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  1. Pretty sure that headline didn't reflect the full story, they did have a Ring doorbell but the CCTV cameras were more of a problem than the Ring. Don't recall seeing that a Ring doorbell was by itself unlawful
  2. I have no idea about how academia works in terms of the advertisement and short listing etc but surely some responsibility must lie with whoever gave him the job? If his reputation was as well known as it would appear its a bit of a surprise his interview score wasn't scored a measly 0.5 behind the next best candidate.
  3. Surely its time for SG to come out announce a delay in the requirement to produce proof of double vaccination. They have clearly failed to provide the public with the means to comply with the law and as such until they do its implementation should end until this is no longer the case.
  4. Tried last night and again this morning but still not recognising my drivers licence picture. Saying its been busy isn't really good enough given the glee with which Mr Swinney announced to Parliament that the app was available.
  5. I would have had to get back into Scotland and didn't fancy taking any chances with a quarantine hotel.
  6. I would tend to agree with this. Having two jags in March and May does not make me immune to Covid so presenting a letter or QR code to get into a venue in October is really quite irrelevant to public safety. I don't take the annual flu jag and I wouldn't have rushed for a Covid one either if it wasn't apparent a while back that vaccination was going to be required for foreign travel, with close family abroad it was pretty much get done or don't expect to see them for a while. So in that regard i do consider myself to have been coerced into getting vaccinated. In terms of treating people like idiots this has been the case since last March, there have been many ludicrous rules but being able to meet my parents in a restaurant but not in each others houses was a highlight as was paying £200 to keep Scotland safe on our return from holiday, only problem was Scotland had a case rate 6 times higher. Surely there is no one out there who does not think that to one extent or another we are being played by our politicans?
  7. Been listening to a lot of Blue Rose Code who are basically Ross Wilson and an ever changing band, seen them in Glasgow earlier this month and going to his hometown gig in Edinburgh in December.
  8. Has anyone seen confirmation of the date in November when the USA will start to allow visitors from UK and Europe? I thought a start date was being announced on Monday but i've not seen anything
  9. To use a football parallel we really need someone to calm down, put their foot on the ball and have a good look about the pitch so see whats happening, 18 months on and its still one knee jerk after another. BBC News - Delay to enforcement of Scottish vaccine passport scheme https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-58721564
  10. This should have been implemented months ago.
  11. We're up here quite a lot and are on a few local FB pages, it was quite heated this time last year with a lot of anti student sentiment. I wasn't aware of increased case number just now but remember the unilateral decision by the Uni to confine students ro their rooms with about 2hrs notice last autumn.
  12. We were in the Brewing Company in St Andrews a couple of weekends ago and not only did we get asked to scan the QR code the member of staff asked if she could check that I'd done it, same weekend at Balgove Larder we got handed a slip of paper to fill in our details and earlier this month had to scan a code before getting into the Glee Club in Glasgow. In my experience track and trace checks are still being completed.
  13. Dunhill Links Golf next weekend has put a daily limit of 4,000 per day per course.
  14. I don't doubt for a minute some people have been very busy and worked through challenging circumstances but I am also aware of staff being asked to take annual leave as all their clinics had been cancelled and there was no work for them and others warned by managers not to speak about how quiet they are.
  15. Was the NHS ever really in as much of a crisis as we were led to believe during the early part of September. Or was it just a ploy put in place by SG ably supported by the media to maintain the levels of fear they require to control large swathes of the population. I don't doubt sections of the health service were busy but to try and claim the entire workforce was under immense pressure is a bit like saying every cop in Scotland worked at Lockerbie or Dunblane, many did but many more just got on with their day job.
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