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  1. Aye, would have loved to be there but I've been struck down with covid. A great player that has stuck by the club through thick and thin, and one of the soundest guys you'll ever meet.
  2. Got punted from higher physics a week into fifth year so spent 4 periods a week in the library with the rest of the no hopers. Spent most of it on fitba message boards, which was very useful to my education. The librarian was a good c**t.
  3. Getting pished all day and listening to live music is class, you bunch of bores.
  4. "vaccines have killed millions" is a true return to form for this dying thread
  5. I'm surprised by general opinion on headwear considering I assume the majority of this site to be bald as f**k
  6. If anyone ever asks "what is a word salad?" direct them to the post above. Fucking hell.
  7. What worries me is the silence from the club. While those around us are already making moves in terms of transfers we have nothing. No rumours, no gossip, nothing. Given we should be looking to strengthen in pretty much every area except goalkeeper, it isn't filling me with a huge amount of confidence. I know it's still early but I fantasise about Elgin showing a real statement of intent to demonstrate we're having a real go of it next year but it doesn't look like it's ever going to come. It would be nice to have something to celebrate for the first time.
  8. Don't back down, don't double down, triple down! Now it's the ex-chairman's fault. What a roaster.
  9. The real fun starts when you get north of Inverness, specifically past the Tore roundabout
  10. Sacking the manager after losing a dead rubber? Perspective, please
  11. I love these poorly thought out and completely illogical ideas being thrown about
  12. Cigars for our friends in the Portuguese government who are moving to drop their mask mandate, just in time for my arrival on Saturday
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