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  1. Is the conversation on your own forum so shite that you've got to come on here and pollute the place with your own shite. Bar of soap, ya dick
  2. Difficult to not agree with this - players get lumbered with baggage from fans of their ex-team(s). Aero came with a stack of that from Falkirk fans who thought he was a dug meat player and yet he's be fine for us and would have deserved POTY this season without question. Judge players on their performances in an AU jersey - good advice.
  3. ....the smell from up the road is disgraceful. Have they all shat their pants?
  4. There aren't too many posts that can be described as 'word perfect' but this is definitely one of them. From my Ayr United heart, 'Very well said, sir'.
  5. ....presume you don't include Corrie in that list. If he's as good as him, he'll do nicely.
  6. Oh for a Steven Bell and Andy Geoghan or a Michael Rose - a steadying influence and a harsh word when one is needed. We need players like that who can go up a gear when it's necessary. The trick is finding them and getting them integrated with the rest of the squad such that their message on the park is clear and unequivocal every week. It's what we've missed all season.
  7. Their relegation is long overdue - sort it ffs
  8. You're right of course but, if they had a vote as well, my next door neighbours would have voted for Mark as well after the 'F*CKING YES' they heard that night ๐Ÿ˜„.
  9. I went for Luke McCowan and Mark McKenzie - the latter probably controversial with some but I like the lad's 'get stuck in' attitude and unlike Sinisalo for example, he's one of ours. Also, his second goal at Dens Park is my goal of the season.
  10. ...and results of course.....especially when ahead in a match. Game management was sadly horrendous last season.
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