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  1. I'm totally in favour of the time switch despite it meaning I'll probably not go and it's unlikely I'd get a stream if St Pauli are at 12:30 on the Saturday as I just prefer to watch them now. It's important that the club doesn't get itself into any financial hardship off the back of greed and unnecessary protection of profit for the energy industry (at the expense of all other business and people). What does need to be explained is how postponements would work, is this just a suck up the cost event or will they want them played at 18:00 in April so they can be played to a finish without the lights? What if there are more than 4 postponements for a club if so?
  2. I think it needs to happen tbh, it's unappealing and I'm pretty unlikely to attend but it's a situation where it might actually be better losing cash from some fans Vs pissing money up the wall on floodlights.
  3. Its very frustrating that BGM so far sticks with those two in particular. Workers but not producers, means you are relying on the opposite winger/striker partner having a Stormer every single week which just isn't how fitba works.
  4. Ashford is glued to that teamsheet, feel like we've got Mullin, Daire, JML and Chalmers all fighting for one jersey
  5. Chalmers is a really good signing. Definitely not been said before on this thread without great success.
  6. Who knows, perhaps a link could be shared on here. Perhaps not ...
  7. That YouTube isn't live, they had a scheduled video upload. Don't think you'll get the game there.
  8. It's ok, we've moved on and only carry real quality like Sam Ashford now.
  9. Yes but you have to pay to get in so you'd be best staying in the house.
  10. It's time for one of those banter football manager formations.
  11. Looks like he's really lost his way over the summer, definitely came back a worse player even if he wasn't exactly great last year. Probably need to try move him on and get a new number 1 in January.
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