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  1. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    I see we've taken Ross MacIver on from Ross County until the end of the season. Any good?
  2. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Aye, this is an AWS exam so done through Pearson-registered exam centre. 2 in Glasgow, 2 in Edinburgh and then f**k all until Newcastle. Shite.
  3. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    There's not a single company that offers IT certification exams anywhere north of Glasgow/Edinburgh. Being at the mercy of ScotRail for an exam terrifies me.
  4. Work colleagues

    This is painful to read and I'd suggest you delete it You will be aware that there are other cultures that do not have the same obsessive nature over work, right? Most of the guys I work with on a daily basis will do what they're told and f**k all else. Why should they?
  5. Twitter

    The tragic tale of Iain Scott from a few pages back is fantastic, and I now know who Iain Scott is.
  6. Having Rangers in the name clearly doesn't sit well with many people.
  7. Elgin City 2018/19

  8. Elgin v QP

    I love this conspiracy theory that we control the weather in order to get more games at home through the week
  9. Peterhead 2018/19

    How long until we take Sutherland back?
  10. Elgin City 2018/19

  11. Elgin City 2018/19

    Supposedly Sutherland is off. To Peterhead [emoji849]
  12. Elgin City v Edinburgh City

  13. Elgin City v Edinburgh City

    Absolutely hopeless
  14. Elgin City 2018/19

    Agreed. I'd rather we started McHale over Gourlay, I guess his loan terms must have him starting every week? Either way, I'd rather we nurture our "own" player, we have always struggled with goalkeepers. Gourlay's going to f**k off in the summer and McHale will be like a stranger no doubt. I don't get it.
  15. Elgin City 2018/19

    Tom McHale is now out on loan at Weymouth until the end of the season, I am guessing he hasn't settled up north quite yet but what the f**k is going on at our club?