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  1. Greenock has a Paisley postcode due to Paisley being the superior of the two towns. As does the Isle of Coll, which is about 140 miles away from Paisley.
  2. Didn't answer the question there?
  3. Two best teams in the tournament so far. More like a semi than a quarter, it's hard to imagine Portugal or Morroco stopping the winner of this tie making the final. I think France will do it, they just have that little bit extra going forward in Mbappe and defensively they are just a little better. Will be close though and if England score first they'll have a great chance. 2-1 AET And the Bleus to go on to retain the trophy.
  4. If you see the Tories are far right, what do you call the actual British far right? Guys like Tommy Robinson and Nick Griffin, who are a complete electoral irrelevance. If they were European they'd be MP's.
  5. What is it with continental Europe and the far right? In Italy they elect them, now this in Germany. What a shower.
  6. Surely it’s dem viewing figures? Big countries like France get the prime time slot. And the winner of the World Cup is playing in that game, IMO. Only fair the Saturday evening TV crowd gets to see them.
  7. Wait, did someone say Barry Ferguson was world class?
  8. Ronaldo’s on the bench again. Shaqiri starts for the Swiss, naturally. Which of these will be the final team in the quarter finals? Swiss for me I think.
  9. One of Morocco, Switzerland and Portugal in the semis then. The winner of that England V France QF is surely going to the final… Where they will face Brazil or Argentina, probably…
  10. Magnificent scenes, delighted that Spain have went out, they’re hopeless. Morocco will fancy themselves against the winner of Portugal and Switzerland, first ever African team in the semis? Why not. They’re unbeaten against three UEFA teams so far so nothing to fear from any of those two.
  11. No surprise to see Japan ahead at the break, they certainly deserve to be. I think they're a better team than Croatia and i expect them to make it 3/3 against European sides at this world cup, before being dumped out by Brazil.
  12. Given Japan have already beaten Spain and Germany, they've certainly nothing to fear from an aging Croatia team with Barisic and Juranovic at full back. I think they'll do it. 1-1 AET Japan win 5-3 on penalties.
  13. Yep hard to see past a fifth one sided last 16 tie in a row with the favourites getting through after 90 mins. Uruguay would have gave Brazil a bit more of a test i think, but they're away home. South Korea surely don't have enough to hurt Brazil.
  14. What is it about Spain that makes them to be feared out of interest? They didn't even win their group. They've won one game so far, against Costa Rica. They drew against that same Germany team and then deservedly lost to Japan. At the last World Cup they got knocked out of the last 16 by Russia. I wouldn't have them in the top five teams in the tournament.
  15. Yep. There’s seems to be real belief among some on here that England are actually a terrible side who’s run to the semis and final in the last two majors competitions has been purely down to luck. They’re the only team in the world to make the last four of the last two major competitions they entered. It’s a bizarre delusion. The reality is they’re a very good team with some cracking young attacking players. Foden, Bellingham and Saka are outstanding talents who are already having an impact at the highest level of club and international football, and the oldest of them is 22. I think France will beat them for what it’s worth, they’re that bit more mature as a side, but England have certainly got a chance. Let’s not forget France lost to a very average Swiss side at Euros last summer, they’re beatable.
  16. Yeah think this too. The best two teams in the tournament are England and France imo. Winner of that game wins the cup. Both of them with emphatic victories today after easily winning their group.
  17. Yeah too easy for England, another lovely goal. They can get 4 or 5 here if they’re arsed, or rest up ahead of France. What a player that Bellingham is by the way, absolute superstar already . Can’t believe he’s only 19.
  18. Easy Peasy for France, Poland just not up to it. Have to make the French big favourites to retain the trophy.
  19. Talk us all through this conclusion. With working.
  20. Oh and regarding the OP, the answer is still never.
  21. I think this has been a cracking World Cup tbh. As a Scotland supporter I’m obviously speaking as a neutral TV viewer as opposed to an attending fan, but I’ve really enjoyed it. Convenient kick off times, the stadiums looking superb and the pitches are in great nick. The lack of alcohol has also led to a refreshing reduction in fan disorder and violence. The atmosphere at games also seems less hostile and more family friendly, good. Oh and the football? What entertainment! Those games today have been the latest example of some thrilling sporting drama. We’ve not even had the knock out stages yet, the best is to come. Is there a pertinent case for more World Cups in the Middle East? Absolutely. What a success it’s been, so far. Let’s hope future World Cups learn from Qatar, they’ve really set the standard.
  22. Has someone swapped Germany for England since 2017? Those consistent Germans have now been papped out the World Cup group stage twice in a row. And last 16 of the euros in between. What shambles.
  23. Great to see Japan mopping up that group. They should have got 9, bit of a freak result against Costa Rica. Germans rightly sent home in disgrace, shambles. Spain? Soft as shite.
  24. Don’t write off them Germans, always knew they’d come back.
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