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  1. The Horne's having a mare to start. The only way is up from here... Well that or a total pumping.
  2. Italy have no chance. Wales getting away with everything at the mauls and breakdown. Blatantly holding Italians in and when defending, hands all over the ball when off their feet.
  3. No worries boy. Nick Frisbie is on. Said no one ever.
  4. We have regressed. I'm not sure how much is on Rennie and how much is on the failure to replace players who have moved on to pastures new?
  5. Just seen the Glasgow lineup. Great to see Gray back, but Pete Horne at 10 gives me the fear. He can't be worse than Thompson. I hope.
  6. It's unbelievable how many folk on the Facebook Warriors page are saying Harley was fantastic yesterday. What the f**k were they watching? Any time he touches the ball he just falls like a big ginger tree.
  7. Exactly. What happened to neutral refs?
  8. They're just shouting Booo-urns.
  9. South Africa suddenly remember that they don't have to blooter the ball away every time they get it and it leads to a try.
  10. There's one on the bench. Ruaridh Jackson isn't the best 10 around but he was better there than the turgid shit Thomson has served up so far this season.
  11. Let's hope for a repeat of the 2007 final and South Africa shithouse themselves to victory over England.
  12. Started really well.... Then went absolute dug shite for the last 70.
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