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  1. I think it's very hard to fault in the current format. As others have said, it removes all the pishy, meaningless friendlies that barely seemed to get Hampden half-full and has given us a chance to finally break the duck of not getting to a tournament for 23 years. We'll have to wait until a week on Sunday to see what the draw gives us, but this is a brilliant chance to get ourselves to Germany in 2 summers' time. Add to all that, it gives us a chance to play some world-class sides at Hampden and really test ourselves. I have a feeling that we'll struggle to stay in league A, but Clarke will give it a really good go.
  2. What a team. What a bloody team. Just when I don't think I could love Stevie Clarke any more, he goes and masterminds one of the best 0-0 draws we've ever had and puts us in amongst the big boys. Who genuinely could have foreseen this after Kazakhstan away, eh? To state the bleeding obvious as many others already have, Hickey and Porteous were tremendous. Porteous in particular, having had a bit of a rough time on and off the park of late, put in the kind of shift you'd see from Franco Baresi for AC Milan in the early 90s. McLean was the only shanner of a performance, and almost everyone to a man did excellently. The bigger takeaway from this that will become apparent soon enough is that we're guaranteed the playoff should the Euro 2024 qualification campaign go badly wrong - the Nations League as a competition has been very good to Scotland and it's also eliminated all the crap, pointless friendlies we used to have to endure. Yes, League A will be a tough shift and there's every chance we might struggle to stay up - but tonight, let's just drink it in and celebrate. Besides, how many times in your life will you get to hear the words "England relegated"?
  3. Heading through to this one after work - mainly because I don't get to many away games at weekends these days and £15 a ticket is very reasonable indeed so kudos to the clubs for making that happen. I suspect we'll get beat, but I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about our season after that late turnaround on Saturday. Not sure how sales are going at our end - I suspect with us playing Hibs away on Saturday some will choose to go to that instead.
  4. Both looking like good signings - I'm enjoying the way the squad is starting to look ever since we signed Alebiosu and Jones.
  5. Have a sneaky feeling we can maybe get a draw out of this one. I've thought that several times before and been wrong, however, so while I wouldn't be surprised to get a 1-1 draw, I also wouldn't be surprised to turn in a poor performance the week after a good one and get cuffed three-zip. We surely cannot be as bad as we were the last time we were at Snake Mountain when Dyer's duds went down with about as much fight as an asthmatic kitten.
  6. A thoroughly enjoyable game yesterday, and a great thrill to celebrate a well-deserved equaliser at the death. Levitt's goal was a thing of beauty, but the defending that led to it wasn't great. Still, having seen that yesterday I'm reasonably confident that we're going to do alright this season with the likes of Jones back in the team and a couple more quality players. Ash Taylor is getting into the habit of scoring important late goals for us in front of the Moffat Stand, and as far as I'm concerned long may it continue. Good away support from United, and plenty of good patter with their fans outside the turnstiles. Good show, everyone.
  7. Aye, that was absolutely wild. One of the most baffling experiences I've ever had watching those highlights. As for Killie, I remember us having to wear our yellow away kit at home to St. Johnstone in the late 90s, around 97/98. I also remember we wore a red away kit against Celtic on the day where Rangers bettered them with an Arteta penalty to win the league. More recently, we wore our navy blue and red kit against Hamilton and our purple kit against Queen's Park at RP last season. I disliked that our three kits were blue and white stripes, navy blue with red trim and purple last season - I reckon that there should have been a yellow one or a white one. Surprised that we didn't keep the white kit from the relegation season to keep for the likes of Queen of the South, but there we go. Wouldn't be surprised to see us and St. Johnstone both wearing away kits against each other this season.
  8. If it wasn't for it being the first game of the season - say, if this game was in October or February - I suspect pretty much everyone would be fine with this.
  9. Excited to be back in the big time - however, I would be happy with a draw. I don't think we're quite the finished article yet due to a lack of signings and injuries as others have said, and United have strengthened on paper at least. Bring on the new season - there's every chance that after 3 games we might have no points on the board, but a much tougher start you probably couldn't have got.
  10. Didn't get to the game but managed to stream most of it. The new signings do seem like an improvement on what we had a week past on Wednesday against Thistle - and Alebiosu looks to be an absolute pler. Yes, we were against opponents from the fourth tier, but I'm pleased with the way we played yesterday and I hope that with one or two more signings we can have a good go at moving up the table. How far up the table we can go remains to be seen, but if the likes of Motherwell, Hibs, St. Johnstone and St. Mirren continue to struggle then I'd like to think that we can do better than them.
  11. Looks like he's got a nice touch and a decent delivery from his crosses. As we've seen from the likes of Ndjoli it's a big step up from playing U23 football against people the same age as you to playing against men, but let's see what he can do. I like how McInnes is making us into a taller team - I can't remember us having a team where most of the team are tall for years. Less good news about Hemming being out for a month to six weeks, however. Sam Walker has big gloves to fill but given his previous performances with us I think he's capable of stepping up.
  12. St. Mirren losing outright to another diddy league side and oot the cup already?
  13. An unusual starting XI last night to say the least, and I don't know why the manager played a weaker team than the team that played against Fraserburgh. Obviously with Lafferty injured he had to make a change up top, but I think last night shows why Innes Cameron will never be a top-level striker. Far too slow and had the speed and the turning circle of the Waverley. As some alluded to elsewhere, perhaps the manager wanted to put the players of lesser quality in the shop window to attract other clubs to ask for them on loan/buy them - I can't see anyone taking any of these players based on last night though. McInroy was good when he came on and I'd like to see more of him. When it came to the penalties, I had confidence in Hemming but it wasn't his best display. Had he stood still for a couple, he would have had relatively easy saves but I understand why keepers don't want to stand in the middle and risk looking daft. When it came to Murray's slip I think the whole ground started laughing, and it was unlucky but that now puts us in a weak position to try and get out of the group. There's plenty of time for things to happen elsewhere but it looks like we're relying on gaining 6 points and hoping that everything else works out. It's still obvious that the squad needs some strengthening and I hope that the manager will be working hard on this. I'm not panicking, but with Dundee United looking strong already I can't see us getting anything from the first 3 games with this pool of players.
  14. Very pleased to have him back - you couldn't get a much better professional to get good habits on and off the park instilled into the youths. Rugby Park is a better place for having him around.
  15. Another 1-0 win for the stripes, once again coming from an absolute howler at the back by the opposition. I have no doubt that the team we put out tonight will look vastly different from the one that lines up against Dundee United in late July.
  16. A very sad day. One of the greatest-ever Scottish goalkeepers, the kind that made you think you would never score past him.
  17. Would hope that come Friday when a lot of contracts expire elsewhere we can continue to add to the squad. It's currently nowhere near deep or good enough and the manager will know this himself.
  18. St. Mirren kit is very nice, especially the tap. Agree about the red stripe on the shorts seeming odd - it seems better overall with the black shorts and socks.
  19. Absolutely brilliant news. Very pleased to have the big man back between the sticks in the big league. Edit: How nice is that goalie kit btw? Like it a lot.
  20. Seen it rumoured that we're sniffing around Tomi Adeloye - not massively excited about that as I've not been overly impressed with him on the occasions I've seen him play. Hoping that this is just a baseless rumour that goes nowhere.
  21. I wonder if George Galloway will still be kicking a baw when it's Queen of the South's 150th - I'm sure he'd want to be a part of that given his support of the club over the pandemic...
  22. Happy with this. Here's hoping for more signings later this week.
  23. Fantastic - Lost Glasgow has to be one of the best Scottish twitter pages, Norry who runs it seems very sound indeed. Found some old issues of a late 60s/early 70s Scottish football newspaper publication at work today, will have to post them at some point in the future.
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