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  1. Off the pace? He has been out for almost 18 months. Gee ursel a shake. Zero football knowledge.
  2. Coldstream 4 vs Peebles 2 Eyemouth 1 vs Lothian 5 Ormsiton 3 vs Burntisland 2 Heriot watt 0 vs Tynecastle 7- The students always struggle at this time of the year with uni no starting till September Tweedmouth 1 vs Leith 5
  3. Lothian Leith Tynie Coldstream Tweedmouth Stirling university Peebles Ormiston Eyemouth Heriot Watt Burntisland Shipyard
  4. I went along to the game and was looking forward to it but it turned out to the one of the most one sided final I have seen .Both teams started at a slow tempo with craigshill Davis Swan with a couple of runs and few half chances . Ferneside by passed the midfield and sent the ball long to the front two and I thought the bald lad help it up well with no support from midfield Craigshill scored the first from a corner by the lad Jaconelli who had been the standout player thus far Second goal was scored by swan if I am right but I can't remember the phase of play but was a good goal . Second half I thought craighsill were different class, they passed the ball brilliant , think Bobby main moved crackers to CM and jaconelli CB and the lad geo was controlling it from there on,dropping deep and playing some good diagonal balls for the lad lurinskey and Swann in the final third. Craigshill got the 4th and 5 to with simple ball s over the top which I thought the ferneside defenders could have stepped a few yards and defended better but not to be but very surprising as the no 5 I know has good EOS experience form yester years. The players that really stood out for me Alex lurinsky- great movement, running power exceptional and very intelligent Swan- direct , busy and great in 1 v 1 situations Tony jaconelli - personally was the best player on the park .great reader of the game .tactically very astute. Rab macgregor - wand of left food , great energy and good defensively . Ferneside were very very poor maybe an off day but they looked off the pace , played very deep and hence was very easy for criaghshill picking up play between the lines and running riot all game Only positive was the no 11 not sure his name but looked like he was miles ahead of his team mates technically . Cut a dejected figure . All the best to both teams . .
  5. No chance Eyemouth getting anything here unless leith turn up blindfolded. Eyemouth will run around for the 45 mins and die off as their training is done like an army not football specific fitness. Leith will steamroll them second half . 9-1
  6. Hahah pie in your face to all the clowns here saying Oban will beat leven. I am no fan of either but I read the comments on here .football is never won on paper and congrats to level and commiserations to Oban. Leven yes are a long ball team but it is up to Oban to deal with that and it has obviously for leven. All the best in the final.
  7. Good responses all round gents No one is biting, game of football after all.banter galore Disney must be refreshing to see you guys compete with teams like Linlithgow and great to see st Bernard's doing well. All the best and hope yous get promotion to the championship, you boys will enhance it.
  8. Good response from you dinsey . As previously stated I have zero clue about both teams but having read your comments prior to the game, I am happy to say am more than happy it got RAMMED down your throat again . No am not a rocket pal, just an observer, think before you speak, first coaching manual. For a coach that has a team seating top of the League, Å·ou don't come across well on this . Congrats ferneside, unlike dinsey and Adam Perry I actually wanted a leafa team to win.
  9. Not a fan of pennies or ferneside but Adam Perry And the st Bernard's coach, you'd don't have talk some shit, pennies were very very bad and you had them all hyped up due to ferneside doing bad in the league. Surely having played the game and as a coach dinsey, you should know better. Am glad ferneside rammed it up all of yous putting them down and even if they get pumped by craighshill in the final ,they are winners in my eyes. Congrats to ferneside a day commesoration to pennies.
  10. Good debate on here and great to hear so many different views. I have been to quite a few games this season and I have to say the 20s league is a very good standard compared to the EOS, apart from when maybe Leith v Lothian , Spartans, Civil play, the 20s league is very technical and fast paced with always good players on show I have seen whitehill 5 vs Edinburgh city 5 and you would not have known Edinburgh city had not won a game all season the game was played a very fast paced and good tempo with some good rotational movement in both teams , was very impressed . I then took in LTHV 20s vs Heriot watt 20s next again week and having looked at the table I was expecting a gulf in class but Heriot watt were very impressive , with all of their players comfortable on the bal, they move they moved the ball from the back at a fast pace, and they scored 3 cracking first half goals , LHTV cranked up the second half and came back to draw 3-3 with the lad Fox outstanding but Heriot watt had chances at the death to win the game . I then took in Spartans vs Civil last night and again Spartans top and civil 2nd bottom and there was no difference as both teams served up a cracking 1-1 draw, I overheard a parent saying Civil had few Berwick rangers reserves playing . I will advise people to watch the 20s games on a Friday, its as entertaining games you will watch. out of the 6 teams I saw heriot watt and Spartans were the most impressive and checking their league table I was surprised to see heriot watt in 9th position.
  11. The EOS unpredictability strikes again kelso drew with stirling reserves but get gubbed by Duns who were themselves beat 7-2 burntisland drew 1-1 with eyemouth and beat Civil 3-2 tonight who beat tynecastle on sat and tynie gubbed eyemouth 5-0 will be interesting next few weeks to see how the scores go. tynie can you elaborate on the 7-2 loss? where you missing all your best players or what excuse you going to come up with??
  12. tollcross thistle (LEAFA) VS Hermiston 2-2 heriot watt (EOS) VS Lochend (leafa) 4-2
  13. you would love swanny in your team, so you can match it on the park now your are abusing his spots. you are the kind of guys that stops progress in Scottish football, psoting with zero knowledge ,I really hope you are not the coach of any sort of football team davy!! as I feel for you son............
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