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  1. Work colleagues

    Assassins Creed for me today, managed to squeeze in the odd 10 minute break to return phone calls and emails. Was going to get into the garden but will leave that till tomorrow I think.
  2. Morton v. Alloa, Tues. 9th April

    Jim Goodwin, hammer of the Ton 🥰 Back to the seaside for Greenock scum? Surely not.
  3. Goody 🥰 Falkirk [emoji38]
  4. All things Dundee FC

    Have you guys thrown in the towel? Asking cause trying to plan holidays around perspective playoff dates. Thanks.
  5. Hamilton v St Mirren

    FT 1-1 Yeah that’s fine. Dundee look like they’ve chucked it, so I guess its playoffs. Never seen us in a playoff before, looks like good fun. I thought we should have had 1 penalty today and we got 1. The 1 we got wasn’t 1 and the 1 we didn’t was 1 though... Funny old game. Draw about right on the balance of play. Though we could have lost in the final minutes, Hladky save and goal line clearance and we are good. Hamilton are the 10th best team in the country and I expect they will finish there. Tannadice on a Wednesday night? Love a bit of it.
  6. Hamilton v St Mirren

    HT 0-0 Been the better team actually, should be winning. Thought we had a stonewall penalty turned down after Dreyer got wiped out. One of those ones where the ball is gone before he gets kicked over in the box. Was still in play though, should have been a penalty. Brad Lyons has had two great chances, sadly for us he’s shite. Feels like a 0-0.
  7. FT 0-2 Dundee and Accies lost 2-0 aswell it seems, so not a bad night really. Would have taken being in a worse position before the game. Second half we were a bit better and actually created a couple of chances. Nazon finds himself one on one and somehow doesn’t even get a shot away, remarkable. He really is shite. Typically unsavoury scenes from the Celtic fans after the second goal. Not sure what happened to Hladky but whatever it was shouldn’t have happened. Will get brushed under the carpet no doubt.
  8. HT 0-1 Went as expected really. All Celtic and we are lucky to only be 1 down. We haven’t offered anything at all, really disappointing. As long as it’s only 1 we have a chance though...
  9. I hope Danny Mullen is kept on ice till Dundee away post split. He’s a good Championship level striker, that’s why he’s always making hay against Dundee. Don’t be wasting him against Premiership level sides.
  10. That’s one of the best St Mirren photos I’ve ever seen. Joe 90 is keeping us up.
  11. FT 2-1 Yas. Huge 3 points. Quite a hard game to make sense of, but we won, great. Flynn, McKenzie and Mullen outstanding performers. Dundee could have buried us inside 10 minutes. They didn’t, then they just vanished and we certainly deserved to win. Our second goal is a well worked cross, header back across, header in. After that you’re expecting the stampede. Never happened, we had the better chances and should have won 3-1 in the end. Dundee looked bizarrely disinterested the whole second half. Clearly major issues there, and since they’re now 2 adrift at the bottom they’re certainly favourites to finish 12th. We have 20 points this season, 7 of them have been against Dundee. That’s more than 1/3rd of our points against one team. Remarkable, thanks Dees, they really are rubbish. We clearly have no problem dealing with them. Our problem is that we struggle against the rest of the league. Regardless, 11th gives us a shot. Take that and let’s go playoff.
  12. HT 1-1 Entertaining stuff. Not much quality on show but both teams giving it laldy. Down 1 inside a minute, our left a continuous weak spot exploited and a cut back finished well. Then Dundee could have had another and finished us off inside ten minutes. Chance not taken though and we grabbed an equaliser. Danny Mullen again, who scored a brace when we beat Dundee 2-1 in August under Stubbs. Cut back tidy flick in the net. After that game settled a bit. Half chance here and there but a draw a fair reflection and the likely full time result.
  13. McFarlane Street.
  14. It’s definitely one of those games where a draw is the most likely outcome. A loss would be a disaster for both of us and both managers will be scared of it. It will be cagey and tight and if it’s still level after about an hour both teams will play it safe. That helps neither of us really, just kicks the can down the road a bit.
  15. Two of the worst top flight teams in history up against each other today. Four wins all season and we could be off the bottom come 5pm. Remarkable scenes. Dundee are the only team in the league who haven’t beat us this season, so we have certainly nothing to fear from them. I kept thinking they’d pull away from us but there they still are, 1 point better off. Both teams deserve to go down if we’re being honest. And regardless of what happens today, I think both teams will go down. If we lose we are all but assured of 12th. Anything else and we keep ourself in with a shout of 11th and going down in the playoffs. COYS!!!