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  1. Long time coming from France there. Denmark have been awful, again.
  2. How have the Saudis not scored here ffs [emoji28] What a great team to watch. High line and going for it, superb stuff.
  3. That’s quite clearly a second yellow for cash, if not a straight red. Very lucky lad.
  4. I dare say if they were miles ahead of them they wouldn’t be going into the final group game below them - assuming they don’t beat France.
  5. Denmark drew 0-0 with Tunisia, who Australia just beat. Miles in front of them?
  6. Souttar doesn’t even get a game for Stoke, would he be in our squad?
  7. Great win for Aus that and I think they’ll get through now. If France avoid defeat against Denmark later Aussies will just need a point in their last game against the Danes - assuming Tunisia don’t beat France.
  8. Lovely header there. I wonder if the Australian Lyndon Dykes is watching Japanese 2nd tier striker Duke leading the line and scoring in the World Cup and pondering his decision to choose Scotland…
  9. Not necessarily. If everyone beats Costa Rica and Germany beat Spain then Spain beat Japan then the there will three teams on six points and GD comes into play. Not that unlikely both Spain and Germany make it through.
  10. England be happy enough with that result after playing badly - they’re through, they will not lose by 4 goals to Wales. Missed chance for the USA who will need to beat Iran now.
  11. My mate who's a teacher does this. Spends the summer driving tourists around on coach tours. Surprised it's not more common.
  12. It won't matter of course. The SNP won't win 50%+ of the Scottish votes cast (they never have), and even if they did, it wouldn't lead to independence, despite what they say. It won't change the fact that the constitution is a Westminster matter and any changes to it requires a bill to pass through that chamber with a majority of MP's voting for it. The route to Scottish independence is for Westminster to vote through a referendum act - like they did prior to 2014 - and for the SNP to then win the referendum. Of course that won't happen under a Sunak or Starmer administration, and we will have one of them post 2024. Beyond that? Who can say.
  13. The opening round of matches are often a bit pish, but it seem to have went to another level this tournament. Team's absolutely terrified of losing to such an extent that a 0-0 draw against a lower ranked team is seen as a decent result.
  14. They started with Maeda up front? He's not even Celtics first choice striker. They're a well drilled side but they're certainly not full of world beaters. Last 16 probably about their level.
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