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  1. Alex Dunbar signed for Brive
  2. Had the ref played the proper amount of extra time there was only one team going to score again and it wasn’t Scotland.
  3. Just white but it does look interesting
  4. I’ve just finished painting, I might just go back upstairs and watch it dry.
  5. They really must be the famous Glasgow Rangers if they made it all the way to a rock in the South Pacific! Mind you I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a supporters club in Durban where a young Oli went to band practice.
  6. Will be in Milan with Mrs in October, if there’s a game on I’d quite like to go but getting less than positive comments about getting to the San Siro and the area around the stadium. Any advice from someone who has actually been to a game there?
  7. Pretty sure one of the Italians did the same thing a couple of minutes previous and got away with it
  8. You call it defeatist, I’ll call it playing the percentages. Got my tickets ages ago so will be there regardless of the opposition
  9. Much as I’d like a Treviso win wouldn’t Munster be more likely to get a win against Leinster than the Italians? I know Glasgow beat Leinster a few weeks ago but I’d feel more confident going to Parkhead to watch them play Munster, that’s not to assume a win in the semi is a given.
  10. Think it’s been removed! Must have ruffled somebody’s feathers
  11. Some Edinburgh fans not very happy with this one.
  12. We got the £10 tickets but the seats directly in front are £50 so hopefully the view shouldn’t be too restricted. Can’t be any more restricted than the west stand at Scotstoun with its 11 pillars and no sight of the top of the posts
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