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  1. We confirmed the signing of 20 year-old striker Rumarn Burrell on loan from Boro this afternoon and TW has said he wanted to bring in two strikers, so there may be activity before Monday night. Based on the way things have gone with our recent transfer windows who knows whether that'll actually materialise or not. As for Burrell his stats would suggest he's not had a lot of senior games so I suppose we'll have to see what happens with how he slots into the team. TL,DR: Maybe. Don't know.
  2. ...this thread has turned into an absolute binfire, can't wait for at least a whole season of this
  3. Can't believe I've seen us win a shootout. Never thought it would happen in my lifetime, but hoodoos are made to be broken. Onwards.
  4. Good first half, poor second half. I think after the McKenzie chance we didn't look like adding to our two and when a team takes their foot off the gas it's very hard for them to get back on it again. Despite our two goals we seem to lack penetration, I worry that Cameron isn't going to be good enough for us but I'd love to be proved wrong. We seem to need a midfield playmaker and a capable striker who can play up front alone or play off Cameron. Anyway, a win's a win, we're off the mark (again) and I'm looking forward to being back at RP on Tuesday.
  5. Did anyone else have streaming issues in the last 10/15 minutes of the game today? I was out so I missed it, but speaking to my dad he said he had issues with the stream becoming extremely laggy. Sounds like a fairly comfortable win for us in the end, maybe just more work required on the finishing in the first half. Be interesting to see what the team looks like when more players are back from injury.
  6. Can't really say. I've seen him a few times at reserve games but I can't really say due a combination of poor memory and not remembering much about the youth squad since the pandemic started.
  7. Curtis Lyle has gone on loan to Stranraer until January. Hopefully he does well and gets a fair bit of game time with the blues.
  8. Friendly against Kilwinning Rangers on Thursday cancelled after initially being moved from the Wednesday to the Thursday night. Had a ticket for it but couldn't go after they changed it to the Thursday night, so not that bothered about seeing it not happen now. Any idea if the EK game will be on KillieTV at all? Might miss the first half due to work but hoping I'll be done for the second half.
  9. I like this signing on paper. I agree - he should be a good signing but time will tell.
  10. Hemmings appears to have disappeared from the site. Maybe an announcement later?
  11. Very pleased to hear not only we have a goalie who isn't Doyle or Hamilton but also that Burke is staying. Like others have said here he's a great example for the young players to look up to and will hopefully do well in the Championship. It seems to all be coming together nicely.
  12. According to Northern Irish broadcaster Joel Taggart we've signed former St. Mirren and Blackburn Rovers midfielder Brad Lyons. I remember the name but not much else about him.
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