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  1. Much better than the shite we had last year without actually being very good. I'd imagine that's how our season will go too
  2. I find some of Rangers players likeable at least like Bassey, so no even close to that wonderful summer night in London.
  3. Guy looks like an advert for Monster Energy, definitely got a cheesecake vape.
  4. I'm no reading that long OP. Are we bullying anyone in particular in here or just whoever takes your fancy?
  5. Article 48 is expected to return for next season. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/4129823/exclusive-neil-doncaster-expects-scottish-club-streaming-to-end-next-season/
  6. I've pretty much always wore baseball caps, canny think of a period of time since I was very young that I've no wore one most days.
  7. f**k it, Big Sean has the contract. All 4 of our centre backs last year were absolutely trash.
  8. He was suggesting it was tit for tat against an accusation of racism. As if the tit was his indiscretions and the racism was the tat.
  9. What do his indiscretions have to do with his skin colour?
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