubs, and they're patently not set up for any large transfer. Mention of LL2 is made, but what about LL3 and / or LL4 for all the other Western Junior clubs? Are they to be left to the wolves?
  3. scores on the doors 2/3/19

    That's good coming from Village Idiot Central.
  4. scores on the doors 2/3/19

    He obviously noticed the fact that we've scored 19 goals in our last 3 league games ally!
  5. Club Licence

    My club, Auchinleck Talbot, have made many upgrades to their ground over the years, new stands, toilets for females and disabled folk inside the ground, new pie hut, new sponsors hut being looked at, and floodlights now the main area for which we've already started fundraising - an initial crowdfunder before the Hearts game reaped £5,000. Not every club is in our position though and it certainly does appear that the moving of the goalposts is designed to keep a further mass of clubs from doing what those in the East are doing.
  6. Club Licence

    On this basis then it's probably safe to assume there'll be no Junior Cup or Super League winners in the Scottish Cup next season without floodlights? On a different perspective, the SFA now seem to be going down the same route as the FA down south where strict ground criteria, regardless of any club potentially bankrupting themselves for absolute minimum return, will oversee everything else. So many excellent clubs with long proud histories, like the original King's Lynn FC, put themselves out of business because of constant ground upgrading requirements they just couldn't realistically finance.
  7. Club Licence

    Will those clubs in the West, who may be thinking of moving into the new set up also be allowed a year's grace / derogation then or are the SFA now saying they don't want them?
  8. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Wonder how the semis will pan out this year. Despite the Bankies fans desire to progress to the semis there's still every chance of a possible repeat of last years final should Hurlford win and avoid Talbot in the semis. There's also the very real opportunity of a second successive semi final between Talbot and Lochee - the only team ever to beat Talbot in one leg of the two legged format since they were introduced back in 2009. The odds on both happening at the start of the season must have been immense.
  9. Talbot crumble

    Believe it or not wikipedia has vulcher defined. Would think the first definition below describes him rather than the Talbot though? vulcher A person who shows exsessive attention or excitement towards some thing or someone. Other forms: vulch vulched vulchin' Girl 1: That guy is totally checking you out! Girl 2: Yeah, I know he's a vulcher. I would have stayed but he was such a vulch I totally vulched on her shoes. I can't believe they are coming to town I am totally vulchin'.
  10. Lang New Management Check In At Somervell

    Sic management team and just the one scarf?
  11. McBookie's Odds 23rd February

    Great price for Largs. Why?
  12. Talbot crumble

    Wasn't this thread once about Talbot crumbling?
  13. Talbot crumble

    Nocknosh, you're probably going through some kind of mental degeneration and are very clearly delusional. Talbot crumble? Let's take a look at our respective league records since Bunrs became manager. Auchinleck played 8 won 8. Cumnock played 8 won 1 vs the mighty Cambuslang, scrambled a draw against Renfrew, and gubbed in the other 6. I accept that all those goals you conceded were undoubtedly lucky, against the run of play, and that Cumnock were the better team overall. Had you have deservedly won them all, and accrued the maximum 24 points instead of just the miserly 4 you did, you'd be second in the league on 47 points. Instead you're languishing in a rather squalid 10th position with nothing to look forward to bar yet another relegation battle. Life's a bummer, innit?
  14. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    As a relative newcomer to the Scottish non league game, 28 years and counting, when I first starting attending Beechwood I often found myself asking the same question. Having moved up from England, and a regular non league watcher and follower down there as well as my home town team Grimsby, I was well aware of how teams like Peterborough, Cambridge United, Hereford and others had progressed pre automatic promotion from the Conference. With a fairly well thought out Pyramid system there's no doubt progressive English non league teams can set their stall out accordingly and attain Football League membership with money behind them. With the amount of Football League teams making the reverse move, up north certainly, the standard in tiers 5 and 6 has increased dramatically. That doesn't happen in Scotland, where even now they're so protective of clubs with league status there's no automatic promotion from non league. That's scandalous. Were Talbot to go down that route, and over the years my views have changed about trying to get into the SFL, especially as I don't see it as the pinnacle of our game. There are plenty of clubs who currently enjoy the Western Premier League, because in the main it's a good standard of football, it's regionalised so it's cost effective and makes it easy for fans to travel, and it's cost effective for fans who only pay £6 per game. Where else in the UK can you get that kind of value for money? Hypothetical point. Talbot get into the SFL and the entrance prices double immediately. We might get more money through the gate but would probably see a corresponding drop in attendances once the novelty wears off. We might even get promotion? Increased entrance money again, and to do what try and get into the SPL where crowds at Hamilton hit a new all time low recently with a crowd of less than 1,200. That's a pinnacle? We'd never, ever, be able to compete with the big, well established teams at the top. So again, it's not a pinnacle. There's nothing wrong with non league football per se, although it's been an administrative nightmare for many years until this season. There's nothing wrong with wanting to support your team in a non league environment. That's what I want to do, and I know it's a viewpoint shared by the vast majority of Talbot fans.
  15. When will McBookies have their odds out? Can't find anything on Paddy Power yet. Strange state of affairs.