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  1. Surprisingly I didn’t notice him, game seemed to flow. Any other time I’ve seen him he’s been utter pish.
  2. I’m not a Morton fan and funnily enough I have a soft sport for Falkirk considering they’re my local team. I thought the ref was spot on as well, didn’t notice him which is always a good sign. The 2nd yellow was correct, didn’t see the first.
  3. Even before the red card it was high balls from the back up to the boy up top. Not pretty viewing and if this is how they play on the massive pitch in Grangemouth then I can see why they’re struggling. Falkirk midfield absent today. Lack of final product for Morton has allowed Falkirk to take a point here.
  4. Only one team wanting to play fitbaw here and it’s Morton. Falkirk have been horrible to watch, they can’t seem to play the ball on the deck which is odd considering they play and train on Astro and this pitch despite being grass is one of the best in Scotland.
  5. “Gary Caldwell’s got the engine running with thistle”. Aye nae bother 4-2 defeat at the weekend and 3-0 defeat during the week...
  6. Will they be selling Cheeseburgers tomorrow? Asking for a friend...
  7. DJP

    Having lived in Oxfordshire for 20 years, you have my sympathy, for seeing you are now in Oxon.

  8. Hapnin son, looking forward to kicking arse and taking names on Sunday?

  9. Frogs i think, but sometimes in a box. And never ever cooked.

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