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  1. No disrespect but I'll disrespect you anyway, our fans have got baws the size of spacehoppers.
  2. If he had real pace he'd be nowhere near the Championship, has everything else and works his arse off, I also like the way he saunters about like he can't be bothered when the opposite is true.
  3. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    I'd be more worried about the defence as a unit, it was like shooty-in in the 2nd half. We were told big Samson was a pile of shite by all and sundry and some remained unconvinced throughout his time at Somerset, he's had a decent career since turning it round at the Stadium of Delight, I tend to worry about what players are like in an Ayr jersey rather than what's went before, for all the slagging of Scully, quite a few Ayr fans would have given him the Ton MOM.
  4. That something should be happening long before 1st team football IMHO.
  5. I've no idea how accurate that figure is but I've no reason to question the person that provided it at the time, he's certainly not someone who spouts pish deliberately.
  6. That'll be why the figure stuck in my head.
  7. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    Nah, 3-1/6-1 what's the difference, I'd have been absolutely beeling if Ayr had put in a performance like that in front of so many vociferous travelling fans, hopefully your mob pull their socks up pretty damn smartish.
  8. From memory (not always the most reliable) £450.
  9. White will always be relevant as long as he's fronting the academy.
  10. Nah,I thought it was a good outcome for Ayr at that point in time, I said he wouldn't be missed at the time and he wasn't. He wasn't on £200/300 a week either.
  11. I'm someone who thinks our football is too expensive but yesterday was well worth £13.
  12. Assistant managers are supposed to be super dependable for a manager, White was an untrustworthy backstabber who scuttled away back to the academy at the 1st hint of trouble, Marko will regret getting his biggest decision as a manager so so wrong.
  13. Could you put link up please.
  14. I wouldn't swap Shankland for anyone in this league and I think Dobbie is too good for this league.
  15. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    You usually only see such a brutal shagging on the dark web. The fandan with the drum should have hurled it over the seggie fence after the 2nd as The Ton were getting banged rotten by that time. Shankland's going to do the same in this league, comfortably a class act at Championship level. I liked Paddy Boyle but Harvie is at least a step or 2 up from him.