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  1. Listening to The Chats' new album at present. Fun bogan punk, would love to see these guys if they came to Scotland after we're allowed to have gigs again.
  2. A request written as a Simpsons reference? I'd be stupid not to do this.
  3. Oiled a table and bench, did some reading, finished season two of Bob's Burgers, got myself back into a regular running routine. It's been a productive lockdown thus far and I hope to continue things in this direction.
  4. Essentially a charity whose main colour is orange are doing sponsored walks in several cities to raise money. All well and good, you might think, but one of their cities they'd planned a walk in was Belfast.
  5. Game aff. Ah well, there's always next year.
  6. If it's the last game I get to go to for quite a while, I'm up for at least being entertained!
  7. A sparse first-team squad versus a first-team squad decimated by injuries. This could be a silky affair on the park
  8. Joma for another three years? My condolences to you all. Ticketing arrangements will be the same as they were last time in October (I think it was then at least) so Buddies are better off buying tickets in advance lest we mess up again on the day.
  9. That more or less sums up our season - all the chances you like not taken, and lost it at the end. Hamilton deserve it because they put the ball in the net and we didn't. I echo the earlier sentiments, the board have to seriously think about who they want as manager next season and they need to avoid making an arse of the next transfer window. Enjoy your night Accies fans, that's a big step towards avoiding the drop.
  10. Apparently the Australian panic-buying of toilet roll is because in Asia people can fashion crude face masks out of the stuff if they run out of face masks. So now we have idiots buying loads of toilet roll for no reason. Our species has definitely had better ideas.
  11. Definitely needs updating again after last night's hilarity.
  12. This, followed up by "Gerrard, Gerrard gtf" at the end of the game...
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