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  1. Once spewed on the banks of the canal in Dublin after a night of Guinness and buffalo wings. That sauce isn't so pleasant on the way back up.
  2. Is that still happening? I haven't signed in anywhere in ages [emoji2369]
  3. Usually onto beer 3 by the time kick-off comes around, once you've laughed at the diddies mumbling through Flower of Scotland you've forgotten what the nerves were for.
  4. Why? Players shoot from that range all the time. The block was unfortunate and Marshall was miles out of position. More annoyed at the fact Lyndon Dykes couldn't shoot, couldn't win a header, couldn't challenge for a header, couldn't really do anything. He blew it big time.
  5. Surprised Hendry is getting so much stick considering how scared everyone else in that squad was of taking a shot
  6. Apple devices are for people that don't understand technology
  7. Woody was a good egg, this is horrible news. Thoughts are with his family.
  8. If only there was a vaccine for thickos to stop them falling for trolls like Dawson Creek Boy
  9. Can smell your pish stained breeks from here old man
  10. I have been told to expect an appointment between 28 days and 8 weeks after my first dose on Monday there, and they asked if I could 'maybe' go to Inverness for it. Hard to have much confidence in NHS Highland with shite like that.
  11. A few times? Once you've been there for the first time there should never, ever be a reason to go back
  12. I propose calling in an airstrike on Fort William. It would do the area no harm whatsoever and would do wonders for the Highlands' case numbers.
  13. I've not had an Americano or an empire biscuit from cromarty bakery but everything I've had out of there so far is fucking sound.
  14. Crumbles are post-war ration hangover nonsense
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