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  1. I'm driving up - where's good for parking near the ground? Don't know Dunfermline at all, the last time I was at EEP I was on a supporters bus that stopped at the Elizabethan and we just walked along the Halbeath Road to the ground.
  2. Agree exactly with the points in bold. It was almost the antithesis of the match on Saturday in that we were able to play well in the second half against Israel because they came out and tried to have a go (and we were just too good for them) - but tonight the Faroes played defensively from the off, and were very well-organised. I think we made the subs about 20 minutes too late tonight but in the end we squeezed the win. While it might not be the most glorious win, on paper it's 6 points out of a possible 6 from the last 2 games and should we end up making Qatar nobody is going to care a jot how we got there. I would far rather be subjected to an agricultural brand of catenaccio that grinds out the wins and gets us to tournaments than a team like Strachan's that got plaudits for trying to play nice stuff but fell short when it really mattered. If anyone still doubts that Clarke knows how to get wins, even by playing ugly or badly, then they need to get their head examined or watch a different sport. It might not be they style you'd like to see but there's no right or wrong way to win - if you win 5-0 or 3-2 you still win. Lyndon Dykes is absolutely crucial to our side with his goals. He might not be a traditional "proper" centre-forward but without his goals in this qualifying campaign we'd currently sit in 4th place on 5 points. Let that sink in. His hard work to get up the park and his hold-up play are crucial, and he always gives his all for the dark blue jersey. Provided that we do get the win in Moldova - I hope and I pray - then our chances of qualifying will depend on the draw. You'd like to think that at Hampden in front of a full house we'd be able to see off most of the unseeded sides. As for the final, there's too much to say right now. Maybe you're right that it's one step too far right now, but I'm sure that there's people who thought that before the Israel and Serbia games last autumn. I have every faith in the manager who has done almost everything right so far to give us the best possible chance of getting to the World Cup. Win in Moldova, and maybe it is time to start dreaming again...
  3. Wasn't aware of that - I don't think anything has been made of that by the club so I would just put it down to it being more convenient to wear our purple kit rather that QP wear their win/draw/loss away kit, plus it gives the chance to wear it. I still think it's daft that our away kits are dark blue and purple, I'd have preferred a yellow or white third kit.
  4. Looking forward to crossing Gayfield off my list - taking a day aff the work and heading up with my dad for this one. Hoping for a good day of weather and some smokies before losing my Gayfield VL. My worry about this game is Nouble's attacking prowess - our defence are going to have to be at their best to handle him. I was also slightly worried with our start to the game against Thistle on Saturday - we were lucky they couldn't score for toffee and you guys definitely are capable of putting a few goals in, so we'll have to make sure we're not complacent. Should be a good trip!
  5. Good win. Disappointing start as it was all Thistle for the first 20-25 minutes, but we were definitely in the ascendancy towards the end of the first half. Second half was all Killie - the penalty was abysmal, I was certain we were missing as soon the run-up was short. To get the goal, scrappy as it was, straight after that was excellent and the second goal - just wow. What a brilliant strike by Shaw, the kind that as soon as it left his foot you knew it was in. Very happy with the points but I'd like to see us improve a bit as had we come up against an opposition who were a bit sharper we'd have conceded early on. Decent Killie crowd but the Ayr races definitely took a few hundred off that. Still, a great away day in the sun and a good Saturday. On to Arbroath in what will be a big test for us - I never ever thought I'd be typing that, but this is the mad world we find ourselves in...
  6. This will be my first away day since all of the nonsense started, so I'm excited for a jaunt up to the west end and then to Firhill. Can't say I'm a fan of the ticketing arrangements - I agree with the poster who complained about making it as hard as possible for fans to get tickets. If you do stuff like that you lose floating fans whose plans may change if they get a chance to go to a game unexpectedly. In any case, we'll have a good support up and both sets of fans will give it a great atmosphere.
  7. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. There's a reason why we've been given the tags of favourites to win the title, but it's absolutely not going to be a cakewalk. We're going to have to find ways to break down opposition when they revert to stodgy tactics - and there's nothing wrong with playing that way if it helps you to get points on the board - but we seem to lack a cutting edge that can really open up teams, the exception to this being the Ayr game. I'd like to think that we'll be able to do it, but there's a long way to go yet and we may have to watch a fair amount of games that are like this one today. Fair play to Morton who were competitive in the first half and backed their team well in the Chadwick today.
  8. Pretty much sums up what I made of it. While I didn't think Inverness were brilliant they were much better than us. It just shows how poor our striking options are as ICT looked cohesive, had a solid gameplan and stuck to it. We could be playing until now and not have scored. Robinson going off is a worry - and it must surely be clear to our fans now that Innes Cameron isn't up to it. He could yet go on to prove me wrong in time but I've been watching him from his time in the under-20s and I'm still to be convinced by him. Hopefully TW gets the signings sorted out because we need them. First big test of the season failed - but there's still 32 games to go and loads can happen. Not worth getting too down about yet, there'll be plenty of twists and turns. Lastly, enjoyed hearing a big crowd today and the Caley Jags fans were impressive in how they backed their team, so fair play.
  9. I'm not on often enough to join the team unfortunately, I'd only let the team down by forgetting to play one day. Cheers for the offer though, may take you up on that in the future! Oh, and seeing as we're here I got 9. Two flukes in a row.
  10. 10/10 for me today. Some seemed easy but the rest are just flukes. I expect tomorrow to be a 2 or 3 as a result.
  11. Looks like a strong Killie team. Hoping this isn't a banana skin tie this afternoon as if we want to bounce back straight away these are the kind of games we need to win.
  12. Everything about that man's bizarre year in charge was just so... bizarre, really
  13. Feels good waking up today after a very satisfying evening. I expected Ayr to try to make themselves difficult to break down but that didn't seem to happen - and had we had a proper goalscorer in the team we could have been three-zip up at HT. As it was a goal was coming given how much space and respect Ayr afforded us, and while the penalty that was awarded was never a penalty (albeit it did look like one from the angle saw it from in the Moffat Stand at the time, yet the replays show otherwise) we should have had the game put to bed long before that. The only Killie player who gets minus points from me last night is Haunstrup - a player who looked comically out of his depth at Premiership level and continues to do so in the Championship. Everyone else played well from the goalie to the striker. As for Cameron I'm not convinced that he's the answer as he missed a couple of sitters but in any case I'm glad he got his goal and hopefully that can see him off and running. Finally, after all the big talk and bravado I feel a bit sorry for the Ayr guys on here who came in firing on all cylinders, only for their team to shíte the bed spectacularly and leave them with egg on their face. Ultimately, it looked like a good team playing a poor team - absolute toffee in the end. Looking forward to the next derby now and a chance to end the hoodoo at Somerset.
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