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  1. Huw Jones picks up either of those kicks through and you take the ref out of the equation
  2. Good finish to the half but that was a costly shoulder from Gibbins
  3. Didn't seem interested in the punch
  4. Wonder if anyone else will now follow his lead and decide that their best days are behind them?
  5. Challenge Cup next season at this rate for Glasgow
  6. Watched Northampton Leicester this afternoon, on current from Rory Hutchison should be a starter for the 6 Nations and Nayaravario is a hundred times better than he was ar Glasgow. Leicester were poor but the pair of them ripped them to shreds
  7. Gibbons started like a house on fire but hasn’t really maintained the same level, a fit Kebble will start every week but apart from that I can’t mind who that last really good signing was. We keep getting told season ticket prices need to go up to pay for signing and seemingly get very little in return.
  8. McFarland took over as head coach of Ulster last season.
  9. And the decision not to award a penalty for handball fits where in your conspiracy theory?
  10. Great to see the difference Stevie Clark has made, we used to be easy to beat now we’re really easy to beat, no doubt not being an ex-Rangers manager will buy him a bit of time with the Tartan Army.
  11. Not doubting you at all, but why would they let play go on when it could easily be stopped? Seems pretty pointless.
  12. How are they praising the officials for that offside, he was miles off shouldn’t haven’t got anywhere near VAR
  13. Had the ref played the proper amount of extra time there was only one team going to score again and it wasn’t Scotland.
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