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  1. Largely agree but a lot of the depopulation happened through the emergence of sheep farming and grouse moors so radical changes in land use are probably still the key. Too many people think the Highlands are a wilderness when it really isn't. Lynx is more or less doable with the amount of forestry that's available and wild boar and beaver have already happened but wolf and bear are a long way off from happening without very big changes in how the landscape is managed that are unlikely to happen in any of our lifetimes.
  2. Keep things factual. From what I remember he was arguing through the media that the SFA were in control of the Club 42 game when according to the rules it does get organised by the SPFL rather than the SFA. The SFA didn't pursue the matter last year after all the noise George Fraser made because the SPFL were actually within their rights to do what they did and could have been challenged legally by Brechin if they tried to do anything else. The LL board don't have the greatest track record on understanding what's happening. The handling of who was the bottom club after Selkirk's record got expunged, the conferences debacle on WoS when it was already well documented that the SFA were opposed to having more than 16 clubs in a tier 6 feeder, and having to be told that the U20 league wasn't covered by the professional exemption being other recent examples. Having to be told by the SFA that they couldn't nominate a champion for a season they were about to null and void and that they had to do it by PPG to meet the rules that are in place really takes the biscuit though.
  3. ...the Ken Ferguson story on their website can be read in a way that suggests they are doing just that. I don't think George Fraser did the LL any favours last season by tilting at windmills over the playoffs being cancelled for COVID related reasons. Doing that has left some people with the impression that the SPFL can bin the playoffs on a whim. They can't.
  4. ...but one side has played in since 1886 if you trace it back through one of the two clubs that amalgamated in 1945 to form Bo'ness United.
  5. Can you point us to the specific line in question so we can all see its exact content? If an argument is ridiculously poor it won't stand up to appeal.
  6. Have the Shire ever agreed to be part of Falkirk's player pathway as the way to share a stadium?
  7. Whatever makes you happy and makes it easier for the people that have to deal with you in real life.
  8. Just ordinary Nazis with the others AFAIA.
  9. What about all the santo subito stuff in St Peter's Square? You might be right about what happened in Scotland but things got a wee bit OTT elsewhere. Meanwhile I await with interest to see if the BBC will mention that dear old and now departed Phil's big sister was married to an SS officer: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Christoph_of_Hesse
  10. Don't count on all the bizarre posts suggesting the playoffs will be cancelled being accurate. The SPFL website story stated: https://spfl.co.uk/news/ken-ferguson-steps-down-from-spfl-board Our approach has always been to apply the Rules that have been agreed by all member clubs, as well as the Pyramid Play-Off Rules agreed between the SPFL, the Scottish FA, the Lowland League and the Highland League, and we will do so again this season There is nothing in the play-off rules that could justify cancelling the playoffs this year unlike last year when the lockdown made it legally impossible to proceed at the stated timing. The only obvious get out of jail card this time around is the colt teams reconstruction plan.
  11. Last season the games could not legally be played at the timing stated in the rules for lockdown reasons so the SPFL could get away with it. This season they have no justifiable excuse unless the colt team reconstruction plan comes through for them and the SPFL League 2 gets expanded to 16 for 2021-22. The SFA have actively advised the HL and LL on what they needed to do to declare a league champion for the playoffs (bizarrely the LL had to have it explained to them that they could not still nominate a champion for season 2020-21 after declaring the season null & void), while last season they were passive about what was happening.
  12. Linguistic differences like that was something I was warned to be very careful about by relatives on moving to Canada for work. Canadians find that very hard to believe as well.
  13. There's no need to consider whether Kelty or Brora meet the membership criteria if they aren't being viewed as league champions.
  14. Something worth pondering before people fly off the handle about this statement and assume the worst: https://spfl.co.uk/news/ken-ferguson-steps-down-from-spfl-board He said: “In view of the fact that Brechin City are currently 42nd in the League, it is appropriate for me to step aside at this time – and to devote all my time and energy into ensuring that Brechin City do not finish bottom of League 2 this season.” Why would ensuring Brechin won't be bottom of League 2 this season be worth doing that for if the playoff games aren't happening this year?
  15. We used to laugh at Radio Moscow having hours on end of sombre music every time a Soviet leader popped his clogs.
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