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  1. Have people not forgotten about him yet? There was a spell last year where every second post on social media seemed to be whatever shite he was posting, I haven't seen anything in ages apart from a pish eBay ad.
  2. If you can get The Outer Worlds cheap then it's worth a playthrough, great concept and it starts off very strong but it's shallow and you'll probably not have any desire to play it again.
  3. What the fucking hell is going on in this thread you bunch of fruit psychos
  4. Today the kids have learned who Esther Rantzen is, thanks!
  5. I've had a few emails telling me my account is locked over the last few months, after some failed login attempts. I haven't been logging in when the emails are sent, so it seems a bit strange. Today I've had 3 sent at exactly the same time. This has happened on a few occasions over the last few months, but I have never had any issues logging in to my account from the android app. I have changed my password which has made no difference, my account obviously isn't locked.. Full email: Hi WeAreElgin, We have detected 3 failed log in attempts to your account from 51.4964,-0.1224. If this wasn't you, someone else may be trying to access your account. These log in attempts were unsuccessful. You may however want to change your password for greater security, especially if you use the same password on other websites. If this was you, you can safely ignore this email and you will be able to sign in again at 24/06/20 16:08.
  6. Reading the last few posts of this thread has made me feel a little better. I've seen a few posts online from other parents showcasing all of the work their kids are doing and I feel like a shite parent. My kids have pretty much done f**k all in the last few weeks, I've stopped checking the work they've been assigned and log them in every morning, nothing more. The first few weeks was nothing more than then being being "assigned" a website to check out, or a YouTube video to watch. They aren't interested, and I can't make them suddenly show an interest. Glad it isn't just me that's struggled with it! They have, however, learned how to change a hard drive and a laptop screen so there are some useful life skills out there. [emoji16]
  7. One wee apprentice told me he was late because he'd been smoking crystal meth at a party in Inverness.
  8. Tatters has been in the press more in the last few weeks than he has in the last 10 years. The transparency is refreshing.
  9. Disappointing that you can even see it, most upstanding football fans were blocked ages ago.
  10. Brora is what, an extra half hour compared to Elgin? Bizarre comment, and he's rightly being ridiculed for it.
  11. The bump is worth it for Loki's post [emoji23]
  12. Not at all, she regularly takes methotrexate which is an immunosuppressant. Just waiting for clarification from a consultant as it came out the blue, I doubt much will change in terms of isolating for us but we can consider getting out of the house for now.
  13. Interesting that we received a letter this morning from the government to state that my daughter is no longer considered high risk, and that shielding is no longer required. Anyone else get one?
  14. Interesting, my company has been heavily pushing people to take as much leave as possible this year, target is for at least 8 days by the end of June, and half of the remaining entitlement by October.
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