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  1. Who knows, perhaps a link could be shared on here. Perhaps not ...
  2. That YouTube isn't live, they had a scheduled video upload. Don't think you'll get the game there.
  3. It's ok, we've moved on and only carry real quality like Sam Ashford now.
  4. Yes but you have to pay to get in so you'd be best staying in the house.
  5. It's time for one of those banter football manager formations.
  6. Looks like he's really lost his way over the summer, definitely came back a worse player even if he wasn't exactly great last year. Probably need to try move him on and get a new number 1 in January.
  7. I don't think the group of players have a chance to react other than Dempsey who turns to his side...so that it doesn't hit him. McGinty was terrible at that goal but he actually did ok to start with and got him wide away from the box, at that point he simply needed to foul him when he clearly wasn't winning the strength battle, by the time he realised himself the guy was running into our box and a weak tug on his jersey was never going to be enough. Houston was right on the line so I presume he was concerned about conceding a penalty which I do kinda get - it wasn't a do or die take the penalty situation like a handball on the line or something.
  8. Seen the goals back and the goalie is really poor at the third, he's no getting the initial shot and he's standing as if the situation has been dealt with when the shot is taken.
  9. Don't get the whole can't change a winning team thing at all or the negative comments about performance. The things that were poor today were: Without the ball in the first half, I don't know if due to being a man short they were told to stand off and not press but given they were all at it until half time says this was a tactical failure. 3 individual mistakes sort of directly leading to goals. Musonda at the first, Reading's shitebaggery at the second and Mcginty melting at the third. The four guys playing wide from the start. We were good for the majority of that match, more effective in the second half but we were looking pretty likely to equalise at 1-0, that's the one that killed us today IMO, we were so on top of the game at that point and it quickly flipped to needing half time ASAP. Albinson - no for me, did make a couple saves but I just don't rate him at all - distribution was terrible. McCalister - I was wondering if he was injured he was moving so slow, did nothing. Reading - Shitebag - if Finn plays on Thursday and does well gotta wonder if he gets in the team. Musonda - had a good game after the first goal. Mcginty - had a good game up to the third goal. O'Connor - a means to getting us up the park that wasn't a long ball to Dipo today as much as I'd have kept him on over McKenzie he just doesn't produce much. Ashford - this guy works really hard but doesn't actually do anything at all. He was offside but presented with an open goal and managed to lose possession. Football terrorist. Murdoch - absolutely fine until he tired and started hugging folk. Dempsey - good game. Dipo - no goal but usual from the big man, v unlucky with the free kick hitting the bar. McKenzie - he was ok in the first half, shunted out wide second half and was as rubbish as he always is playing wide - unlucky not to score with that flick. Young - referee absolutely hated him but he looks quick and carries the ball well, get him a start on Thursday and maybe against Inverness if he does well. Mullen - big upgrade on Ashford good 45 minutes. Houston - big upgrade on McCalister good 45 minutes. Bangala - needs more minutes as he was miles off it. Smith - on the park for seconds.
  10. McGinty had Reading and Musonda beside him so that makes no sense.
  11. That's a weird one today. Thought McCalister coming in was a weird one along with Ashford keeping his place in the team. First half was actually quite good from us despite the score, without the ball we were just standing off Raith but with it we were threatening, wouldn't have complained overly going in 1 down but the second goal is a total joke from that wee shitebag Reading. Just hit it and concede a goal kick man, you might even get hit and get a free kick. Second half the changes really helped (I'd have left Daire on for McKenzie though) and there was more purpose to our play (during the 6 minutes the referee was actually allowing the game to take place, well deserved to get level but that seemed to be a kick up the arse to Raith tbf and they get the winner after McGinty just melts. Points thrown away but some of it was quite enjoyable. I think we need to look at more changes for the next game rather than just simply reverting to what was working before. Be looking at McAdams, Mullen, Houston and Young starting.
  12. What tragic pre-match nonsense do we have in store tomorrow? Must be a nightmare being at home this week for a total riddy, glad it's not us.
  13. Don't get this point, a casual fan can buy their ticket right up to kick off same as PATG it's just you aren't handing over cash.
  14. SPFL thought folk would just stay at home and use a VPN so they made having to buy access for the season a thing. It's crazy because folk are just staying at home using a VPN with their IPTV and watching the pixellot feed but we never have had folk that are in touch with reality in charge. With their rule in place accomodating away fans (streaming) is impossible. You would have to buy a season pass for every club.
  15. I think that's right, along with international caps etc etc. We waited months for Bangala.
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