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  1. Unless a demoralised Pepe Guardiola wants a new start 😜. Come on you Ayr.
  2. Not from me - everyone deserves a chance, even a second chance. Ask Alex Ferguson if you doubt that. Davie Moyes is a more recent example of that as well.
  3. ....and two games in hand on them. Now if we'd only won those very winnable games......
  4. On a very bobbly pitch, we played some decent stuff at times but only when we got it down and won those second balls.
  5. Lookin forward to a Saturday evening with smiles for the missus instead of scowls. Well done, lads
  6. Perhaps stating the obvious here (and apologies if it's already been covered - I got bored reading a certain individual's posts - you know who you are) but we'll need more than just a new manager with McCardle gone as well. That should mean the new guy is able to bring some staff with him and I trust that includes an assitant manager/coach as a minimum. Just think we were a bit light in the dugout of late, especially when you think who was there supporting McCall at times. Whoever gets it must know this won't be an easy gig and he'll need backup a plenty.
  7. What in the mother of f**k are you on about? Is there a medication shortfall or something?
  8. I hope our new chairman is getting the right/sound advice from whoever - I'm picturing one or two agents working overtime in order to get their client in the door. My preference is still someone who's ambitious and has done well in the lower leagues (Petrie, Young, Murphy, Farrell etc) rather than a failed 'big name' from a higher league (Hopkins, Lambert, McCall, Levein etc). Houston could be a good shout though?
  9. Wasn't Peter Murphy touted on here before MK got the nod? Having met the guy at the Hospitality Suite once, I wouldn't mess wi' him - perfect candidate!
  10. Stevie Farrell? Seems a decent guy with a bit experience. A gamble but, in the current situation......
  11. I really take issue with that assertion - do you really know that for certain? I doubt it so why not contribute something factual at a time when the club needs all the support it can muster. I doubt you're a fan tbh.
  12. Thought Reading had a good game so I'd go with :- Sinisalo Houston Muirhead Baird Reading Murdoch McGavin Ndaba Walsh Smith or Moffat McCowan
  13. I'm happy tbh that he's shaken it up a bit - it needed to be. And if it works, you won't hear any complaints from me at least.
  14. I thought there would be changes.....just not these ones.
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