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  1. Yeah Anderson is the main guy, Kerr is obviously looking for a target man type though for backup, that isn't McKenzie.
  2. I don't necessarily think the two would be as linked as you might imagine. Cameron would only be coming in (if it is even him) because he is a big laddie, that doesn't change anything for McKenzie to me, he isn't that type of player so wouldn't be used in the matches he would be used in.
  3. I'm pretty chill about the prospect of a Kilmarnock player signing on loan, doesn't have to win the fans round in the current environment (whether we like that or not).
  4. Gives us better options for Saturday, no real width available other than Zanatta so I think he'll play Moff up with Anderson and put Smith in behind and keep the midfield and defence settled.
  5. The home game with Arbroath last year probably shouldn't have gone ahead, Ellis Hare-Reid was kicking out and the ball was just hanging in the air 20 yards or do from goal (I was in the conservatory doing my first shift of PA with the heating on) and it didn't improve throughout the match, we scored direct from a corner Depends on the referee I guess.
  6. If Cowan doesn't ask @DA Baracus on the show to pick the tunes for the day he's a shitebag. Do it Coward.
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