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  1. Your first goal wasn’t a free kick and your second goal should have been ruled out after a shove in the box. Also you should have had at least two players sent off, perhaps three. Collum helped Aberdeen out today.
  2. Seven games in and they’re sat in sixth place. Already looks like the title is gone and we’re still in September They’ve had their expected annual humiliations in Europe too. How long does Ange have left? What a bizarre appointment and it’s turning out to be even funnier than we expected. Celtic The Ange experiment
  3. Fair play to Glass saying he thought it was a red card in the radio. It was of course, but plenty of managers would have said it wasn’t. But goodness me he’s a dull character isn’t he? Looks and sounds like a wet blanket. Doesn’t seem like a manager at all.
  4. FT 3-2 Superb stuff. Much deserved and much needed three points. That’s five goals from open play in two games against Hibs and Aberdeen. The ‘where will the goals come from’ question answered then. Should have had five or six too missed several chances. In the midst of some epic knicker wetting, the final day of the window turned out great for us. Ronan in MacPherson out, what an upgrade that was. Connor is like Cammy, but better. Scored the first and took that second goal superbly today, real composure to side foot it in the corner, would have been very easy to lash that into the stand. He was the difference. Brophy does some amount of running, he was good today but missed an absolute sitter to make it 4-2. Main did well when he came on too. Crowd was buzzing and no signs of apathy at all, we’re doing just fine To the surprise of absolutely no one, Aberdeen have declined rapidly since McInness left. Didn’t they finish bottom six four years in a row before he was appointed? Then top six every year he was there. They’ve got bottom six written all over them now he’s gone. They really lost the head second half, amazed they only got one sent off.
  5. Not watching it on telly but not even close. Not sure Main touched it either.
  6. HT 1-2 Started well and got in front. Then lose two goals to set piece crosses. Didn’t think the first one was a foul but still should defend it better. Second one certainly was a foul and I’m unsure how the centre forward gets a free header eight yards out. Need big improvement second half if going to get back into it.
  7. Goodness me I called the team right. One change from last week, Erhahon in for Reid.
  8. He went there to start games. If he’s going to be sat on the bench for 90 minutes he’d be better off doing that at Chelsea. Would be surprised if he isn’t recalled in January.
  9. A draw is certainly the most likely outcome, and wouldn’t be a bad result for either side really. Out of our seven games against top flight opponents this season we have drawn five of them. I would probably get Erhahon in for Reid today, he made a real difference to the midfield when he came on last week. Think would stick with Brophy upfront on his own, but try to get McGrath a bit further forward to help him out. We’re due to turn one of these tight games into a win, but don’t think it will be today. 1-1
  10. Brentford could finish top half, they’re a quality side. Top notch entertainment, end to end stuff.
  11. Dropped to the bench today and an unused sub as Norwich lose for the twentieth time in a row. Not really working out for him there at all disappointingly, wonder if Chelsea will recall him.
  12. Haven’t seen any of Killie since the playoff hilarity. They’re still fucking shite, I see.
  13. Get the open top bus booked for this bad boy: This should get us straight into the group stages of the europa conference league imo.
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