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  1. Russia have given Japan a game so far but look absolutely fucked and it's only half an hour into the match. Japan will win this but they've not looked great so far. Maybe all the pressure on them as the home nation has got to them.
  2. I don't like him there but in an international test match I'd take Laidlaw at 10 over Horne anyday.
  3. FFS. Pete Horne over Hutchinson and Jones. I'd much rather have taken a chance on the young lad or even the player who has the higher potential than a guy who is a great club rugby player but not quite up to the international standard we want to be achieving now. Mediocrity in multiple positions isn't what we should be after. If that's the case where's Rob Harley?
  4. Bigger! Just realised I've missed the draft. First one I missed this season. Let's see if that's a good or a bad thing.
  5. Week 1 Seahawks and Browns.
  6. Was just reading about that. He has two more college football seasons before she can declare due to the NFL requirements that players must be three years removed from high school football before eligibility.
  7. Don't watch F1 so had to look up the guy I got. Turns out his name is Lando, FFS.
  8. I'm happy to join any league if you'll accept new blood.
  9. Taken the team. Always happy to help out.
  10. Yeah, I think it's pretty shit as well for the seven teams who don't have any draft picks at all given that it's a free for and not a rookies only one. They probably weren't expecting such quality available when they made their keepers and now They're stuck. I'm not one of those teams btw.
  11. In the side drop down menu select team, then settings and keepers is in there.
  12. That sounds very similar to the Glasgow FB forum as well.
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