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  1. I actually think the season before was our best chance of reaching the top flight thinking back to that time now.
  2. It was both a great season and the beginning of the end of the 'good times'. Scottish Cup semi final. League cup final. Won a derby. Watched the final seconds of Airdrieonians being a football club. But we failed to win in 23/36 league games, we were never really challenging for the title unfortunately.
  3. 2017/18 - Roaring Back 2018/19 - Roaring Back 2 2019/20 - Roaring Back (with a Vengeance) 2020/21 - Live Free or Roar Back 2021/22 - A Good Day to Roar Back 2022/23 - Relegated from Championship 2023/24 - Roaring Back...
  4. Relegation Royal Rumble

    It's obviously too early to know for sure, but if Partick beat Alloa then I think they might be done.
  5. Kits will already have been selected before Christmas. Hope we get exactly that but in purple and green for our away
  6. Good question, I don't feel qualified to answer.
  7. This is you, this is what you look like.
  8. Terrible Jobs

    Thank you, good luck with that! One of my pals just went through this not long ago and managed to come through the other side, hopefully it is the same for you.
  9. Terrible Jobs

    Sorry to hear it! I've been at the job hunt since new year, it's picking up a bit now but it was a grim selection when I started.
  10. Terrible Jobs

    I think I would take a terrible job right now for a couple of months.
  11. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Bizarrely he knew a decent wee bit about Hamilton.