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  1. A 0.0036% possibility still happens to someone, so Suzanne doesn't come across as the sharpest tool in the box either.
  2. Guess it might not just have been Wick that would have had issues rounding up a team for tomorrow night.
  3. No expert on this but think there might be some hefty fines for not fulfilling a fixture. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/1814/cup-competition-rules.pdf 31. CLUB SCRATCHING OR WITHDRAWING A club which intends to scratch or withdraw from the Competition will give notice to the Secretary and to the secretary of the club against which it is drawn, at least four days before the date fixed for playing the tie. Any decision by a club to scratch or withdraw from the Competition may result in the matter being referred to the Compliance Officer (as defined in the Judicial Panel Protocol) for investigation and possible sanction in accordance with the Judicial Panel Protocol.
  4. Elsewhere: Banks O’Dee 4-2 Syngenta Blantyre Victoria 0-1 West Calder United Livingston United 1-4 Cumbernauld United So one EoS club left standing in the SJC.
  5. Was assuming it would be Wednesday. That will be some trip for Wick at two day's notice on a work day. Seriously doubt their players will have all arranged for a day off work to cover for this eventuality and will they even have booked a bus? They fully deserve that level of inconvenience by the sounds of things.
  6. Lochee United were 4-0 up against Aberdeen Uni but don't know how it ended. Edit: confirmed on SJFA website as 4-0 at FT https://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/scottish-junior-cup/results/
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