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  1. Hopefully, not convinced, the MSM and opposition parties can't help themselves up here. I really hope today is the last of it as we enter the most crucial period of this 1st wave over the next 9 or 10 days.
  2. It was avoiding the last part that made it impressive.
  3. I was quite impressed with how he handled the question.
  4. I can only go with what I see and hear, we appear to be testing the same group as before whilst adding in health professionals, it isn't easy to get figures now, a lot of pages are either being hidden or getting shoved to the bottom of the pile when you search.
  5. I'm assuming that we're still only testing the same group as before, we're supposedly starting with testing those nearest the coalface 1st along with patients in hospital, that to me is of great concern.
  6. 48% of tests proving positive is quite worrying.
  7. It is one of the biggest clangers I can remember, was not impressed with Sturgeon in the slightest.
  8. I know that but it's still welcome, the UK figure will also be taking a dunt for the same reason, I was expecting us to break the 1000 barrier by Tuesday, this just givese a glimmer of hope that that's not the case.
  9. A welcome fall in the daily death rate. The highest number of cases in a day by a fair number. Roughly another 8 days of high daily case numbers.
  10. Baillie showing up on my TV screen tels me that will be a long journey.
  11. I know but this is Scotland, where the MSM will not let go of it, it will end up distracting the govt from more important matters.
  12. Keep using her input without her being the CMO.
  13. She has to fall on her sword, can't act like a c**t while imploring others not to act like a c**t. Doesn't mean you throw away her knowledge, you just keep her doing what she's been doing without putting her out there.
  14. How the f**k are numbers falling everyday.
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