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  1. One might never be found, you're right. There no vaccine for AIDS either, but a lot of the highly susceptible groups continue to take enhanced precautions to avoid catching it. Others, like Freddie Mercury chose to ignore advice. There has to be middle path somewhere, but why rush it for the sake of rushing. I'm at a stage of my life now, as a pensioner, where I want to both watch football regularly and to try and enjoy as good a health as is possible, for very obvious reasons. I want to do it in as safe and controlled environment as is possible, and at the moment I don't think the message is getting across about this aspect of the virus. EPPP.
  2. I see a number of clubs, including my own, are looking at various ways of raising money to help keep things ticking over. As a lot of the clubs are also community hubs as well, I think a lot of folk would rally round knowing the impact of losing such an institution might mean. Games getting cancelled with increasing regularity down in the English Football League now as players start to contract the virus. I also note the EPL clubs are looking at putting some kind of package together to try and help the clubs further down the league. That would be most welcome, but it would also be impossible to replicate in Scotland as our top league clubs are not exactly awash with cash.
  3. A lot of the talk so far has been about whether or not we can start again some time this year. Arguments have raged as well about whether the game can go ahead with or without fans at our level. What is the likely outcome for clubs if the whole season is adjourned until 2021-22? Would going a whole potential season without any cash coming in (and maybe little or no expenditure) make a real difference as and when the game does go ahead again? Would some clubs find it difficult to go the whole season with nothing happening? Would some f them count their blessings, accept it, and hope that their fans will still contribute to the coffers to keep things going? I asked the question on another post, and there were no answers, but what about the issue of Public Liability Insurance? It's the reason many rural communities have lost their village fetes, carnivals, gala weeks, etc. If, and when, the insurance industry takes stock of what's going on and decides that there has to be £***** for any club to continue, we are at the same place that the previously mentioned rural fetes, etc have disappeared from our lives. How can that be met? Am of the opinion that if there is going to be any kind of financial support for the game to continue well into the future, perhaps we look at this issue. It won't cost governments anything, it could prove popular because everyone knows full well it's a scam for insurance companies to rip off the general public, and it's easily rectified. Thoughts, anyone?
  4. The message from Rishi Sunak couldn't have been clearer yesterday. He will give very limited financial support to folk who have jobs, currently in furlough, to come back to work and the employer will receive a certain amount of money to take that salary up to 78%. I doubt non league fitba is anywhere in their thought process? Given the fact that he hasn't produced a budget for this coming year means there will undoubtedly be financial shenanigans as Westminster looks to undermine the devolved governments. Interesting days indeed, but not looking forward to them.
  5. With the greatest of respect....Indeed. I watch non league football because I love the game, full stop. If I had the chance of watching say Carlisle City or Manchester United it would be at Carlisle. I don't have SKY, BT Sport etc as I don't watch live football on the television, I need to be a ground to enjoy the game. These aren't meaningless games, they're games I thoroughly enjoy going to. It's why I watch Kello Rovers when Talbot aren't playing. I don't "swan about the north of England" I drive to the ground, pick a safe spot, leave early and drive away. I manage my own health and safety. I also run a local foodbank, and I organise the health and safety of the users and the staff. I've organised health and safety in shipyards when I worked there, in refineries, and in public sector workplaces too. I know a wee bit about it. Your advice re whether or not I should be anywhere at all will be filed somewhere for later use, probably the bin. I want to see football back, but I want it to be safe. What a lot of the doom and gloom mongers on here fail to realise is that clubs are not just the hubs of their community, but they are employers also, and subject to the law of the land in regards of the health and safety of their fans, staff, and players. If it could be done safely, I'd be back at Talbot tomorrow I imagine, following the same kind of steps I've taken elsewhere. I still don't know though how people's safety can be ensured, whatever precautions are taken? Another question as well, which I haven't seen asked anywhere is the issue of Public Liability Insurance. I assume all the clubs have to have it, but does it ask questions that would determine whether or not games could go ahead safely? I assume the premiums will eventually rise steeply as a result of Covid, the insurance industry are not noted for their philanthropy.
  6. In the not too distant future I would hope. I understand there's a move by some clubs to start the season without fans, and to me that's not only a nonsense, it's financial suicide for the vast majority of the smaller clubs at our grade. It might be okay if you can waive those fears aside because you're extremely well funded. but for the vast majority of clubs it would be catastrophic. Moan all you like about fans being allowed back in, I honestly can't see it happening. Doesn't mean I support that position, though, I'd love to be able to see the Talbot again soon, but as I mentioned, how it could be done so that everyone's well being is assured I don't know.
  7. I've been to three games in England. One at Penrith, and two at Carlisle City. My wife has an underlying health condition which means I have to take extra precautions, like leaving the ground five minutes early to avoid mingling close to other fans going through the exit. Despite the high level of social distancing aware ness on my part, I had someone at Penrith who insisted on standing right behind me at the game, so I moved. He followed about ninety seconds later, and stood right behind me again, and started shouting over the fence to his mates. When I remonstrated with him about his ignorance of social distancing he took a hissy fit. He wasn't blessed with the greatest of intelligence unfortunately, and I moved again rather than create a scene. I later moved twice more as other fans came and sat very near to me despite my sitting in areas well away from the majority. That wasn't deliberate on their behalf, it was just not thinking. Again, I moved twice to avoid any further confrontation. On Saturday at Carlisle United, it was a lovely day, and I again socially distanced, but there was a group of about a dozen middle aged blokes in the corner near the exit all drinking and enjoying themselves, but with zero respect for social distancing. It made me rethink on going to such games again, and have decided not go. I had contemplated getting a season ticket at Carlisle City (it's only £2 per game). Ground's in the middle of nowhere, and average crowd is usually about 40 to 50. At the moment though it's about three times that with fans from all over the UK present. It's only about ten minutes longer to get there than it is for me to go to Auchinleck. If that behaviour I've noted is replicated in Scotland at non league level, it would be harder still to try and instill the necessary discipline to ensure everyone's well being at the ground. At the risk of being labelled a sad person for actually believing the science, I think it makes absolute sense to scrap the season before it starts and try to get it going again in better times.
  8. "God, you're thick ". I never quoted you, but Andygroundhopper25. BTW, I put this in quotation marks just so you get the message.
  9. It's not mass hysteria just because folk disagree with what's going on, so let's knock that on the head straight away. You feel "victimised" for not being able to see a game of football? You can though, as long as you don't cross the border. I've seen a game at Penrith, and two at Carlisle City in the last week. However, have now taken the decision to stay at home having done my own risk assessment of things as the situation gets that much worse. You can be careful all you like, it's the others around you who may not share your concerns where the danger lies. The guys playing the game can't take any such precautions, and I don't want any of the players in the team I support suffering unduly because they've played a contact sport. How long before we get the first QANon conspiracy theorists on here?
  10. I think it's a racing certainty peasy. Much as I want to see the game take off and flourish again up here I only want it to do so if and when it's safe. I realise that's a pessimistic outlook to some - I prefer to call it pragmatic - but football at any cost is a no starter for me. Think there will be serious talks about cancelling the season in the not too distant future if it does get cancelled again?
  11. A few thoughts from my first game in six months.... I went to see Penrith vs Wst Allotment Celtic in the FA Cup preliminary round om Saturday. As is usual I was there early and went to their clubhouse to put a few pound behind the bar despite there being a good real ale pub about half a mile away. Was surprised on entering to see the television on with the sound full blast, competing with the tannoy outside playing music pre match. Have to assume that's the English way of doing things in such circumstances at the moment (perhaps Andy groundhopper could confirm please?) You had to sign in to enter the ground, and plenty of hand sanitiser available. No food available, but you could buy cups of coffee. The logic defeats me, because if it's about trying to stop contagion, you'll catch Covid from a coffee cup just like you would a pie? Nobody formally stewarding any social distancing inside the ground, and I reckon about 80% of the 167 crowd were respecting the guidelines, but there some noticeable groups of blokes huddled closely together who obviously weren't interested, full stop. A good number of Scottish fans there, and I was sat next to a couple of Hibees before moving due some arse conitinuing to ignore social distancing guidelines around me. Had to do this three more times. I really worry if that is the lax attitude with a small crowd, what will it be like when we get back to watching our game in the WoSL, with some of the expected larger gates? Anyway, a sucker for punishment, going to see Carlisle City play tomorrow night at the old Celtic Nation FC ground in Carlisle, and probably there as well on Saturday when they have semi decent opposition vs Nelson.
  12. Re the SCC and SJC. I know a large number of the old Junior clubs are very unhappy about the lack of any gate money for away clubs, and it wouldn't surprise me if there are kickbacks against it. I don't know of any club treasurer who doesn't welcome a visit from the large Talbot travelling support, but think a good number of them might well bethingin if there's nothing in it for the club might as well give it a miss. Kelty v Talbot last year pulled in nearly 1,700 punters, including a large travelling support. Not only did they provide Kelty with a welcome boost to the club coffers, but also contributed the only atmosphere in the game as well. If only a handful turned up instead (if and when crowds are back to normal) folk might start asking questions of the current system.
  13. Wonder if Barry's working on his excuses already after today's cup draw?
  14. You're right, we really did pump Kelty last year, and Cove, and were desperately unlucky not to beat Arbroath at Beechwood. You take the rough with the smooth though and we have had some less than great days in said competition, it really doesn't matter in the long run. We are relatively successful in it, and I hope we continue to be so. There's hunnerds of clubs at our level who would give their right arms for the exposure we've had in the Scottish Cup.
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