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  1. He's been a colossus without question. Can't think of an AU centre forward who's avoided injury the way Dipo has - possibly Dixie but that's a long time ago and the physicality now is at a different level. Reckon the big man has dished it out to and one or two CHs have bounced off him which is a brilliant sight. What a signing he's been.
  2. So much for rewarding a good performance versus an abject disgrace. That said, your logic fits with what the SFA have demonstrated over the years. Bunch of useless OF-grovelling tossers.
  3. I hope we rip into the SFA but I know that, longer term with those b*****ds, they'd hold it against us in the opposite way that they bend the knee to the sisters. Total arseholes!
  4. Welcome t our world, pal. Cvnts, the lot of them.
  5. Never, ever, ever a red - ref needs huntin for that. No wonder we're appealing it. Thanks, ref - back to lower leagues you go.
  6. Could be but he's a lot more dangerous in and around the box than Kenyon - risky signing but time will tell.
  7. Thought we weren't at it enough last night but I take some consolation in knowing we had the best two chances to win the game and, in our 'keeper, we had one player who was under-employed for most of the game. McAlear is getting there slowly and was far more involved than in previous games and Maguire will add a bit of craft that's been missing at times. Getting Murdy and Frankie back could be crucial especially for the cup game - hopefully they're both up to speed by then. Hate to say it but this team do seem to play a lot better on the plastic shite than on the grass at Somerset. Maybe that's something to look forward to at the Falkirk Stadium?
  8. Was hoping he'd get 365 or 888 - shitehousery in-built
  9. Good to see at least some positivity on here among Jags fans for this match, especially given the goings-on in the last week. Like most Ayr fans, I like matches against Thistle and not only because they're usually decent but also because they bring a good size support each time and the majority of their fans are okay by me - plenty of good banter in the pub with them and they seem to share our detestation of 'the sisters' too. PS Hope we pump yous again tomorrow
  10. Makes me hate them (the sisters) even more. They're a curse on our game.
  11. I could be very wrong but Thistle may have jumped the gun with this sacking. Okay, losing to Cove at home after we'd destroyed them twice at their place was a season's-shocker imo but Thistle have played some decent stuff at other times this season and are still good enough to get into the play-offs. That said, if we beat them on Saturday then it could be curtains for their season.
  12. Not much to add to all the above posts....except if we play like that in the next one (and regardless of who we play) we'll get fucking horsed.
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