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  1. Cambuslang Rangers were saddened to here of the passing of former player Keith Nelson. Our thoughts are with Keith's family and friends at this time.

    Just to emphasise how good this guy was, here are some stats for you..


    Keith Nelson playing record. Camby: 179 games, 136 goals.

    Scotland juniors 4 caps, 5 goals.

    In New Zealand, Hamilton Wanderers 88 games, 116 goals.(NZ record of 74 goals in a league season) Mount Wellington 127 games, 65 goals.

    NZ national team 20 full caps, 16 goals. Twice New Zealand's national player of the year.


    RIP Keith

    As one fan said on hearing the news "I thought he was immortal. Sad news indeed"WaterMark_2020-01-30-15-01-38.jpeg

  2. He's our under 19 keeper. One on holiday other with broken finger

    Took in the game the other night, quite impressed by Cambuslang! Done my homework and found there keeper was only 17!!!?? Young boy Miller will go far in the game! Top keeper
  3. Ciaron Smith and Greg McEwan are ones who remain from last season. Of one's that came in tale end, Ryan MacKay remains.

    A lot of progress made but a long way to go. Looking forward to seeing the manager get towards his strongest starting 11 over the next few weeks. There is actually some positivity around the club just now.

    Buzzin for start of season.


    But looking forward to the 'bonding session' in Dundee on Saturday.

    There were a few who came in at the end of last season playing last night.

    Lang online who posts on P&B would be of more help to you I reckon.


  4. Just like to say a huge well done to everyone at Cambuslang.Both on and off the park a massive achievement completing the league programme.

    Consider what went before lesser men would have thrown in the towel.

    I'm sure the victory last week would have lifted the spirits.

    All the very best for next season

    Nice words and much appreciated.


    Wasn't easy but as posted on Facebook


    Mission Accomplished.


    We done it. We came in with only ONE target, get a team on the park every week and see season out. No, it wasn't pretty but every single player that pulled on the Camby Jersey since Jan deserves all the credit going as without you forty odd guys it never would have been possible. Wasn't easy for the new management team either. We now look to the future, wether it be us or new folk, we move on. Special mention for David Kerr, because had he not stepped up then there would not be a Camby Gers.

    #cmonthelang #wearecamby #JL


  5. Another boost this morning for Cambuslang with the news that they no longer require to pay for police presence at their games.
    Things are beginning to settle down and get back on an even keel for them now.
    I wouldn't rule out them staying up just yet, by the way.
    This was decided at a meeting a couple of weeks ago. Glad we seem to be moving in the right direction. Long way to go though.
  6. It looks like Glenafton have been awarded the match 3-0, from the West Region website club scores lists and the league table.
    Awarded 3 points, game won't be replayed and CRFC fined £200
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