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  1. Away top reminds me of the top we got promoted against Airdrie with, plus Andy Murdoch has a stauner wearing it.
  2. Im_Rodger

    I'm Rodger
  3. A View From The Terrace.

    Well Stuart Malcolm has won it, must be the favourite.
  4. We haven't got near Inverness in any of the four games, absolutely bodied.
  5. It's about the same thing I'm saying about as far as I'm aware. I believe they tried to make a joke about Jordan Hart when presenting their award and it didn't go down well....
  6. Aye, pretty standard Ayr fans with a drink around squad. Did someone not offer Gary Harkins a square go before?
  7. Seen a video of someone having a go at McCall.....
  8. Relegation Royal Rumble

    In saying that I just found out there is a very exact set of results that produces quite the outcome.
  9. things that are most disappointing

    Are they better away from home?
  10. things that are most disappointing

    I have also drank beer previously.
  11. To be fair to Billy McDonald, he doesn't exist. Billy Findlay, however () scored that beautiful third goal.