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  1. Lost their ground due to the Troubles and eventually moved to a greyhound stadium in the middle of nowhere outside a town filled with Linfield fans leaving them with little or no support is how it has been explained to me. Bit like what happened to Clyde closer to home but they were propped up for longer by the Irish League not having relegation.
  2. They were hardly likely to highlight his infamous appearance on Brass Eye that he is really mainly remembered for at Westminster: and mention how he even asked a question about "cake" in the House of Commons given the circumstances.
  3. Eritrea, Africa's answer to North Korea, has just been elected onto the UN Human Rights Council:
  4. Only down side to this is it might take longer for some suspensions to be cleared now?
  5. Bear in mind it's Texas that is involved where that tweet above is concerned:
  6. Seem to remember I pointed the usual suspects in the direction of Emma Little-Pengelly's family history and the past escapades of the DUP's candidate for West Belfast if they wanted to find paramilitary links where the DUP was concerned rather than the drivel that was being posted but whatever.
  7. Think it should have been abundantly clear that those comments were mainly about SF in NI but whatever.
  8. Lots of generic cheddar produced on mainland Europe still able to reach supermarket shelves in your part of the world and very few pineapples were ever being grown on the British mainland unless global warming has accelerated hugely of late so for once I have to disagree with you. NIP unlikely to be negatively impacting William Ulsterman at this point when avoiding having to consume a canape is the name of the game. Guess it doesn't matter how often I post pro-Remain stuff and describe what the DUP did on that particular issue when they held the balance of power at Westminster as moronic the usual suspects on here are still going to think I support them. More to be pitied than scorned.
  9. The idea that it's only the DUPes that have problems ahead on the island of Ireland doesn't bear close examination. It's not a particularly good time right now to have an economic model for your national econony revolving around an unusually low level of corporation tax.
  10. Yes, which is nothing particularly startling given the way Ulster is clearly visible from Scotland.
  11. Wanted it to be over with a decisive outcome one way or the other more than anything else back in 2014 to get back to a politics that doesn't revolve around competing nationalisms as not hugely fussed either way as long as EU membership was still involved and find the zealots on both sides deeply off-putting. Doubt there's any chance of normal politics any time soon after the Brexit vote went the wrong way and Boris went full UKIP with the Tory party.
  12. Are you sure it's me that's seriously rattled after a post like that? An NI that works well makes the Roman Catholic middle class and especially Alliance voters a lot less likely to vote for UI or perhaps more importantly in terms of pushing for a border poll to see a need for it any time soon. Don't hold your breath on Scotland voting Yes in the next decade, if it involves needing to convince people during televised debates that a separate currency and customs checks on the M74 at Gretna are a good move. That's if Westminster even approves a legally binding referendum in the first place given Alex Salmond's unwise high profile statements about it being a once in a generation thing.
  13. A trip through 1980s Yugoslavian New Wave. First up, Azra from Zagreb which was my entry level drug to the genre back in the late 90s through a girlfriend (soon turned out to be a complete nutter) from that part of the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVOUrPyNfh8 The Jesus lookalike in the clip that won't embed now lives in Holland and refuses to take out citizenship in any ex-Yu state making him effectively stateless. Next up, Belgrade's answer to Hipsway or were Hipsway Glasgow's answer Ekaterina Velika? Think they are all no longer with us now due to an excessive consumption of hard drugs. Finally, Zabranjeno Pusenje of Sarajevo ripping off Johnny Cash in a big way: Predictably for Sarajevo they are now split into separate Serbian (lead singer) and Bosnian (lead guitarist) factions who still refuse to have anything to do with each other. The Serbian actress who played Barry's wife in one of the later not so good seasons of Auf Wiedersehen Pet makes an appearance late in the clip to the left of the singer.
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