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  1. Edinburgh Vs Elgin

    It's bloody freezing in Edinburgh this morning, condolences to any of our support going along...
  2. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    "might" doesn't exactly lead a massive charge on a big interest though does it? Throwing hopes on clubs as financially risky as Motherwell and Rangers shows this is going nowhere for now.
  3. Elgin City vs Albion Rovers

    Maybe not so much second half but every ball that came down the left hand side in the first half was won by Morrison. He absolutely bullied that defence, not sure how you could argue any differently. The final ball from both was maybe a bit disappointing but passing and movement were spot on. One of those games where it was hard to pick out a bad performance, really.
  4. Elgin City vs Albion Rovers

    That was as dominant as I've seen us play in a while and we should have scored more. Good passing, movement and plenty of chances. Morrison and Hay were absolutely fantastic in midfield and Sutherland will probably be cursing himself for not scoring at least 3. Defensively we were shaky, especially first half up until a certain number 5 came off and was replaced by someone who can actually run. McGowan looks handy at the back and our awkward shape actually worked today. Feel for Albion Rovers, a lot of the squad didn't look interested in the slightest. Escuriola was threatening with the ball at his feet and McMahon looked decent when he came on, but they never really threatened. The 2 goals probably flattered that performance a little. Ref made some odd decisions and seemed to have a vandetta against David Wilson but didn't have to make any game changing decisions, thank god. Good 3 points for us and look forward to us no doubt getting pumped next week..
  5. Elgin City vs Albion Rovers

    Weather's fine this morning. I'll start us off with a 3-1 win for Elgin
  6. Heavy rain forecast for Moray on Friday night [emoji849]
  7. The Binos v Elgin City

    I don't think Price should get the boot but to find ourselves constantly being undone by poor defensive tactical decisions on a near weekly basis is getting hard to watch, we have some great attacking players yet here we are again - midtable with a shocking goal difference. We aren't far off the playoffs, sure, but is there not more to our club than aiming to finish 4th every year?
  8. Edinburgh City

    Edinburgh City fans - surely there's no way Craig Beattie was as shite as he has been for us? Out of position constantly, turning circle of an aircraft carrier and he seems to have great difficulty kicking a ball.
  9. The Binos v Elgin City

    I've said this every time Beattie is on the pitch. We've had a few slow, lumbering centre halfs over the years but they've stuck to what they're good at and leave it at that. Beattie is a complete liability and can't even seem to kick a ball properly anymore. If he isn't dropped soon then I think it'll be jotters for Price, you can see the rest of the squad openly pissed off at having to carry him. Not what I was expecting in the slightest.
  10. Things you want to share with P&B

    My son asked for a tin of those Scottish football cards earlier. Clearly some form of karma is in play here as one of the shiny cards he got was Dougie Imrie. Who the f**k wants a "limited edition" Dougie Imrie card [emoji38]
  11. Elgin vs Clyde

    We have played some shite over the years, but Craig Beattie is comfortably the worst centre half we've had in 15+ years. He cannae even kick a ball properly ffs! The sooner Bronsky is back, the better
  12. Netflix

    I've had it on my list for a while but finally got round to watching The Punisher series. Absolutely loved it, last three episodes in particular were brutal as f**k but didn't feel overdone at any point. Daredevil next.
  13. Cowdenbeath v Elgin City

    For the amount of Cowdenbeath fans posting on here, it makes you wonder why they're unable to get such big numbers at home games