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  1. There’s no way we go home with four points. No one ever has in a 24 game tournament. Now just us and Turkey are the only teams not to have scored right enough.
  2. Class number 9 play that. Top level striker.
  3. That’s a great assist by Ronny. Surprised they haven’t dropped him tbh.
  4. Yeah. Germany are pretty good. Was surprised that they seemed to have been written off by some after the France game. They will be going deep in this tournament no doubt.
  5. Matter of time really. Hope Hungary hold on for the point but suspect they won’t.
  6. Very nice goal actually. Tidy finish. Still can’t see France losing the game but it certainly makes it interesting.
  7. Well that puts the cat amongst the proverbial pigeons.
  8. Italy 6 Wales 4 Switzerland 1 Turkey 0 Anything except a Switzerland win in their last game against Turkey will mean third place finishes with less than four points in that group. Belgium 6 Finland 3 Russia 3 Denmark 0 If Finland lose to Belgium and/or if Denmark beat Russia then third place will finish on less than four points in that group. Holland 6 Ukraine 3 Austria 3 Macedonia 0 If there’s a winner in the Ukraine-Austria game third will finish on less than four points in that group. That’s just the other three groups of who all played two games and we’d only need two groups where third finishes on less than four. There’s no realistic chance of anyone going home with four points. As in 2016 - it’s likely some teams will get through with three points.
  9. It is. If we win will we go through. Either in second place or as one of the best third place teams. If we don’t win we will finish bottom of the group.
  10. Our final game should be entertaining if nothing else. The winner gets through, the loser goes home. If there’s a draw both teams go home. Attack, attack, attack!
  11. No I think they will play for a 0-0. If they do go behind they won’t be rushing to get back in the game. I mean it’s probably going to be a choice between France/Germany or Slovakia/Sweden - assuming Spain beat Poland tomorrow. In the words of the back eyed peas, what would you do?
  12. They’re already through. Pressure will be in the last 16, and you’d rather avoid France or Germany. Could see Southgate a few times in that second half telling his players to calm down and settle for the point. I don’t think they will be keen on beating the Czechs on Tuesday.
  13. England Czech game will be interesting on Tuesday. Czechs win or draw they play France, Portugal or Germany in the last 16. England win they will. Will they both be trying to lose?
  14. Fantastic point that. All to play for against Croatia on Tuesday now, win or bust. Thought Hanley and McTominay were excellent. McGinn had a good game too despite the early booking. We also learned that Gilmour and Adam’s must start every game from now on. Unbelievable that they didn’t start against the Czechs to be honest. Was definitely a lot of England being happy with a draw there, second half in particular. And why not, that’s them through and they can decide if they want to win the group or not against the Czechs on Tuesday. No matter to us. We are still in with a shout and we’d all have taken that after Monday.
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