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  1. Carlsberg Export at Elgin's Wetherspoons, £1.69. Halcyon days.
  2. Nah, think you're spot on watching it back here
  3. He's done himself no favours by flying in at that pace for little reason, don't think he can argue too much with it. Not the most clear cut red card I've ever seen but not surprised he's been sent off.
  4. Omar's second goal is a thing of beauty [emoji7]
  5. Having spent a good part of the last 18 months in Ireland I now seem to find myself occasionally pronouncing "three" like Yogi Hughes, which is absolutely devastating.
  6. Never forget Craig Frizzell missing an open goal from about 5 yards out [emoji24] Crowd was absolutely mad that game, one of the best away day atmospheres we've had surely.
  7. Inverness at home for me. The last time I was at the Caley Stadium was when they put 2 past us in injury time in the Scottish cup and have no intention of ever returning, what a shithole.
  8. My personal favourites are Bridgwater and Darlington. Towns based on council estate overflows.
  9. We've shagged far bigger teams than you lot this season, wouldn't worry about it. Another scalp to add to the ever-growing pile.
  10. Complete dugshite. We need to sort this out now otherwise we may as well just accept relegation by Christmas.
  11. Is there a decent taxi app that works in Glasgow (that isn't Uber)? I use Mytaxi/Free now in Dublin which is a piece of piss to use but apparently that isn't used in Glasgow. I can't bring myself to the indignity of phoning someone/paying cash.
  12. How painful is it to pick up tickets at the box office at the O2 academy? Months ago I bought 3 tickets for the Fireball next Wednesday and seetickets are being dodgy as f**k about posting them, and won't even commit to saying they will arrive in time.
  13. 4-1 home win. Not fielding any questions.
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