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  1. Last season I managed to get to a few games at different levels - I'm glad I made the most of it since the last game I was at was a dismal game at NDP in March. One of these games was Man City v Southampton. I'm fully aware that despite my soft spot for City I was there as a tourist, and there were a few other tourists including the one lad who pulled out a Deloitte flag (no, me neither) at half time and had his picture taken with it as he smiled away. Being surrounded by several obvious tourists somewhat takes away from the experience and it might seem hypocritical saying that, but I've been at differing levels of games on the continent and mostly it's been smaller clubs that have been very welcoming of other people to see their teams there. I can imagine that fans of these big clubs get fed up of tourists and what they feel may be diluting their game, but that's the price you pay for being a globally famous club. The game I enjoyed the most was a game in the Scottish amateur cup where my pals' team hired a bus and we all went to Wallace High to see them secure a 1-1 draw with a great free kick in the last minute of the game. Yes, it was a big day out for everyone and it wasn't your average Saturday/Sunday league match because of how many of us went, but it felt like it was our game and our experience. We knew the guys, we supported them and we drank with them afterwards. Watching the Highland League short on AVFTT recently the main feeling I had was "this is their game, it belongs to them and if anyone comes from afar and wants to experience it too they'll probably be made welcome". The big leagues across the world may have money, success, top players etc. - but they can't match the soul that we have. Even if the professional game was to "die " in Scotland I'd still rather watch a game here than I would in a big league. As a one-off I'd take a big game in, but I could never see myself doing it regularly. I'll always be keen to go and see the Scottish game at absolutely any level.
  2. Vital three points today for the stripes. While we should have held on (pun intended with the goalkeeping error last week) for the win against St. Mirren this was a must-win game. Kiltie was the standout by a mile, played well and took his goals brilliantly. I'm still not convinced by Whitehall as a striker, we don't have a lot of quality up top. Mulumbu was also excellent and it was nice to see us make what's probably a record 4 (four!) subs under Dyer's reign. We'll be doing well if we can get anything off Hibs next weekend.
  3. See also: the Trump campaign using songs like Fortunate Son; a song about how poor young men had to go off and fight in Vietnam yet the rich kids were able to use their status to get out of the war. Something something bone spurs.
  4. Catching up with this thread gradually, not sure if this has been posted already but I laughed my head off at how accurate this is. What a shanner the states have become under the orange moron.
  5. When I saw this earlier on I laughed a lot and thought it'd be the maddest thing I saw all day. And then America happened. Can't imagine this ever getting shown on TV over here, especially on kids' TV.
  6. Same with Paul Clarke. Paul played with us until he was 29, at which point he retired from playing. My understanding is that he did so on the basis that if he joined when he was 30 or over he wouldn't be able to take advantage of the lucrative police pension, which I suppose is fair enough.
  7. Done. Best of luck with it and hopefully you're able to submit it on time - I understand failure to do so due to covid awards Motherwell a 3-0 win.
  8. Once again Dyer gets shown up for his game management. I don't know how many substitutions we've used in total this season but it must be the lowest number in the league by a distance. St. Mirren were changing things and trying to be positive in the second half and what did we do about it? Nothing. The equaliser is a rotten one to lose, but if you're a neutral watching the game you'd say a draw was a fair result - but when you're winning, no matter how deservedly, you've got to see it out. If there were fans at the game it might have put some pressure on Dyer to make a change but alas no, and now it's on to a tricky test against Hamilton.
  9. On the subject of historical political figures visiting grounds, in 1967 the Soviet premier Alexei Kosygin was in Scotland to tour Hunterston power station and eded up at Rugby Park for Killie v Rangers. It seemed he got a decent enough welcome to Kilmarnock...
  10. Jim Craig was a dentist, having played for the University of Glasgow team while studying there before his time at Celtic. It shows just how bad Celtic's training was under Jimmy McGrory when Craig said that his training he did with the uni team was of a considerably higher standard than Celtic's.
  11. I remember Jim Murphy turning up at a game at RP at one time a few years ago, possibly when Lee Clark was our manager. I blame him for our poor result that day. I say that not quite being able to remember who the opposition was or even the score, but my guess is we had a poor result. If I was bothered to trawl through his twitter I'd find out the date and the opposition etc but I can't be bothered, I remember he tweeted about it, but that's all.
  12. You really don't get men like Jim McLean any more. You cannot imagine someone like that getting a foot in the door for an interview as a manager any more, let alone getting the job itself. You cannot imagine the modern player taking to his training methods, his basic wage of a pittance but massive win bonuses, his bollocking a team for winning by a comfortable margin but not quite by enough for his high standards. You cannot imagine his no-nonsense style of punditry when commenting on games. But above all that, you cannot fathom someone taking a wee, provincial club which had done relatively well in the past decade but still very much the underdog in the city and overtaking the established "bigger club", winning their first major honours, a league and getting within a whisker of the European Cup final and the UEFA Cup itself with the resources at hand. One of the United fans I follow on twitter put it very well when he quoted the lyrics for Sit Down by James and said "if I hadn't seen such riches I could live with being poor". Without Jim McLean Dundee United would just have been another team, but you cannot imagine Dundee United without Jim McLean. Much like how when you mix two materials to create an alloy, they cannot be separated and are all the stronger for it. He deserves all the plaudits and more - while he may just have been "wee Jum" to many, to the Scottish game he was a colossus and we are worse off for having lost him. This Nutmeg article by Neil Forsyth is a smashing read and no matter who you support, it'll have you smiling. I hope the wee man's looking down on us all and raging that despite all the praise we're giving him, we're not giving him enough dues for his high standards. My word, we'll miss him.
  13. Duly noted! Doesn't sound like something I'd add into a stir fry anyway but now I'm definitely never doing it. On a similar note, cucumber of any sort makes me burp like mad. No farts, but I'll be gassy all day up the other end.
  14. Rest easy Diego, you fantastic wee dude. It's gutting when pets pass away, you really notice them not being there and you feel empty for a while without them.
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