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  1. ^^^I'll second that Found this snippet from the P&J interesting: https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish/3879204/mark-gilmour-says-banks-o-dee-would-relish-tilt-at-highland-league-promotion/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social ...“To be honest, I don’t know a lot about it (the potential play-off to reach the Highland League), we just play football. “If that is the case and there is a chance to go up, then I’m sure all the boys will be relishing that. It’s something the boys want to do. We’ve got a taste over the years of playing Highland League teams and we always seem to up our game for those teams... Banks o Dee player didn't know about the promotion playoff when interviewed a few days ago.
  2. Also needed for promotion to the LL and beyond. The LL isn't the most enticing prospect right now for a lot of people on this subforum but give it a few more years and that will sort itself out.
  3. Looks like it. Difficult to fit in extra time and penalties otherwise.
  4. Not arguing with you on that point. Although the wikipedia editor was being anal retentive by highlighting that scenario this season, it's something you should consider tidying up for future seasons because eventually there will be more of a chance of a double relegation happening.
  5. Think Cumnock are no longer getting highlighted because Vale of Leithen can no longer theoretically overtake Caledonian Braves meaning the double relegation into the WoS & WoS champion not promoted scenario that the clubs were not notified about is mathematically impossible now if Broomhill are viewed as an EoS catchment club.
  6. Maybe this a daft question and I'm missing something but if Bo'ness United Community FC can run lots of age groups up to a U-18 team how can having a U-20 team that creates a pathway for all of that into the Bo'ness United first team not be something that both parties would view as the natural next step?
  7. Think Baillieston Juniors never fully went away as they kept going with youth teams. There is some talk of a return: https://www.facebook.com/Baillieston-Juniors-Football-Team-387489711875230/
  8. Legend always had it that STV had lost most of the footage but a lot more junior cup final material has been appearing recently:
  9. It's really time this juniors waited too long to join patter was put to rest. That's ancient history now. There is no excuse for not having a minimum of two automatic relegations happening per season regardless of the various permutations that can happen on the Club 42 playoff.
  10. They are full-time now after ditching amateur status, selling Hampden and attracting Willie Haughey as their financial back so that's probably no longer the case.
  11. One thing I've never understood is why there's no U-20 team. With that in place there would be no need to be playing with almost no subs so often.
  12. Has this joint superleague been rumoured as still happening recently? The playoff rules that have been drafted specifically mention the east region (Midlands league) and north region and that they both have to sign off on any future changes. That looks like a final destination rather than a transitional arrangement.
  13. Sorry to hear that. Was a shame the way he lost his vocal range towards the end of his life but when he was in his prime he was extremely talented:
  14. Think they can potentially do quite a bit of it by causeway and uninhabited island, ditto with the Sound of Harris. Assuming this hasn't simply been added to shut Angus MacNeil up about the subject, an Oban area to Mull fixed link would presumably be a way to move the main CalMac ferry terminal from Oban to Tobermory with scope for a single terminal at the southern end of the Western Isles (rather than having to service both Castlebay and Lochboisdale) if they do a Barra fixed link as well.
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