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  1. It isn't exactly hard going to install something like this: the small modular designs that are readily available these days don't take long to install.
  2. Livingston maybe given it was built as a new town to accomodate Glasgow overspill to a significant extent but the rest of West Lothian is very much east coast in terms of the local lingo used.
  3. prorege again on nonleaguematters: https://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/edinburgh-city-back-to-meadowbank.4059/page-4 I have been told that the SPFL have rejected the New Meadowbank as a suitable venue. Significant work to be done to bring it up to standard. What he leaves out is that they already have planning permission sorted for an additional stand on the far side so additional work is already expected to be done.
  4. In another couple of seasons time almost all of this season's Conference X will probably have moved onto higher divisions and entering the EoS will no longer mean being in a West Lothian division. Maybe a few Borders clubs like Selkirk, Eyemouth, Duns and Kelso will give senior football a whirl again once Tweedmouth and Hawick are in their natural habitat and they wouldn't be getting humped 15-0 in mismatched conferences? What happened wasn't ideal but things have a way of sorting themselves out where the pyramid is concerned. Only 7 or 8 years ago Tom Johnston was still banging on about 100k toilet blocks.
  5. Not surprised. You would have been looking at 5000 or so for a junior cup final between these clubs in the not too distant past but giving a cup a south branding just doesn't resonate the same way. Hopefully the blazers knock the junior vs senior stuff on the head and get some sort of national nonleague cup sorted out soon as the flagship cup tournament for the nonleague portion of the pyramid.
  6. There was somebody from that club posting on here about interest in the WoS back in early 2020 when applications for the new league were still open.
  7. Did I annoy you with something I posted on a Brechin City thread or something? If you have something intelligent to say about the actual topic and Scottish infrastructure I'll respond further, otherwise please stop wasting my time.
  8. No idea what you are on about at this point given I wrote the following: ...with what might have been doable in the long term future if a Faroese approach had been adopted. Here's what the Faroese have in mind for an island with a population of just under 5,000 people: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suðuroyartunnilin https://kvf.fo/greinar/2020/02/05/minister-suduroy-tunnel-ready-2030
  9. At some point though and it's probably quite soon they do need to come to terms with it or their NCL participation for next season may not happen if they fail to show up for that league's AGM and they could be out of senior football altogether.
  10. Not sure if you are being sarcastic with that last bit, but Conference X was placed in a false position (making no comment on who was to blame for that) in terms of the playing calibre of most of the clubs involved. It will probably take around 5 years for all the clubs involved in Conference X this season to find their appropriate level in the new four divisions EoS format but the seasons will soon pass and it will happen with clubs that are now higher than they really should be heading in the opposite direction. It's not at all clear what was achieved by keeping Craigroyston, Ormiston, Newburgh and Hawick at the second division level for next season but it is only delaying the inevitable.
  11. translation: we are ready to help you retake Transnistria, you've got our number why don't you use it...
  12. That isn't a record breaking 100 mile tunnel so where are you going with this post? Massive subsidies get poured into ferry services over the course of the 30 to 40 years a ferry gets used for so the Faroese and Norwegian mentality is that you are better off in the long run spending all of that money up front on a fixed link that can be used 24/7. Meanwhile in Scotland we are not able to sort out fixed links for stretches of water like Lerwick to Bressay or at the northern end of Bute that are golf shot sort of distances.
  13. The Russians managed to breakthrough the Ukrainian 2014 ceasefire line fortifications at Popasna, so if the failed pontoon bridge where they recently lost about 80 armoured vehicles and 500 men on the Northern Donets river at Bilohorivka had worked, the Ukrainians would have been facing another Mariupol scenario. It will take longer for the Russians to encircle Severodonetsk and Lysychansk from only the Popasna direction but the Russian army could have one last major victory there. Think the target was dorlomin as a Rangers fan shortly after the Scottish Cup victory because he was pointing out to the resident far left types (correctly IMO) that Putin is not leading a leftist crusade against global capitalism and neo-Nazi influence in Ukraine but a right wing populist kleptocracy that has its own skeletons in the cupboard where far right politics is concerned.
  14. Haven't seen that mentioned anywhere but would be interesting to hear the details if somebody has.
  15. Not that it matters much but the DNR forces did inirially hold Mariupol in 2014 along with Kramatorsk and Sloviansk until the Ukrainian army successfully counterattacked. Think Azov's exploits in the Mariupol area came after the Russian army intervened to prevent the DNR and LNR's total collapse around Donetsk and Luhansk. The fiction that only volunteers were involved was maintained at that point so that Germany, France and Vlad could strong arm Poroshenko into accepting the Minsk peace plan and Gazprom could continue on its merry way with Ukraine as a transit route to the EU.
  16. Three up three down between the divisions next season apparently. If Darvel do the business against Tranent I wouldn't be surprised if the three promoted Conference X teams do it again next time around judging from this season's cup performances.
  17. They secured promotion with that 1-0 victory. Neither Bo'ness Athletic or Armadale Thistle can catch them now and at least two clubs will go up no matter what happens with Darvel and Tranent on the LL playoff.
  18. ^^^interesting way to react when the whole topic of fixed links to islands like Mull, Orkney or Lewis is always quickly characterised as cloud cuckoo land stuff by plenty of people on twitter and newspaper comment sections or by former political hacks like Brian Wilson when the SNP float the idea of a fixed link between Greenock and Dunoon. It was all about P&B "history" though in his mind and not about the real world away from cyberspace.
  19. In the interim though the Ukrainians need to avoid having a relatively large force surrounded in a mini-Stalingrad again in the sliver of the Luhansk oblast they still control because of the Russian victory at Popasna on the 2014 ceasefire line. Think a lot of people in the west are getting a bit too carried away about how well things are going for Ukraine in the here and now. Better than most people thought possible two months ago no question but the Makarov wasn't sunk, odds on there never was a bridghead NE of Kharkiv and there appear to be serious doubts that behind the lines partisans had anything to do with the recent armoured train incident in Melitopol. Suspect the next few weeks are going to be very difficult ones for the Ukrainian military because although the Russians have had to lower their expections in a big way they may have finally identified the pincer that is actually doable for them. Guess the calculation is though to get them to go for it and annihilate as much of the attacking force and remaining Russian armour as possible in the process as that will make it easier to advance later.
  20. The irony is though that the NIP could wind up being of net benefit to NI economically in a way that messes up the world view of the kippers and SF as well as the DUP. On the bright side at least Stormont didn't try to ban contraception when folk got home from the dancing. Having any particular religious denomination dictating public policy is something that is best avoided and is something the RoI has also moved on from making a united Ireland less daunting as a prospect for Ulster Unionists than it was 50 years ago.
  21. ^^^stalks me from thread to thread along with the red dotting nutter from Greenock because I have posted stuff on the politics subforum that is broadly sympathetic to Ulster Unionism. At no point did I advocate a 100 mile tunnel but what does the truth matter when there is a tribalistic agenda to pursue? What I did do was contrast Scotland's inability to even do relatively short fixed links like a tunnel from Lerwick to Bressay because of the strength of the pro-ferry lobby with what might have been doable in the long term future if a Faroese approach had been adopted.
  22. Find that last bit hard to believe because it provides an obvious incentive for a player on the team starting the game with seven players to feign injury.
  23. ...or it simply takes time for the referee's report to arrive and the next relevant league meeting to be held?
  24. Some people need to come to terms with the fact that the pyramid in the south doesn't belong to pre-2013 EoS and SoS clubs any more and how it evolves in future will be decided to a large extent by what the majority of clubs that were formerly in the junior grade want to do. So far in an EoS context most former east region clubs appear to have been happy to keep the previous EoS ways of doing things intact but there's no reason why the WoS has to do that on an issue like this.
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