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  1. They only think they'll be dictating terms at Christmas, I'll be deciding what I do then regardless of which shitty tier I'm living under.
  2. We need to purchase a few tonnes of bubble wrap, the fitter they get the more fragile they appear to be nowadays.
  3. I'm quite sure George received warnings when in the directors box as match sponsor.
  4. We must be playing in the pub leagues now, I actually think it's what should happen but not after the season has started.
  5. Aye, I'd like to have witnessed a McCall team with the 2 Rabs budget, I slaughtered them regularly but their budget was laughable in comparison.
  6. ISturgeon & Co are far more interested in their own ends than independence.
  7. We'll done Derek, I'll wait until most of the issues are ironed out before I purchase, too much of a gobshite when things don't perform as they should to spend my cash at this stage.
  8. Woodburn wasn't worth £100 never mind his strip
  9. We should be honoured that boys are leaving Somerset to play for their country.
  10. Wtf with the 2 needless passbacks from miles out whilst under minimal pressure.
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