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  1. Yeah no conundrum at all. I think him and McGinn are our two best players and they should be first name on the team sheet every game we play. He's an absolute diamond of a player, quick, strong and superb on the ball.
  2. Hanging on a bit here. Going to be a long… 60 minutes.
  3. Robbo very lucky there. Why is he doing that.
  4. McTominay what a player, absolute rolls-royce.
  5. Classic Porto there. Step, step, pass it out the park
  6. I think Norway are just shite, full stop.
  7. I like that team. The main positive is he's dropped Jack and stuck McTominay in from the start, good. Realised his mistake at the weekend and rectified it.
  8. I never said she was competent, I said she was the most competent out of the three candidates. Her record while not being anything special, was stand out when compared to the other two. But she could never win when her religious views were outed. She was a senior figure in the last SNP government and I'm sure she will a senior figure in the next one too, but she will never be SNP leader.
  9. True, but that role doesn't attract the same scrutiny as party leader and first minister does, the leader of the SNP group at Westminster has no real power outside the party. Wouldn't see Mhairi Black making emotional tweets about him infringing on her rights, like she did with Forbes. Kate is certainly the most competent and would have won, if it wasn't for her religion.
  10. Ah that old classic, not seen that for years.
  11. Yeah no surprise. The fact that Kate is a practising Christian obviously ruled her out. And with a choice of the Regan or Humza, they've rightly went with the least bad option. I expect he will be a disaster and be gone by the end of the year, at which point the big hitters in the SNP will stand for the next leadership election. Humza is a useful patsy for the political equivalent of following The Beatles. He's never going to be as good and the inevitable comparisons to Nicola are going to make him look even worse. When the next new leader arrives they can benefit from at least not being as bad as Humza.
  12. Can’t believe we’ve got to page three and no mention of PNB’s favourite and certainly most discussed uncapped Scottish player. The one and only Ryan ‘Mini Messi’ Gauld. Last spotted working in the Vancouver Airport Burger King.
  13. Looked quite a tricky group for England on paper. The defending champions, the team that knocked the defending champions out of the last World Cup and Ukraine. That’s them through it after a game and a half. They’re an absolute machine under Southgate.
  14. What a superb player Saka is. This will be five or six if England can be arsed.
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