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  1. I actually think all these looks pretty smart and were I a Livi fan I'd be getting all this for the beach. Alas, I'm not, but fair play.
  2. That was very nervy, and I'm sure both teams will see that as a spurned chance to gain some ground. We looked atrocious defensively at times, Medley in particular had a shocker. The only consolation from our view is that we didn't lose, and hopefully Dundee United not having much to play for can work to our advantage against them. Ah well, we kick the can on down the road to the next game...
  3. I definitely do. If either team loses it doesn't confirm anything by any means with four games remaining after this, but there's a lot riding on this one. If you guys win it'll be very hard to catch up with you and I think would make us finish 11th at most. If we win we won't be safe but it'll continue the good form and will boost the mood in the camp. Have to say I'm feeling a lot more positive than I was after the win over Motherwell. Check back with me on Saturday at 5 to see how I feel though, I'm still nervous.
  4. I'm glad some actual outrage has started on this thread. Was far too benign for my liking at first.
  5. It's been mentioned on the other thread and the AVFTT thread, but Craig Brown. I've had the pleasure of his company through work on a couple of occasions and each time I met him I've enjoyed his company and his stories a lot. The story about his grandson's favourite player being the only one who thanked him for returning the ball while he was a ball boy is true, and Craig said he insisted that all his players thanked ball boys/girls at every stadium for returning the ball afterwards. Makes sense as it's just common courtesy. In any case Craig was great with everyone, had fantastic stories and I'd gladly spend time with him again. If he ever released a podcast of all his good stories from the past I'd devour it.
  6. Provided we can both get through it should be a good game. Both sides will see it as a big chance to go on to potential glory with no Hearts and one of the OF going no further than the next round.
  7. Very pleased with the draw. Probably our best chance to make it to a semi-final since we last won the cup, provided we don't have a shock in the 4th round.
  8. Totally appreciate that, the robot cameras do have their limitations but despite that you guys have a very good setup and do a smashing job.
  9. Good win - maybe didn't play as well as we could have done and could probably have scored more, but I'm happy enough with 4-0 and being in the hat. Enjoyed the Stenny TV coverage - props to Cammy, @Francesc Fabregas and @craigkillie as well as the behind-the-scenes guys as the commentary was good and added to the game. I had a slight issue where the commentary was slightly ahead of the pictures by a second or two which was a minor annoyance but very good value for £8. All the best to Stenny for the rest of the season, hopefully you guys can finish the season on a high.
  10. It's a fairly strong team apart from Doyle in nets. In any case I'm looking forward to this.
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