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  1. No way will 6 points not be good enough. That's insane. You said in what world will 4 points not be good enough, not 6.
  2. In what universe is 4 points not enough? One where Arbroath beat us.
  3. Ideally all the remaining league games are draws for everyone
  4. We don't, we have 1/4 likely required points, 3 draws to go.
  5. McKenzie - 2 Moffat - 1 Anderson - 0 Cameron - 0 Wright - 0
  6. Its risk v reward isn't it? If he didn't have such good goal record when fit, or if he played in another position that was well covered then I can understand saying release him. But he does score goals when fit and he's still only 26 so the reward potentially outweighs the risk for me. Absolutely, if he was howling it would be no contest release but he contributes when he plays.
  7. Why not, look at Vaughan. Both worth having regardless.
  8. Sitting watching this crap with nobody about you, I don't drive so with trains I'm out from 12-7 and it's freezing up in that stand.
  9. Can see folk's complaints about the stream this season but this is miles better than being there.
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