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  1. We'll be glad to avoid the playoffs, a good spell of 4 or 5 games for the bottom 2 and we're in trouble, anyone that thinks Kerr will/should cease playing shortly is off their head.
  2. I take it Bell's a postie in his spare time.
  3. Just going to post similar, folk will be at work rather than sitting about waiting to inspect a pitch, pretty poor attitude towards both clubs and their fans.
  4. I never said I'd be happy about it, I'd accept it and expect us to look to improve our structure and find new revenue streams while improving existing ones.
  5. The important part is "we chose a budget that does not work", we're choosing to pay people at a level that we can't sustain through income alone, I'm not in the boardroom twisting folks arms up their back to spend outwith our means, it's a choice the board are making. Spend what we make and we'll find our level, if that's league one or league 2 so be it, I'm certainly not into this "we can't survive" patter when teams with far far lower incomes manage to survive.
  6. Exactly, total bollocks, we choose to operate with the budget we have, full time part time, our choice, to suggest we're unique in world football is a crock of shite.
  7. Bollocks, there are plenty of clubs in the world with smaller crowds that manage to operate, we're not some unique entity that can't survive on crowds of 1500 or more, unless someone that we don't know is holding our board to ransom, we choose our own business model.
  8. Nonsense, this place is pretty tame compared to that page.
  9. Can see us fighting to stay out of the playoffs.
  10. Think the Falkirk player could have went elsewhere if he wanted. McCall's already been in to poach players we're using, that ain't going to stop for as long as they're shite with far higher wages, at least McCall won't earn another quid at Ayr.
  11. You could have replaced Boris with the Roy Hattersley puppet from Spitting Image and nobody would have noticed the difference, if he's the best we've got we're gubbed.
  12. After watching Marr, putting Boris in front of Neil would be akin to abuse.
  13. You're probably right but sadly it won't stop the board throwing a fortune at it, pretty pathetic that a team like Dundee can't give 2 points a game a wee fright in this league.
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