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  1. Very good summary, we may well carve you open but it generally doesn't happen continuously for us, it can be fairly random or even when we least deserve it. You're probably correct about some of of our weaknesses but that is also when we're quite dangerous if we strip possession. I'm not going to manage it unfortunately but there's not many scorelines either way that will surprise me, could probably come down to which team converts a higher than usual % of passable chances. On Shankland, you're probably correct about his limit at the moment but I fully expect the boy to become more athletic while retaining his strength, if he does that I'm not ruling out him reaching a level that would surprise most, he has an instinct and snap shot in both feet than I've not really seen much in Scottish football over 5 decades.
  2. Boxing Thread

    Good luck to him, hopefully he's sorted his head and his life out.
  3. You'll need to be in at 2 get a pie with that crowd.
  4. Don't put that up in case you alert Brendan, we should just be posting about how shite he played on every match thread, maybe even throw in some of poorer goalies of the past to make sure.
  5. Only kidding, it wouldn't be P&B if we didn't go off topic.
  6. That's better, Ayr fans are always in dreamland at the moment.
  7. Yes but we like highlighting those that are slow on the uptake.
  8. Boxing Thread

    Whit pub.
  9. Justin? Typical Ayr fan, always finding hurdles where there are none.
  10. Arbroath or Stoke in my experience. At least you can hide at Arbroath, there's no hiding place on the terracing at Cowden.
  11. I think the result and performance always has a bearing on how cold and shitty it feels, some of my greatest memories have been in the wind & rain under the lights at Somerset, you don't seem to notice it when you're pumping Killie or the big boys..
  12. My wife always remembered that as the coldest place she'd ever watched a game at.