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  1. ...or more likely they would use the next available SJC date and deal with any backlog in May and early June. As long as they steer clear of November to March things will normally run smoothly.
  2. That's where the free Saturdays the EoS uses for the Alex Jack and Football Nation Qualifying Cup enter the picture. The WoS would be choosing to use the SJC for those dates for those clubs that still hold SJFA membership.
  3. What was in the statement was that WoS league and SCC games would take priority. All that effectively means is that there can be no SJC replays the following Saturday. Ties have to be decided at the first time of asking on penalties in other words. North region clubs are already being consulted about making this change.
  4. If they regionalised the first two rounds they could even double it up with other games so that the WoS league cup is also used as an SJC qualifying cup. They almost certainly don't need to adopt measures like that for the reasons that Ginaro outlined but the point I'm making is that where there's a will there's a way. The interesting part is going to be how much of a will there is going to be amongst east and north region clubs to accomodate the WoS on this.
  5. They would be well advised to avoid November to March for any rounds. As long as they do that the vast majority of games should be fine. The SJC semis sometimes used to be held midweek at neutral senior grounds so the last bit is not fully accurate.
  6. People are determined to turn this into an issue when there are solutions readily available. There were two dedicated Saturdays for FNC and four for the Alex Jack before Christmas. The SJC needs seven and they can still also play the closing rounds in May and June after the league has been decided.
  7. The Alex Jack Cup is an EoS competition, so WoS clubs won't be entering that. Ditto with the Football Nations Cup. Using those dates for the SJC provides a way to avoid midweek games.
  8. Maybe worth bearing in mind that there are around 45-50 junior clubs in the HL catchment that are probably not leaving the junior grade any time soon.
  9. That was never officially revealed, Bman, but an EoS officeholder when interviewed definitely mentioned receiving inquiries from north of the Tay and the west.
  10. They have acknowledged receipt of the application, which wasn't what happened two years ago when other clubs north of the boundary inquired about it. They were told they couldn't apply.
  11. Safe to assume they are in along with Hurlford and that leaves only 9 possible rumpers.
  12. The first bit is true. The second is not. The speculation about it having to be midweek was only from a couple of posters on this thread.
  13. Suspect a lot of west region clubs will be happy to hear they won't be heading down to Newton Stewart for a midweek game.
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