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  1. Sturgeon & Co in full on 'do whatever it takes to retain power' mode, hardened Unionists want independence as much as this shower. Wish Salmond would get the JCB out and dish the dirt on this bunch of self-serving charlatans.
  2. Not surprised, some would appear to prefer almost all to get A's, "we'd rather devalue some well deserving kids efforts than upset some lesser light" seems to be the position of some,crackers.
  3. Not great to hear Ken Buchanan now in care with a memory that's failing.
  4. It's over 50s if the rumours today are to be believed. Utter lunacy. I'm over 50 and I'll be doing what I see fit, I'll certainly not be listening to those in power, they've shown no more of a grasp of the situation than most people with no science to formulate an opinion.
  5. Not one of those that I hung about with from a Glasgow private school backround had an accent like Laura.
  6. I'll haunt my lot if they stick me in one, if I get too bad to look after they're quite welcome to get the big pillow out.
  7. Ordinarily I'd agree but we really need someone that's going to grill the Scottish Government about their failings over the last 5 or 6 months.
  8. Just stick to the areas that Sturgeon & Co have proper questions to answer and you're halfway there, trying to argue about comparisons with England at the moment was just ridiculous, even thick folk up here know hardly anyone is catching Covid never mind dying, meantime England is still churning through deaths.
  9. His performance today was shocking, he seemed to be clutching at invisible straws in recent months.
  10. f**k the fitba, Ocean Palace makes the rest taste 2nd rate.
  11. Don't know your circumstances or I'd tell you to grow a pair.
  12. I'd think the measures in place in D&G have a fair bit of politics wrapped up in their implementation, fine by me if it makes us take a bit more care than some of the halfwits down south when we try and return to normal.
  13. Can't say I've noticed much homophobia on here apart from the occasional zoomers that are usually dispatched fairly quickly.
  14. Watched the same, looks like it's just a numbers game, it's not if but when the next one occurs.
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