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  1. It’s such a strange question. Scottish football was here long before any of us was alive and will be here long after we’re all dead. Will it eventually die one day? Of course, but none of us will be here to see it.
  2. First day will kick your arse. That second half between Balmaha and Rowardennan is a windy boring path that seems to go on forever. There’s also a few buildings en route that look like the hotel, they aren’t though. Get through that and you’ll be fine. Scenery will keep you going.
  3. Remember that Ross County game clearly, it was in Paisley aswell! We were absolutely honking. If you think the performance last Saturday was bad have a look back at that game, we were next levels of shite. It would be a bit of an upset if we get through here. We’re out of form and missing key players. Livi are absolutely flying. All signs points to them winning comfortably. However, us knocking out Aberdeen was an upset, as was us knocking out Rangers. We have more of a chance here than we did in either of those games. Hoping that Celtic can beat them tonight and at least end that ridiculous run they’re on before this game, but I fancy Livi in that one too.
  4. Mallan would be a fantastic signing. He does play a lot of minutes for Hibs right enough but mainly from the bench. Would be surprised if they let him go but we’re definitely right to ask the question.
  5. Can’t we do the care homes and other people too? That’s what England are doing after all. This is a ridiculous failure by the Scottish Government.
  6. Ok here’s a graph for per 100 population. Why the huge discrepancy?
  7. Why aren’t we vaccinating at the same rate as England?
  8. Low bar tbf. We haven’t finished above 8th in the last 30 years. We are currently... 8th with games in hand on the teams above us.
  9. Obika was out injured last week and still isn’t fully fit.
  10. There’s obviously issues with Ryan Flynn’s fitness. He hasn’t really played any football since last February and with no reserve or bounce games happening he can’t build up any match sharpness. I guess we will go with Foley next week.
  11. FT 1-0 Standard McDiarmid Park performance from us. Didn’t play well and didn’t deserve anything from the game. Hope we go back to one striker in the semi next week, all our best performances have came with one upfront. It just never worked at all today with two up there. Feel for Cammy as he would have started the semi next week given JDH is suspended. It was two soft yellows but there’s no need for him to dive in there and he’s gave the ref a decision to make. Now i assume it will be one of Foley or Flynn starting beside Ethan next week. Can’t remember the last time either of them played. Losing 1-0 away to St Johnstone is certainly not cause for panic, but I know some of our fans will. We are still above the Saintees despite playing three games less after all.
  12. Well that’s a nightmare start for us. Totally fell asleep in defence. Oh well need to come behind for the third week in a row.
  13. HT 0-0 Yeah take that. We haven’t played well and Saintees probably edged it without really threatening. Can tell they’re a side low on confidence. 0-0 absolutely fine for us here. Would maybe get another midfielder on and go back to 4-5-1 to shore things up in the middle a bit. Feel like we’re missing the extra body in there.
  14. Really attacking team that. This is either going to go very well or very badly...
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