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  1. Agreed, the traditional Leeds all white kit was as smart as back in the day.
  2. It's starting to feel like the early days of Lachlan' reign, still traumatised about some of the supposed footballers I was forced to watch back then. Has Robbo been binned in favour of Hoppyball expert Finlay?
  3. Came back the second McCall fucked off, I know which one of the 2 I'd rather have by my side.
  4. The boy's a waste of a jersey, not convinced he'll ever really want the help he needs.
  5. 2nd isn't bad given the absurdity of allowing half of Glasgow to flood down the road, time the numpties just opened us up and let it rip instead of trying to be too smart for their own good.
  6. They're a nonsense if effort trumps ability.
  7. Why would I need support, he was just unfortunate to have a useless bint as his 1st teacher.
  8. Still raises my hackles when I think about my 30 year old not receiving one in P1.
  9. They're a load of bollocks for primary school.
  10. We're talking about the actual match not analysing the highlights later on.
  11. As always its a bit over the top for me, I'm not into overly dramatic statements for the sake of it, it highlights a lack of self esteem/confidence IMO, he actually posts in a manner of someone who has been bullied.
  12. Surely Smith has the ambition required to get at least 2 of them, hopefully not Neymar as we'd be cheaper just purchasing a quality roller for the pitch.
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