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  1. ...think it's a strong indication that you at the very least have a lot of trialists lined up.
  2. Maybe they think they are better off fighting an early election with Jeffrey Donaldson as leader before an Irish language bill gets legislated and the Brexit Protocol gets implemented in full. High risk but if they pound home the danger of SF getting the first minister post maybe they can squeeze TUV back below the quota again everywhere except North Antrim.
  3. Interesting times ahead if that leads to an early election.
  4. Has made some controversial Rangers related youtube appearances over the years.
  5. Prorege on the NLM forum has added this snippet of info about what happened with Westerton United. Post in thread '2021 - Scottish "Pyramid" Developments - Facts NOT Speculation Please' https://nonleaguematters.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/2021-scottish-pyramid-developments-facts-not-speculation-please.3904/post-97336 They thought they had a ground share agreement. They didn’t.
  6. Back in the 80s in Aberdeen there was a plan for a new bridge over the Don that the Lib Dems were simultaneously supporting and opposing in their local focus leaflets depending which side of the river they were targeted at. You almost have to admire their cynical opportunism.
  7. One of those instances where you need to have experienced just how crazily club officials can behave over something like this to understand the need for that to be stated. Totally understandable rather than unhinged if you have ever been involved with running a league.
  8. The last L1 Gaelic speaker from NI died on Rathlin Island in 1985 so it's more like catering to Cornish language revivalist hobbyists than something that genuinely merits billingualism like Welsh in the northwest of Wales or Gaelic in the Western Isles. SF politicians from NI can usually only utter a few garbled token phrases (Gregory Campbell parodied this with his curry my yoghurt patter) and mainly push it to get it right up the other lot because they know RoI style billingualism becoming a requirement in the labour market is one of Ulster Unionism's biggest fears about UI.
  9. Your last point is probably what keeps Givan in the job IMO. If the new leader moves against him there would probably need to be an election they are clearly not ready for.
  10. The DUP don't mess about once a leader is viewed as a liability. The bizarre part of all of this is that the next leader is probably stuck with Poots's protege as first minister.
  11. Just saving others the effort with the link and relevant quote.
  12. Wonder which of the two BSC Glasgows this guy is aligned with: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-57516928
  13. ^^^ https://www.linlithgowgazette.co.uk/sport/football/exclusive-sensational-signing-spree-sees-boness-united-manager-max-christie-snap-up-six-players-from-camelon-juniors-3276430 ..."There are a lot of young boys there coming into an experienced squad and they’ll need to fight their way into the team,” boss Christie told the Journal and Gazette. "They’re of a standard where they’re fit, full of running and athletic types which is what we’re wanting. They’re young, aspirational players looking to prove themselves and hungry for it. "None of them are going to walk into that team but from what we’ve seen we love their attitude and their dynamism and they’re all really committed footballers and wanting to do well. Hopefully we’re providing a platform for them to do that...
  14. Was there not talk of an American investor pumping in money or something along those lines?
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