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  1. Dunga (9) hadn't played for 2 years and was only pulled in on Friday evening, so thanks to him. As for the team. McLeish was the only player I remember. Trialist [emoji39]keeper was great. Rest were trialists and amateurs
  2. I will comment. Jimmy Kerr and Billy Campbell took the team for us on Saturday. There was no plan in place prior to the event that took place on Tuesday. On Wednesday night I met David Kerr at Somervell Park where 6 amateur players were signed. I then went to training on Thursday where more were signed. Of the original squad only Craig McLeish, Mark Staunton, Craig McEwan and John Cunningham played. I was still registering player at 12pm on Saturday. So yes it did take some doing but we did it, fulfilled the fixture. Job Done.
  3. What an effort yesterday from the Cambuslang Rangers squad.
  4. Heading to training shortly, will be able to confirm then.
  5. The guy that stepped in and saved the day was lifelong supporter and local business man David Kerr.
  6. After much deliberation, Cambuslang Rangers FC have taken the decision to relieve Manager, Paul McColl, of his duties with immediate effect. During Paul’s time at Cambuslang Rangers, the Club have enjoyed back to back promotions taking us from the District 2nd Division to the Super Premier It’s no secret that, of late, the Club have faced several difficulties. It is felt that this change will be the catalyst to a new era of success. The Club would like to take this opportunity to offer our heartfelt thanks to Mr McColl for everything he has done for the Club during his time there. We wish him every success in the future.
  7. Cambuslang Rangers have placed David Galt on the Open To Transfer List at the players own request. Interested parties should contact JIMMY KERR on 07795 257 850
  8. Do you think we wanted a minimum 3 point deduction and a heavy fine?[emoji15]
  9. In light of a chain of events which culminated at our away game yesterday against Glenafton being abandoned, Cambuslang Rangers FC Committee have now had the opportunity to discuss our position as regards the future of the Club. With immediate effect, Assistant Managers, Jimmy Kerr, Billy Campbell and Derek Carmichael will assume responsibility for the running of all aspects of the football team. This is as a result of Saturday’s alleged incident regarding our Manager, Mr Paul McColl and the Referee, Mr Calum Scott. These events require full exhaustive and impartial investigation. Mr McColl will, therefore, take time away from the Club whilst this investigation is ongoing. Cambuslang Rangers, SJFA and Police Scotland are all working collectively to uncover the truth and, in doing so, to alleviate unfounded rumours. On this note, Cambuslang Rangers FC would like to address the erroneous reports which are being spread amongst social media as to Saturdays’ events at Loch Park. The factual events of what happened yesterday have been massively exaggerated to the point of complete fabrication on several media outlets. Further, the Club would like to address the salient issue of the labelling of Cambuslang Rangers as all being “thugs”. We would point out that this unfounded generalisation is inaccurate, unfair and defamatory. The management team whom are taking the Club going forward have a vast number of years of experience between them, each sporting an unblemished record. Our players, committee, stakeholders and fans are merely people who want the best for their Club. It is no secret that in junior football there is an interesting mix of temperaments and backgrounds. However, that does not warrant the accusation that everyone involved with this Club is not fit to be here. The Club would like to extend our thanks to Glenafton for their hospitality yesterday and offer our regrets that the game was abandoned. Cambuslang Rangers F.C.
  10. We are well covered for midfielders.
  11. CAMBUSLANG RANGERS have placed Craig McLeish on the open to transfer list. Interested parties should contact Jimmy Kerr on 07795257850
  12. 3rd December venue to be confirmed
  13. Ryan Finnie, former Clyde player.
  14. Only struggling to keep 11 on the park. Players wise we are fine. Discipline is costing us big time. Never a red card offence. Happened right in front of me. As for Gemmell, how's that a red card, he asked and was shown another. Wouldn't even say it was shouting. The refereeing standard as we have climbed the league's has got worse if you ask me. But if we keep giving these guys the opportunity to punish they a clearly going too. Discipline needs addressed and pronto.
  15. Unless ure going up on the Friday then it won't be an issue[emoji6]
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