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  1. itzdrk

    Game of Thrones

    Cherished childhood memory
  2. If ye search James Maxwell on Twitter you'll see some guys tadger that he's proudly displaying. That'll keep you lot busy the night.
  3. If the Somerset hub was open absolutely nothing would stop us showing a match that's on the BBC in there.
  4. Steeper, modern terracing and nothing obstructing your view of course.
  5. Stick a smaller one of these where the terrace is and everyone can be happy.
  6. Aye, not exactly a club known for either youth development progression or players going on to make it at a lower level after coming through the youth scene there. A total who cares of a partnership for me.
  7. NGL I'd lose no sleep if we didn't get anyone from Burnley
  8. Enjoyed a wee trip to Newlandsfield yesterday to get some sunburn. Crossbar was very busy during the game. Glenafton's defence just disintegrated twice and that was the difference.
  9. I'd be surprised equally at us winning or getting pumped.
  10. Canny believe there were Partick fans in here earlier on given what they call Clyde...
  11. Aye so like I said, our style just doesn't get the best out of players like him.
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