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  1. We agreed we can only sign Ronaldo and Messi if Moffat stays then? I'll up my 500 club commitment by a quid when they sign.
  2. Imagine the player the boy Messi could be playing next to the Moff
  3. Aye Vaughan was giving it big WOO while our dressing room door was open.
  4. Boys will work at kicking the ball longer and harder for the next game.
  5. They must have picked it up spending so much time around Talbot fans the past week.
  6. It's important that nobody slips while walking inside of this
  7. Sure, also today. Left back is a player though!
  8. I kinda presumed it would be a draw when I saw Talbot scored early, just count yourselves lucky they didn't score a sucker punch late on!
  9. You all hate to hear it for some reason but he's fucking rank.
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