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  1. Just don't broadcast it as there are bawbags that can't help but report others.
  2. That's something I'll not know until I enter the voting booth. Not got a clue what it's all about nor who is or isn't stretching things. I'll vote for who I see fit, the way this is all going my votes might not go to any of the Indy parties.
  3. They'll certainly have more chance of getting it than the SNP.
  4. That last sentence pretty much sums up the vast majority of the UK electorate.
  5. I'll be giving my 2nd vote to whichever Indy party I think will benefit from it the most, it's all about Indy for me in the Holyrood elections, that's the only reason I'm voting SNP1. I only ever used the term lend with regards to my 1st vote.
  6. I've told all my kids that they can visit with the grandkids whenever they want,when Nicola & Boris show me proper figures to show I shouldn't then I'll reconsider.
  7. I believe boundaries are there to be challenged rather than to conform to.
  8. Where did I mention it bothering me? Philipying is for Philips.
  9. Yes, all they have to do is vaccinate their population then they'll have parity with us in that regard, there will be a disparity in deaths per head and levels of freedom over the previous year.
  10. There's nowt subjective about someone telling me how they received their 1st jag.
  11. It's just simply that I don't have a dog in the fight.
  12. No, you are choosing to misrepresent my post by adding in what you think I meant.
  13. Why would I not have insight into their home and family lives.?
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