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  1. That will no doubt get you a few green dots from the usual suspects.
  2. My recollection is that he was serenaded with You're not English Any More from the Rangers end at Hampden on his Scotland debut back before the Family von Trapp showed up. RIP, doubt we'll ever have two keepers of the quality of Goram and Leighton competing for the jersey again.
  3. And the moral is that it's best not to announce players until the registration forms are signed and processed. Personally think it's a good thing that the EoS and WoS are doing pro/rel the junior way rather than copying the LL and SPFL on that. Take the best ideas from both grades and build something better for all. Next up on doing what was best about the juniors while definitely not doing fixture lists week by week or having retention lists or reinststement fees would be a national nonleague cup.
  4. Didn't exactly need to be clairvoyant or a "military analyst" to know this was just around the corner.
  5. Worth noting that one is in southern Ukraine close to Crimea. They have promised not to use HIMARS to target Russian territory Have seen it claimed that the range for the HIMARS rockets that were sent is probably significantly further than what is usually publicly stated. Melitopol being targeted accurately may provide evidence for that.
  6. Suspect we'll hear later that it was like Hirske and Zolote and the Ukrainians had already basically withdrawn.
  7. ...and a third ammo depot in Makiivka near Donetsk apparently, not a good day for Vlad so far: Have to wonder how different the last three months would have been if NATO had decided to supply HIMARS back in March.
  8. Wonder if this will be on the Western media's radar:
  9. Russian ammunition depots still seem to be exploding regularly: At some point that presumably has to start affecting their ability to keep advancing.
  10. Thank you for that constructive and insightful contribution to the thread.
  11. Maybe but the propaganda value of pictures of a Ukrainian flag being raised will be difficult to resist. Some of the weapons the Ukrainians could land by speedboat easily enough like Stingers might be easier to keep safe than weaponry like the Pantsir system that the Russians had installed if there are any bunkers left intact on the island.
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