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  1. Whit? Thats BT's issue not VAR which didn't disallow the penalty surely?
  2. At championship level he was slow and poor in the tackle, he was usually pressed before he could get a pass away as well, you would expect him to be better two divisions down with team mates who are largely above the level they are playing at though so it might be the re-making of him.
  3. Shakhtar have been absolutely class, Basel don't seem to have an answer.
  4. Ayr v Albion Rovers Ayr v Stranraer Hamilton v Ayr Annan v Ayr IMO
  5. Any other folk that couldn't get a game for Clyde?
  6. I get the impression the last paragraph is the whole reason of why they are going back!
  7. Cheers, still another weekend to go then
  8. What day are the schools back, looking to organise some pub time before the weans send us back into lockdown.
  9. Oh absolutely, said as much about Ambrose on the match thread, that was it for one half though.
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