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  1. Don't come back on telling us you managed 36.
  2. 2 days ago UK were stating 70/80% of over 80's jabbed, Radio Scotland stated we were at 2%, pretty obvious we're taking a different route, Boris and Co have been going for headlines ever since they managed to get that 1st vaccine passed, 1st person jabbed at 5:30 am or similar just to be 1st,obviously William Shakespeare was supposed to be the 1st recipient, an over exuberant hospital elsewhere fucked that plan up.
  3. There are shit issues like this everywhere, know someone who couldn't get it at home because it would upset their plans, whilst more sprightly folk received ot home.
  4. Prepare for at least another 6 months of this.
  5. Tbf to Todd, there was a time when his input was well worth reading.
  6. I'm more interested in knowing which types are getting the jab rather than the numbers atm, if we're doing lots of the difficult ones 1st then the numbers will seriously ramp up once they've been jabbed, certainly been going round doors in some areas near me.
  7. Sounded like he was communicating to those with single digit IQ's, that is not my experience of those with mental health issues.
  8. I'm all for a mental health professional being part of these announcements but this guy has just made me switch off to what he was saying very quickly.
  9. I'm not talking about today, I'm talking about us going forward, where there's a will there will undoubtedly be a way, before today we didn't require those measures and still had free weeks with no consideration given to the possibility of this situation deteriorating.
  10. We're too backward for that shit, with no fans in most times and days should be available at fairly short notice, no team should have free midweeks for the foreseeable weather permitting.
  11. Surely they'd be getting SSEIS rather than furlough, whilst some will be getting zip due to lack of records a huge chunk will be getting zip as they've not filed 3 full years, imagine the uproar if furlough only applied to those in continuous employment for the previous 3 years, a lot of youngsters would be left with f**k all.
  12. That's because games are no longer played in those conditions, our surface was one of the best on this island.
  13. It was Bill Barr' era that fucked the pitch.
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