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  1. Bet they'll quickly get mown down by a Ukrainian machine gun for no other reason than drawing fire to identify its location and stuff like that. You'd have to be mental to volunteer for a unit like that but if the other option is regular anal rape... Guess this 1000 km range drone provides scope for messing with the Russian power grid and attempting to pay the Kremlin or Vlad's palace at Sochi a visit in the not too distant future:
  2. Actually spelled Zaporizhzhia. Looks really weird in English but zh is a separate letter in cyrrilic. See there are claims of some sort of deal:
  3. Guess that's where fundraisers like the Treasure Chest also come into the picture.
  4. Ghana and South Korea just provided some schadenfreude for those of us old enough to remember the 1986 World Cup. Meanwhile back on the steppe, there's some talk that Russia is gearing up for another "goodwill gesture": Think it's a wee bit farfetched because of what it does to the Crimean land bridge:
  5. Vaguely remember a documenary where an IRA scumbag smirks repeatedly when asked whether he shot Sammy Brush while denying it. Good to hear he eventually got jailed.
  6. Think you mean zeks? It's more the thieves-in-law they appear to have antagonised and who are talking up Prigozhin's alleged status in the Russian prison system as they have rules about never helping the state in any way so are probably not enthralled by the idea of prisoners joining Wagner to fight for Vlad. On a completely different note this is big if confirmed and actually followed through upon:
  7. Hopefully a similar outcome to what happened on Saturday to Auchinleck Talbot though.
  8. Big problem for them is no lights or cover. Vaguely remember seeing 2024 as a target on that. Broughty and North End are maybe the more likely possibilities for doing it in time for next season but that's just speculation on my part.
  9. Can the second placed team participate in that scenario?
  10. The SFA can be quite lenient on that. This was enough to get Golspie Sutherland licensed:
  11. Important to bear in mind that the Ukrainians are able to repair a lot of the damage to their powergrid fairly quickly and have several nuclear plants and huge hydroelectric dams on the Dniepr that the Russians are unlikely to be able to destroy: meanwhile Russian missile stocks continue to deplete...
  12. One of their UAVs crash landed in Zagreb earlier this year, so they have already had issues that way: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Zagreb_Tu-141_cras
  13. The Turkish version of HIMARS. There's some talk that it might have a recently upgraded range of 150 km, which would bring all of Vlad's Crimean land bridge into range:
  14. The back story to this being that this will be the Moscow Patriachate faction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that answered to Moscow and wasn't independent from it in ecclesiastical terms. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_Orthodox_Church_(Moscow_Patriarchate) Until late May of this year when they decided they had finally had enough of Vlad & Co.
  15. Isn't just the nuclear angle that's on the line with this. It's basically WWIII by proxy over who dominates geostrategically for the next few decades. If Vlad wins the West isn't going to have it's own way to anything like the extent it has been used to and that could make life considerably less pleasant in future even for the know your station in life if you speak with a glottal stop rather than like Jacob Rees Mogg brigade. On another topic not related to that reply, I found this clip quite interesting as it probably helps explain why the Ukrainians aren't making much progress where Svatove is concerned:
  16. This appears to be the next Bayraktar Turkish drone. The Ukrainians supplied the engine and its supposed to start flying in 2023: The present generation of Bayraktar drone didn't seem to live up to all the initial hype, so not sure how significant this is for the conflict in Ukraine.
  17. One of the stranger angles of this conflict right now: The Russians going after Bakhmut obsessively despite the very strong Ukrainian defences and high casualties this led to made some sense when they had a bridgehead at Izium. Now not so much...
  18. In reality I've ignored both virginton and Sargeant Wilson for months on here even when they have been trying to bait me. They soon lose interest and toddle off to another thread to find another target. Are you actually even interested in the subject matter of this thread or are you just here to score points and show how clever you are? I couldn't give a toss about red dots. Red dot away if that keeps you amused and makes it easier for the people who have to deal with you in real life.
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