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  1. Do agree that three years is a reasonable timescale for all restrictions to be lifted. Psychological effects will last a long longer though. A lot of people’s attitudes have certainly changed forever. Old friend of mine who’s be going to the football for over 50 years says he will never be back as the thought of large crowds gives him the boak. Will be interesting to see what attendance numbers are for sporting events and concerts after restrictions are lifted compared to before.
  2. A vaccine won’t really solve it either. As we know this country is full of crackpot anti vaxxers who won’t take it. They will then continue to spread the infection among vulnerable groups who can’t take the vaccine. Ergo restrictions will continue. Was speaking to a boss of a big logistics company the other day. He said they’re basically expecting 2021 to be the same as 2020 with varying levels of lockdown throughout the year and travel restrictions coming and going. Think the reality is that any kind of return to normal is years away, not months away.
  3. Hope everyone’s got their digital crackers ready. I do wonder if the police will be going round throwing people out their families house on Christmas Day... Somehow I think not.
  4. Got to admire the length and consistency of this meltdown. Six months of this and he’s still going. Poor lad’s been completely broken by Hearts relegation.
  5. Least contingency plans being drawn up this time. Wonder if they will publicise a cut off point for how many games need to be played for the league to be called or voided. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54604857
  6. Ha can’t believe that. Looked well onside.
  7. Pickford fucked it again 🤣
  8. Calvert Lewin has went from average jobber to one of the best strikers in the league. Totally outmuscled Robertson there to head that in the net.
  9. Good half of football that, enjoyed it. Liverpool clearly back to their best following the debacle at Villa but Everton doing well enough to contain them. Pickford and Adrian are both hopeless right enough which has added to the fun. Should be a good second half.
  10. You’d think he was in Paisley about to head down to the ground. Reality is he’s sitting in his house. The money paid will be valid for the rearranged fixture. No harm no foul. Just an inevitable occurrence when football is played during a pandemic.
  11. Saints v Motherwell the latest Premiership game to fall victim to COVID. With the rise in cases and restrictions elsewhere in society and winter approaching... I feel like the chances of finishing the season are looking fairly bleak to be honest.
  12. Yep it’s the second and it won’t be the last. The reality is that it’s really difficult to play football during a global pandemic. If the season does continue this will just keep happening.
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