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  1. I see he’s not been in the match day squad for a while. Take it he’s injured again? Nice fella and a decent player, but probably the most injury prone footballer I’ve ever seen at Saints.
  2. We were saved by one of the worst top flight sides of all time. Dundee finished 12th on 21 points that year. Ross County are currently in 10th place with 21 points and have 16 games left to play. ICT finished bottom in 2017 with 34 points. Even the terrible Accies side who finished bottom last year got 30 points. Not even a team as bad as we were could have finished on less than 21 points. That and a penalty shoot out win against a hopeless United side in the playoff is what did it. We got very lucky.
  3. Dundee probably had the best night out the bottom four last night. Gained ground on County and Livi and avoided defeat in their last game of the season at the ground of their main rivals. Of course it is unlikely that Dundee and St Johnstone won't make up the bottom two after 38 games, but stranger things have happened. The weekends fixtures. Tough games for County and Livi, so if Dundee could beat St Mirren for the second time this season they will get themselves within striking distance of the pack above. St Johnstone have already won at Pittodrie this season, they really need something up there to keep the dream of 10th (11th?) alive.
  4. I see Kelty are running free busses to Paisley for their fans. What kind of travelling support can we expect? I remember we played Broxburn Athletic in the cup a few years ago and they brought 1600 and sold out the stand behind the goal. The same again would make for a good atmosphere. We've drawn the lowest ranked team left in the competition at home in the last 16, we couldn't have picked a better tie. Losing in Paisley to a League 2 side at this stage of the competition is the stuff nightmares are made of and would be one of the worst results in our history. However cup shocks happen, as Kelty have shown us, and that's more of a lower end Championship squad than a League 2 one. It won't be easy but i think we will have enough to scrape through. 1-0 Fraser '89
  5. Open all mics, four games on live, none of them involving Aberdeen. We get two mins of Miller and Gordon droning on about Aberdeen. Thankfully Kettlewell interrupted them with a goal else they’d still be going on.
  6. Medvedev saves a match point and goes on to win in five. Auger-Aliassame is a top player and I can see him winning a major soon. Semi line up: Medvedev v Tsitsipas Nadal v Berrettini Smart money is on a Medvedev v Nadal final.
  7. From the outside looking in, this doesn’t look like a must win game for Dundee. They’re away from home and they’re above St Johnstone. There’s only one game left between the sides after this one and that will be at Dens. Would McPake take a point? It does look like must win for the Saintees though. On paper it’s the easiest game they have left this season. If they can’t win this, what game can they win?
  8. We aren’t St Johnstone! It was 11 games without a win but plenty of draws in there, including one against Celtic. Anyway, I’m having that goal as yet another assist from Kiltie. Three games, three assists, one goal and one wrongly disallowed. What an impact he’s making.
  9. Wordle 221 3/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] Pulled the three points out the bag there after a slow start.
  10. Would be great if he stayed, but I can see why he’s not signing the contract we’ve offered him. He’s just waiting to see if he gets a better one that suits him. If he doesn’t, he can always sign our deal later. I imagine he will get a better offer sooner rather than later, he’s brilliant and at 28 is still young for a keeper.
  11. Only the top three have lost less games too. We’ve always been hard to beat, but we’ve just found that bit extra to turn the games that would have been draws into narrow wins. We are doing just fine. The winless run before Christmas seems a distant memory. We were struggling with injuries and COVID issues then, but that’s behind us now. With Goodwin in the dugout I always have faith that he’s going to turn it around and find a way to win games and get us up the table. Long way to go of course, but I think we can start to focus more on catching the teams above us than worrying about the teams below us.
  12. Remember seeing JET play for LivI last year and thinking he was hopeless. Seemed to spend a lot of time on the bench for them if I remember rightly. Then he moves up in the world to Aberdeen and i assumed I must have missed something. Nope, he’s still shite. Shaughnessy and Dunne had the cigars out dealing with him and Ramirez tonight. We weren’t at our best, but we don’t have to be at our best to beat Aberdeen in Paisley. At least they can’t blame going down to ten men this time.
  13. Jeez, that ‘if’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting there.
  14. FT 1-0 Yeah a fair reflection, just another routine three points against Aberdeen really. Wasn’t a great game, but we were the side who looked more likely and it’s a fantastic bit of quality to win it. What a baller Conor Ronan is, he’ll be playing at a higher level next season. After that went in we cruised it and looked more likely go two up than to concede an equaliser. Thought Dunne and Power were out best players along with the match winner. 2022 been a good year. Three games, three wins and we are rolling. Dens Park next and now just three points off Aberdeen in sixth. Based on that game we should be looking to catch them and finish above them. Good to be a buddie.
  15. Conor Ronan hates the Dons. Lovely goal, lovely player. 1-0 let’s have the three points please.
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