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  1. Significant if accurate given this is well outside HIMARS range:
  2. Late with this but this was the starting lineup:
  3. Guess a lot of Poland's reaction on the Patriots was posturing though and it probably actually facilitated this, which may or may not have been what made Vlad's most recent missile strike this week a bit of a damp squib:
  4. This reply sums up what is happening very well: The time for Vlad to invade was 2014 on the pretext that the coup against Yanukovych was illegal. Instead he waited until there was a new Ukrainian leader in power from the Russophone east and south rather than a leader backed primarily by "Banderastan".
  5. Maybe worth bearing in mind that a 1970s era Soviet UAV of this general type made it all the way to Zagreb before crash landing early on in the war. Throw in some sort of GPS guidance system for reaching a predetermined set of coordinates and pack in plenty of high explosives et voila. I doubt the Russians are in the habit of moving their strategic bombers or oil storage facilities about in the middle of the night so it's probably easy enough for the Ukrainians to figure out what they want to try to hit with images from commercial satellites they have been reported to have access to. Wonder how many of these old UAVs former Warsaw pact NATO members in eastern Europe could still have sitting around in warehouses. Manufacturing them from scratch is unlikely to be mission impossible (perhaps with a little help from the Poles in providing facilities under NATO Article 5 protection) if it is a design from 50 years ago.
  6. They can even pay Kadyrov a visit in Grozny now apparently:
  7. Guess that's why they let slip the info about the 1000km range drone so there was no speculation about NATO providing something with that capability:
  8. Bet they'll quickly get mown down by a Ukrainian machine gun for no other reason than drawing fire to identify its location and stuff like that. You'd have to be mental to volunteer for a unit like that but if the other option is regular anal rape... Guess this 1000 km range drone provides scope for messing with the Russian power grid and attempting to pay the Kremlin or Vlad's palace at Sochi a visit in the not too distant future:
  9. Actually spelled Zaporizhzhia. Looks really weird in English but zh is a separate letter in cyrrilic. See there are claims of some sort of deal:
  10. Guess that's where fundraisers like the Treasure Chest also come into the picture.
  11. Ghana and South Korea just provided some schadenfreude for those of us old enough to remember the 1986 World Cup. Meanwhile back on the steppe, there's some talk that Russia is gearing up for another "goodwill gesture": Think it's a wee bit farfetched because of what it does to the Crimean land bridge:
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