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  1. It felt like being a man down the way the game panned out. Agree.
  2. The set up was terrible. We have tried to get the ball forward quickly all season and some of that has been punts. If you aim to use your wingers to drive at defences big punts can actually serve a purpose cause they don't know what the defender is going to do. When it got to half time and we had only punted the ball it was time to change it up a little. The only player not trying to punt it was McAleer but he looked terrible doing it because nobody was available for any of them, it was as if he was prepared for a different game to his teammates, it wouldn't have helped if he was in tune cause it would just be another guy kicking it out for goal kicks and throw ins but it looked terrible how out of touch he was with all around him. The manager's tactics have completely bombed tonight and it entirely rests with him and his shit hoofball experiment.
  3. That was the match plan as far as I could see. It was like David Hopkin was back.
  4. Given all the stuff Hewitt was really bad at was physical I can't see how Murdoch helps?!
  5. Some amount of pish bring spouted on here, JML was out best player. Dipo was absolutely terrible tonight. Second goal is a direct result of him narrowing the pitch to the right and half heartedly contesting for the pass.
  6. Turns out it was solely fear. Dunno what BGM telt then before the game but pants were shat.
  7. What are the government doing about the woke mind virus, will there be lockdowns?
  8. Signing McGinty was a perfect sign of how much of a binfire Smith's decisions were making the club at the time. A crap defender who had solely been at the bottom end of the championship the whole time he was here. The job that BGM has done with him is very good - he's become one of the better centre backs in the league. It's rare in this league you see good players improve never mind bad ones low on confidence. If he's away in the summer it's time for a Sam Roscoe redemption arc.
  9. He's been platforming folk like Yaxley Lennon all along. Billy bear meat head.
  10. No decided yet, wish Ayr did a 59fifty number I'll tell ye that.
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