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  1. No, and no, WoSFL league matches take priority over every competition other than the South Challenge Cup. Burnieman should already have been aware of that given it was made crystal clear when the WoS was being launched. Where things get interesting though is what happens when the WoS selects its own officeholders and can start to change its own rulebook.
  2. Billions in revenue are potentially at stake so Pfizer and Moderna will view Oxford and their at cost approach as being about as welcome as the proverbial one in a spacesuit. AstraZeneca tested their test group weekly to identify asymptomatic cases cases while Pfizer and Moderna did not and only tested when symptomatic, so 70% vs 95% may be a misleading comparison.
  3. A lot of adults sadly need things explained in simple terms. So have Rab McGlinchey in interpreting for the neds.
  4. In a similar sort of way Boris has things arranged now so that his lockdown stops on Dec 2 the day after vaccinations will start in England with the Pfizer vaccine: with fitba crowds of up to 4000 allowed shortly thereafter in some parts of England. The momentum towards having crowds back in an EoS context will gather pace from there.
  5. Especially in the third world. The technology to deal with the other vaccines by shipping with dry ice is very much available in developed countries, so it's more a nuisance factor on ramping things up than anything else. I suspect they will use the expensive Pfizer vaccine on only the highest risk groups and the Oxford vaccine will do the heavy lifting on overall numbers.
  6. The reason there were very few people actually contracting the virus is because wait for it relatively few people are actually contracting the virus at the moment when viewed in percentage of the population terms. 50% in the test group receive the vaccine, while 50% receive a placebo. The hold up at the Phase 3 trial stage for the Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford vaccines has been waiting for enough cases to build up in the placebo group to have statistically valid evidence that the much lower numbers in the vaccine group prove the vaccine has been effective. Anything over 50% efficacy would be enough to justify emergency approval, so the numbers that are being found in the Phase 3 trials should be enough to trigger the emergency approvals and get vaccination programmes underway by the middle of December.
  7. They probably are still waiting to have enough COVID cases in their Phase 3 test group to be able to make the 90% efficacy claim in a manner that is statistically valid. Releasing the data with the lower number will probably be about proceeding with emergency approval ASAP in line with Pfizer and Moderna even before they get the dosing regime sorted out that makes it even more effective. Overall this is very good news.
  8. ...is almost certainly what will happen now.
  9. Oxford vaccine not quite as effective as Moderna and Pfizer but should still get approved OK even if only 70% effective (changing the dosing might get it up to 90% by the sounds of things): https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55040635 so should be all systems go for the UK's vaccination programme by mid-December.
  10. Apparently one of the dosing regimes tested is about 90% efficacy: https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-oxford-vaccine-is-up-to-90-effective-in-preventing-coronavirus-tests-show-12134940
  11. ^^^consistently parrots and/or defends whatever he hears said by officialdom on the state broadcaster.
  12. They'll probably be starting vaccinations from not long after the 11th as FDA approval for Pfizer and Moderna will almost certainly be on the 10th and the EU and UK will pretty much be in lock step with that. Once needles start hitting very wrinkled upper arms in care homes the media spin will be all about how quickly things can return to normal rather than hysteria over the latest new cases and deaths numbers and calls for harsher lockdown rules. Nicola S has Level 4 ending on Dec 11th, so it's easy for her in terms of media response to get the west central belt opened up for the Christmas retail season.
  13. ....but noone remembers your name. If they hadn't added legal force to the no travel angle it would have been difficult to see how level 3 to level 4 made enough of a difference to justify all the media fuss.
  14. Why wouldn't they? There was no apetite to pursue this at the 2018 LL AGM after a large portion of the east region moved over to the EoS because LL clubs wanted to avoid for as long as possible undergoing a relegation that at least half of the clubs would have been fully aware that they will have pretty much zero chance of ever bouncing back from in future promotion terms.
  15. They are clearly anticipating also having the Oxford vaccine by the end of December when they talk about 1 million vaccinated in Scotland by the end of January, and they will have a very good idea already of what the likely timeline is on that.
  16. ...and the difference this time is the SNP knows full well that headlines will be dominated on Dec 11th by the FDA (EU and UK will follow in lockstep) emergency approval of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines the day before. Once rapid vaccination implementation starts and Christmas and New Year are just around the corner the talk in press briefings will be of when and how fast lockdown restrictions will get lifted. If they are planning on 1 million vaccinations by late January it won't take long to get the people who actually have something significant to worry about largely protected if the 95% efficacy holds up.
  17. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/6305374/coronavirus-scotland-restrictions-end-three-weeks/ NICOLA Sturgeon has admitted to being "utterly scunnered and fed up" with new coronavirus restrictions - but confirmed that all areas WILL come out of Tier 4 in three weeks... The key decision we'll have to make before then will be what level different areas go into. "I believe level 4 will mean that overall these areas will spend less time in level 3 than they would if we had just left them. "But whether they can leapfrog and go to level 2 we can't make that decision right now." ...
  18. Whitehill Welfare are free to pull out and accept the relegation they were almost inevitably going to have received on the field of play if they had continued.
  19. Blackburn are free to pull out and accept the relegation they were almost inevitably going to have received on the field of play if they had continued.
  20. It's no accident that the level 4 stuff only runs to Dec 11: Nicola S knows what the headlines are going to be when restrictions start to get lifted again just in time for the Christmas retail season.
  21. There was no wee white lie involved. EoS players sign the same professional registration forms that SPFL players do.
  22. Wouldn't be proper to wish any misfortune on Joe Biden, but they are a heartbeat away from having President Kamala Harris now and that would be interesting to watch unfold because she is far left by US standards. There has always been a suspicion that Bernie Sanders is a bit of a champagne socialist, so he wasn't necessarily as big a threat to the status quo as he was being portrayed.
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