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  1. Those things and children are riddled spreading fucks
  2. Fifa were considering moving the summer transfer window, we would also be past the date where you can last sign new players in a season.
  3. Given the circumstances the questionable carry out is on the go before half time. Blue flavour 🤣
  4. Ayr United 3-0 Raith Rovers You can chose which of the two you like.
  5. Is this not only the final payment of prize money but evenly split (within a league) rather than cascading?
  6. Decent length journey on the train with a good carry out and pals, find a pub with little/no Ayr fans, some p***k that used to play for Ayr in opposition to get torn into, beat them, pub, questionable carry out for the train back & into a scummy pub in Glasgow when we get home.
  7. I was previously unemployed at a stage for three years, I can handle three-months paid. A like the PlayStation
  8. Depends, I had to agree to be classed as a furloughed worker so that we could do the Government 80% hing and that just stops me from being able to do any work for my company. I believe my contract (like most I've had) will have something in there about needing to request some level of permission to take on a second job or similar.
  9. That's us off on full pay, no even working from home.
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