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  1. Yesterday was actually a fair showing of what he's trying to do, purposely leaving some of the less bad players on the bench to try and get goals late on. If McAdams is in nets it probably works tbf.
  2. I'd hope he doesn't rate any of them I'd keep Salkeld until the summer, get the impression he's likely to be one that's good to have during the week and he at least works hard enough when picked which will be useful in some games. Wouldn't miss him if he went mind you.
  3. Afolabi, Houston, Albinson & Chalmers away in January would probably do.
  4. I'm no actually having that for the second goal, that's all on Albinson.
  5. Jim Duffy's job is to win games of football, suggesting it is near impossible to win games of football against clubs of a similar standard should really be pressed on.
  6. It was the hiding he was doing that annoyed me the most, paying little attention to the game when we were in possession in the hope nobody passed to him.
  7. Tommy Wright LOL Anyway enough about Tommy's lidge, hahahaha look forward to next season against this gang after we sort ourselves out.
  8. Also this week in Scottish terrorism https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/scots-white-nationalist-who-said-25598048.amp
  9. How exactly is saying except the hub brushing it aside? It's the clear one good thing about the club at the moment, im asking what else are the club doing that's good right now? The chairman is buying parcels of land to redevelop the stadium at some point, no plans have been seen so the jury is out on that one but it could be good. I appreciate the club have been open about having issues having normal service just now so they may not have access to the website away from desks but here's a very simple example - our next home game is the last home game before Christmas and the midway point in the home season along with being a massive game for our survival hopes, social media is still there and there's no drumming up of traffic to say about festive stock or half season tickets. I hope that Smith's recruitment for the non-football side is much better than he's shown so far and once he has his own staff throughout the club that things improve, I'd much rather not be interested in that side of the club at all like I normally was but it's been a mess since the change of ownership.
  10. Tell me something good happening on or off the park that isn't the Hub?
  11. We can only get one more domestic loan in AFAIK so that won't work.
  12. We are still a club that players can use as a springboard if they individually perform well. Plenty players would sign until June IMO The problem is, Duffy isn't one for hunting for them, he's more WE CAN REBUILD HIM.
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