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  1. With Wimbledon which was due to be played in July now cancelled and The Edinburgh festival due to run to the end of August cancelled... its clear that any prospect of playing football this summer is completely over. Even if we wrote this season off next season is going to be affected too. If we could get going by October I suppose we could finish 20/21 if we scrapped the league cup and played 2 games a week and extended, but that seems a tad optimistic. I find it hard to imagine that we are going to go from where we are now to allowing repeated gatherings of 50,000+ people any time soon. Maybe that weekend was the last time we got to go to football this year...
  2. Week beginning the 13th of April it’s going to get really ugly here apparently. That’s the predicted peak week, got a family member in the procurement side of the NHS who’s been told to strap in for then.
  3. As a football club I certainly hope we won’t even countenance playing games from this campaign after the 31st of May. We have contracts of several important players expiring then and that should be that. Either void the whole thing or declare the table final. As much as I’d love to see Hearts relegated, voiding is much the better option. We can’t be relegating and promoting teams and awarding titles on the basis of probability.
  4. Regarding all this fuss about the SPFL Premiership rules. Must be in there somewhere... Last goal’s the winner, right?
  5. This is going to last at least till the end of the year.
  6. No surprise to see Hearts crack first; was between them and The Newco. Financial basket cases the two of them.
  7. There can’t be a final decision on this season till the beginning of May. Then you either decide to get the season back on the road, which would be doable. Game days: Sat 9th May Tue 12th May Fri 15th May Mon 18th May Thur 21st May Sun 24th May Wed 27th May Sat 30th May There’s 8 Match days and the season could get done. St Johnstone and Rangers would need to work out how to play their game in hand in the midst of that lot. Playoffs and Scottish cup games would need to roll into first week of June. If - as is likely - by the beginning of May it’s clear that we won’t be able to get the season done that month you either declare current league table final and relegate Hearts and promote United or void the campaign and we all start again in the same division in August with no titles being awarded. The latter probably being the fairer way, even if it upsets Celtic and United fans. I don’t see a cohesive argument to allow it to affect next seasons campaign. Either get it done by early June or put a red line through it.
  8. What is for sure is that whatever solution they come up with will upset a lot of people. There is no easy answer and no obvious one. There certainly won’t be any decisions made in the short term; can’t see anything happening between now and early May. All we can do is sit and... wait.
  9. Misc. other football for this pish. Gauld has as much chance as getting a cap for Scotland as my granny.
  10. Yeah watched that back and I was really hoping it was handball... would have preferred to win with an illegal goal. Justified tears are much sweeter than unjustified ones. Sadly, it looks perfectly legal to me. Need to settle with the bitter and blind bad loser tears. Big Jon Obika just too strong, just too good. Give me him over any one of the ‘international strikeforce’ of Naismith, Boyce and Washington any day of the week and twice on Sunday. At a fraction of the price too.
  11. FT 1-0 Beautiful. Wasn’t there but I’m not in the least bit surprised that we have beaten Hearts. For one simple reason, which is the same reason we have been above them in the league all season: We’re better than them. Even with 2 of our best players going off injured during the game, we’re still better than them. They’re the worst team in the league and that’s why they’re bottom and they absolutely deserve to be relegated, I hope they are. Wasn’t surprised to see that Jon Obika was the match winner either (again), what a baller he is. That’s us 9th in the league now with the bottom 5 all having played the same amount of games. Would say that’s about right, think we’ve been the 9th best team in the country this year. Closer to Killie in 8th than Hearts in 12th too. Was surprised at some of the over the top negative reactions from our fans after recent games, even from some of our normally more level headed buds. The reality is we are doing just fine and this result reinforces that. Onwards. Bye Bye Hearts.
  12. Worth pointing out that the under 21’s haven’t qualified for a tournament since 1996, they’re even worse than the senior team in that regard. Disappointed but not surprised that Gilmour isn’t in the squad. He should have been in the starting 11 never mind the squad but oh well. Win the playoffs or beat it Clarke.
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