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  1. Not nearly enough love for Stuart Findlay on this thread right now after his exploits last night. So to rectify that here's my new favourite picture of the big dog himself. Hope he's doing the same as he is here come Saturday at 4:50!
  2. After the complete and utter euphoria of the international break comes the return to the grind of the Premiership and this match that will invariably be described as "two teams with crap pitches" and "on this Saturday" among other things. I personally have no idea how it'll pan out but with both defences being solid I can't see many goals (cue a glut of them). Would be great to see Stuart Findlay build on his Scotland cap and goal, and hopefully it's another solid Killie performance with a bit more creativity from our midfield (unless you're a Livi fan of course).
  3. It's time for a world cup of shiteholes in order to find out the worst of the lot. Get them into groups, vote in stages and we'll see where P&B claims is the crappest place of all in the land.
  4. Talking from a truly objective, neutral view yes. Talking from the perspective of everyone else in the league who wants to get themselves as high up the league as possible (and also people who like to laugh at Hearts/see them lose) then plenty of people would argue that.
  5. Yeah, it was funny that as soon as Broadfoot left and spouted his piece in between mouthfuls of lego bricks the talk of any disquiet in the camp seemed to evaporate into the mist...
  6. Certainties in life: Death Taxes Killie winning away at Tynecastle By all accounts another solid display and since the defeat to Accies in the second week of the season we've only conceded 3 against Celtic, as @craigkillie pointed out on twitter earlier. Our defensive solidity will be what gets us up the table this season. Big props to Del Fabro and Findlay who are proving to be excellent in central defence, and Power & Dicker in midfield being joined by El Makrini is proving to be good too. If we could just get that elusive striker we're crying out for we'd be up there with the 'well, but I think Angelo will do enough to get us to January then go from there.
  7. I still use the word shanner on a near daily-basis to describe something that could also be termed a riddy or, if on Tayside, a minter. I haven't heard anyone use the term "plamf" as an insult for about 15 years. I always liked it but it seems to have died a death for good.
  8. I agree completely with this. Was watching the Sportscene highlights of Accies v Livi last night and was reminded of the horrendous "If you don't stand behind our soldiers feel free to stand in front of them" advertising hoarding. Absolutely not having that sort of patter at all, it's usually spouted by absolute pondlife who are either mental ex-squaddies, VL weekend TA warriors or fat people who read The Sun and have IQs of about 45. Oh, and while I'm at it, people who read The Sun. Or the Express. Or any such similar rag and accept what it says verbatim.
  9. If I don't get to see Ariaga I or II then I'm not interested
  10. Agreed. Watching as a neutral in the Hearts end I thought he looked composed and didn't look out of place at all. I hope he keeps progressing like this because in the games I've seen him he's been good to watch.
  11. I think this'll be a good game given our recent performances and County's win over 'Well at the weekend. Can't predict a score but do think it'll be good to watch.
  12. We're apparently looking at bringing in Victor Anichebe who's a free agent at present. I wouldn't be averse that at all if it happened.
  13. Alas, no - but if Iain Connell of Burnistoun fame ever decides that he wants to part with it I'll make him a good cash offer! I think he said they used a David Tennant Doctor Who figurine and just painted the hair a different colour so that's probably the best way to get yourself a Dougie Donnelly action figure.
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