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  1. I followed it reasonably well until it dropped in "mainstream media" like this is the USA or something. It reads like a tearstained rant. If Scotgov truly hated the "mainstream media" as much as wee Neil claims then it's surprising that so much time has been committed to press coverage. Also Neil Mackay is an even bigger roaster than Sturgeon so that somewhat sways the general feeling of the article. Hope this helps!
  2. Sure, I like a bit of confirmation bias as much as the next person. Someone that gets punched in the head for a living talking about "fascist states" is unironically hilarious
  3. Josh Taylor and Neil Mackay being fanboyed in this thread. A new low
  4. Another fine display from The Times by posting an extremely controversial headline, not referencing said headline in the first couple of paragraphs and putting the rest behind a paywall. They're at it
  5. Chris Musson works for the sun, think I'd put more faith in the tragically bald than that c**t
  6. I'm amazed there was so many of you actually giving the SNP (or any political party) money every month
  7. Not entirely sure of the context to this or who it's aimed at but this is one of the best insults I've ever read on here. Outstanding
  8. Also get big Craig Beattie vibes from Ross Draper which is terrifying as Beattie has to be one of the worst signings we've made in the last 10 years.
  9. First half hour was genuinely terrible, was like watching the Brian Irvine days all over again. The penalty came at a good time as Stenny were first to every ball, winning every tackle and probably would've scored more. Getting shot of Draper made a massive difference in the second half and allowed us to start getting forward a bit more, Hester missed a great chance cutting in from the left that he skelped into the side netting just as we were getting some momentum. I didn't really get a good view of the sending off but sliding in from behind as the last man will always be a bad idea. That looked like it was game over for us but you can always rely on Darryl McHardy to cause trouble in the box after a decent delivery and it was some header to draw is level right at the end. Maybe could've sneaked a winner in injury time but for solid defending from Stenhousemuir. It was freezing cold and not much to enjoy but I'm glad we were able to get something out of it. Special mention to whoever wonderfully described the referee as a "green clown" in the second half [emoji23]
  10. As expected a lot of interest for this one. Not much to say really, other than that we need a win and badly. Wee bit of frost on the wrong side of the Moray firth this morning so I hope there's no drama around pitch inspections..
  11. First time in years that I genuinely believe we could finish bottom. Not great!
  12. I certainly won't be self isolating if I get a negative test result.
  13. Aye, it's grandstanding pish because he's got a positive reaction. Muted him ages ago.
  14. I flew to/from Crete via London last month so had a similar problem. Ended up buying tests for the kids but never used them. This could have changed now but as far as I'm aware the PLF doesn't actually require you enter a test reference number for kids so you can interpret that however you like.
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