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  1. Terrible comeback - mind you, you've got Billy Dodds to suffer so fair play to you for at least trying.
  2. Getting your excuses in early, eh. Still, it'll be a pleasant change if you do turn up with a "large travelling support"
  3. Very professional, presume that happens in first team games too when there's a feed.
  4. Immediate impact from loanees - very unlike us but I'm not complaining.
  5. Altogether now........"We hate K*ll*e more than you..........."
  6. Not totally convincing but good enough even if it could have gone either way against Morton. Charlie was verging on MotM for a spell....until we scored. That's two wins against two more-than-decent teams - can we make it a hat-trick of those against Whistle? A week of waiting to find out will feel like a month. Longer term, it will be interesting to see how the likes of Bangala, Mullen and Young get on trying to win a starting position. All three would appear to have the pedigree to make an impact and possibly change the style (so we don't get predictable) as the winter matches approach. If we get the win on Saturday, the feeling of something happening down our way will become very apparent - not getting carried away though and I'm certain Bullen isn't either. Lovin the feel-good whatever.
  7. I'd have liked the 'Bradley' we got to have been Steven Bradley.....but this one will do for sure. I'll be ecstatic if we had more cover in midfield but maybe Bangala will surprise me when he gets up to speed. For now, the squad looks strong enough to survive and do well in the first half of the season at least. Well done again to everyone at the club for getting the Mullin and Young signings done. The feel-good factor is almost overwhelming at times these days.....will Saturday get my feet back on the ground? I hope not but, like many at the club, we know there are challenges to come that won't all end in success - the great thing recently is the togetherness factor which I strongly believe will stand us in good stead whatever the set-backs are.
  8. Kelly would be wasting yet another season if he went to a club where he isn't wanted/needed in the starting eleven imv. His agent/faithur would be doing him a disservice to advise him to go to a club that could have him on the bench most of the time. He was excellent while at Somerset Park and I'd take him back any time even though our current midfield are performing really well......but we're only an injury away from having a problem in there.
  9. Ye, I'm a fan of Mackenzie - his work rate is tremendous, just needs to add a goal here and there to cement his place imv. He 'earned' the two bookings that got Sweeney red-carded on Friday and he's exactly the kind of player that defenders hate playing against - never gives up and always chases seemingly lost causes. Great attitude and still young enough to improve.
  10. Once the weather deteriorates and the pitches get heavier, we'll need a bit more 'cavalry' then we currently have. It's great to see us play on nice pitches even if some are plastic but those winter months will be here soon enough and then the predictable injuries will kick-in. At least 3 more signings, especially up top please.
  11. One other thing - we probably should have beaten Arbroath and Hamilton given the number of chances we created in both games. I'd like us to be a bit more clinical therefore but, as singular criticism goes, it'll suffice for now. At this level we can't expect to uncover another Shankland though the coming week or so, signing-wise, will be interesting for sure.
  12. 1-1, two red cards, a good old-fashioned scrap in the enclosure and both managers fightin on the touchline. Bring it on!
  13. I strongly believe the time to get bodies in is when we are doing well. A team that's playing well are relaxed about new players coming in and the new players themselves will feel under less pressure to perform. The heat of battle has subsided so now's the time to comment on last night's match. To be fair to Dundee, they weren't that bad but losing Luke when they did upset their flow - he played a big part in their goal and would probably have limited Houston's forays up the park if he had stayed on. As for us, I was very impressed by Frankie and Alex in the middle at the back - both got stuck in and defended well most of the time with Charlie weighing in when we needed him to. One memory was in the first half when Alex hit a 75 yd pass from around the right back position to the left wing that landed at Daire's feet on the left wing and in the other half - totally deliberate and I honestly can't remember any centre back in many years of supporting AU trying that nevermind doing it! Frankie's distribution is usually very good too and I wonder if this has influenced Bully's selection of those two ahead of big Sean? As for Dipo, I honestly thought we 'd struggle without Tomi up front - doesn't look that way now! His physicality is a major factor in his game and his second goal shows that in spades - he fends off the attentions of his marker, makes space and belts into the top corner - absolute gem of a goal and the place went wild. Top marks to everyone, especially Dempsey and Murdie, though it's worth repeating what's been said already i.e. everyone played their part. Well done, Ayr United. You made me proud again.
  14. I can't in any way be over-critical of the season so far. Beginning to wonder if the lack of signings is in part due therefore to Bullen and the people around him wanting the right kind of player such that the current (performing very well) squad aren't disheartened by the sight of some wage-thief signed in order to appease some grumblings from the terraces. Put another way, if I was Bullen I'd want someone who's done a full pre-season and who's looking to get regular (if not very regular) game time. Of course, those parameters make the next signing a tricky one so I don't envy anyone that task. Whatever, onwards to Cove and another plastic pitch
  15. More plastic shite . Oh well, more false football.
  16. One other thing about the 2 league games so far. Bookings/Red cards - Ayr United 0/0 Opposition 7/1. That's not something we've been used to in recent times - suspensions more than injuries have disrupted our plans far too often imv. Long may that continue (though I wish someone had crunched that fanny Murray on Friday evening ).
  17. Young Bryden had too decent chances in that first half - the first. a diving header resulting in a great save; the second was a one-on-one with the keeper and a wild smack over the bar. He'll learn from that performance and I know Bully will encourage him along the way - keep going young man, and I know you will. As for Simon Murray and his goal celebration right in front of us. GIRFUY. I hope yer beer afterwards tasted shite. Brilliant support despite the disappointment of the first half. Second half celebrations were magical - onwards!
  18. I now he's on loan at Dundalk but wouldn't mind the boy Bradley from Hibs coming back for a season on loan. If Kelly from Rangers is on the way out then I'd love him back too but reckon he'll be going somewhere in the SPhell or down south like Maxwell.
  19. The only thing that's tragic on here is your posts. What a wet blanket you are. Give it a rest ffs
  20. Come on you Ayr - no negativity here. Well, not yet anyway
  21. .....is watching? .....is in tears? .....is a pie munching killie c**t? All of them, I take it.
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