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  1. Cash will always be around in some form or another. What is changing - and was changing even before COVID - 19 - is the amount of merchants who won't take cash, and you can see why. Cash is expensive for businesses. It needs to be sorted, counted and then transferred from the place of business to a bank. Any cash taking business is also liable for it being stolen by staff or criminals. Now these things are all still true, and on top of them handling cash is a health and safety issue for businesses. Touching money which has been through goodness knows how many hands and then touching your face afterwards can lead to the spread of infection. By the end of the decade cash taking businesses will be in the minority. Personally i haven't really used cash for years, mainly because i used to lose it.
  2. We’re less than two weeks into the season and we’ve already had two known breaches of COVID-19 regulations by Scottish Premiership footballers. The actual breaches will be much higher of course, we just won’t know about the rest. Aberdeen players fancied a cheeky pint after their game, breaking the four household rule and leading to at least one game being postponed. Celtic player Boli Bolingoli made a secret trip to Spain and never quarantined on his return as per the legal requirements. Subsequently training with his team mates and playing against Kilmarnock. Do all of the players who he came into contact since his return now need to quarantine for two weeks? How many postponements will this clandestine holiday lead to? Scottish Government now saying - unsurprisingly - that the season may be ‘paused’. Where do we go from here? Just accept that the players can’t be trusted to keep to the rules and pause the season? Pause until when...? If they can’t be trusted now when can they be trusted? There’s no vaccine on the horizon and no end to this virus in the near future. It’s hard to see how this season gets finished.
  3. Well surely this games off. Hope you enjoyed Espana Boli [emoji1316]
  4. Belter of a group with great away days - apart from the Greenock shit hole. If only we were allowed to go. We’ve been knocked out in the group stage 3 of the 4 years it’s been running with only Alan Stubbs managing to get us through. Surely we won’t go out again...
  5. Less of this rational thought. A 3-0 loss at Ibrox is an absolute disaster, it’s our worst performance in years and the manager should be sacked and we will almost certainly be relegated. All of those things have been said in the past 24 hours on various forms of social media by some of our fans. The reality is 3 points from our first 3 games would have been a good return and one I’m sure most, if not all of our fans would have taken before kick off. Our first 3 games were against 3 of last seasons top 5 after all. We have that.
  6. You’re right they’ve been trying to leave for years. They haven’t - and won’t - for the simple reason that no one else wants them. It’s been what 35 years since a non old firm team won the league. Don’t really see how it won’t be at least another 35 years before it happens again. The golden chance to break the duopoly was when Rangers went bust and Celtic had that joker Delia in charge. They were hopeless those couple of seasons and had of the other top half teams had a decent team and manager they could have won it. They didn’t though and in the end they didn’t even get close so here we still are. Would be great if some random team could do a Leicester but it’s just never even nearly happened up here before. A financially doped up Hearts team had a run it for a few months about 15 years ago but even then they fell away long before the end.
  7. FT 3-0 Shrug. As always our season won’t be defined by our results at Parkhead or Ibrox. For us to get anything in these games we need a bit of luck and we didn’t get that today, we had a stonewall penalty turned down at 1-0. The foul was clearly in the box and the ref has given a free kick. Doubt that will get mentioned much in dispatches but oh well. Get the Celtic game out the way on Wednesday then a big one at Hamilton on Saturday. It’s games like that that will define our season.
  8. McGrath got to score that. Started on the front foot. Just been denied a penalty, given as free kick outside the box but looked in to me.
  9. Yeah looks an improvement on Hladky to me. He’s certainly much more confident on high balls and a much more commanding presence. Like him a lot.
  10. HT 1-0 Going as expected really. Defended relatively well, most of Rangers efforts have been long range they’ve not had many clear cut chances. The goal was a cross that deflected in off McCarthy’s hand. Bizarrely the commentators decided it was Goldson who was about 6 foot away from McCarthy when it went in. That’s why you get the big bucks eh Clive? Long as it’s 1-0 we have a chance of snatching something. 2nd goes in its goodnight.
  11. Looked like an own goal to me from McCarthy.
  12. No surprise that McAllister has been dropped, he was hopeless last week. Be interesting to see how Sheron does and where he plays. We will almost certainly lose and we may get a doing. Just want to get these two games out the way before the real stuff starts again against Accies on Saturday.
  13. What a shocking result that is for Livingston. At home especially. Is there issues at that football club?
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