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  1. Yes it was the fans fault, even when the club said so it was the fans.
  2. He's coming in to play with Chalmers in midfield as we edge closer to playing 10 defenders and a goalie.
  3. I'm surprised they had that in them.
  4. I've got the heating on in the flat and not even watching a stream. Lovely afternoon.
  5. There isn't a good combination of the trash that we employ.
  6. Just because we won the league doesn't guarantee we win the playoffs. Raith Rovers. Never even made the final.
  7. No, some teams are so devoid of talent or confidence as a group that being individually better doesn't matter. See Ayr United v Albion Rovers tomorrow for a similar scenario.
  8. Glen Sadsack really making a show of themselves these days.
  9. All of Fjørtoft's better performances have been as a right back so it may well be that back four again given McAllister was dropped and Houston gives you nothing at all.
  10. Nah we played 4411 that day looking back Fjørtoft Baird McGinty Reading We might well go back to a 5 since we've been getting bodied and McGinty is fit again though!
  11. We play 4-1-4-1 most of the time, we do not have wide centre backs. Duffy does occasionally swap to a back 5 with predictable consequences though.
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