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  1. Selkirk FC thread

    Bear in mind that Selkirk is a rugby town first and foremost. Duns would be another obvious parallel. The ground is there to pursue the pyramid but local player interest isn't apparently.
  2. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Not sure a junior signing strategy is necessarily a bad idea. Clyde made it work at one point when Ronnie Macdonald was running the show there after being the money behind Maryhill Juniors prior to that. Think the problem is that the budget wasn't there to match the very top west superleague sides financially and tempt the cream of the crop in juniors terms away.
  3. Selkirk FC thread

    It looks like the Tarff scenario of a small club in a remote area suddenly getting money and using non-local players to chase success only to find the local guys are no longer interested in coming back after the money runs out and they are needed/wanted again. Hopefully it doesn't end like it did for Tarff.
  4. Selkirk FC thread

    Licensing was supposed to be about gearing clubs up to operate more professionally. If a club struggles to even field a team because of a complete lack of player interest, they quite simply don't belong at this level and are probably best suited for Borders Amateur.
  5. Selkirk possible demise

    That was St Cuthberts Wanderers on the license thing. Threave went down because they didn't reapply. Clubs can get into the LL by application under this scenario when there is no promoted club available to replace the bottom club. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/threave-rovers-south-scotland-league-8099347 Threave Rovers will be playing in the South of Scotland League next season. Their application to rejoin the league was successful at last week’s AGM, bringing to an end their three-year stint in the Lowland League. They’ve had a difficult time since making the step-up, finishing second bottom in 2014 and bottom for the last two seasons. Recently, chairman Davie McVitie said they planned to reapply for their place which they would have held on to had no team been promoted from the East or South leagues. But new manager Bryan Gilfillan quit Meadow Park a few weeks ago after claiming the club would be returning to the South – a decision rubber-stamped at last Thursday’s AGM.
  6. Selkirk possible demise

    The bottom club still has to apply for readmission under that scenario and other licensed clubs can apply to take their place. Threave didn't make the readmission application one season they finished bottom and that was the explanation for their self-imposed relegation.
  7. Selkirk FC thread

    Don't think they even deserve another chance. This is farcical for a licensed club at fifth tier level. Club licensing should have been rigorous enough to ensure something like this would never happen, but the bar was set very low to make sure all the existing full members could get in.
  8. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    The Balfour Declaration and a two-state UN resolution at the end of the British mandate were involved as well, so it's not as simple as that.
  9. It's all kicking off in Canada

    ...the loser cruiser tends to be one of the nicknames for transit buses in southern Ontario.
  10. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    Hopefully he doesn't enjoy his time on the green grassy slopes of Bo'ness.
  11. East Region Superleague

    Paul Wilson got one cap as a sub against Spain under Willie Ormond.
  12. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    ...which creates the situation in which Israel doesn't want Corbyn to have a UN security council veto at his disposal. The Israelis rightly or wrongly believe that Iran is still intent on building nuclear weapons that will be aimed primarily at them. Massive double standard involved in that given everybody knows they have them even if they are ambiguous about it and the UN has done nothing about it in sanctions terms given the US will pretty much always veto action against them, but this is what explains the overall level of hysteria.
  13. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    There's no obvious rationale for why a country that is so rich in oil and natural gas would go to all that trouble to build nuclear power stations, if it isn't about covertly building up a stock of weapons grade plutonium and doing what North Korea have done in recent times.
  14. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    Definitely a bit over the top to claim that but vetoing action against Iran's nuclear programme at the UN is a possible one. He has appeared on Press TV quite a bit and I think even accepted money for doing so at one point, which is even more inadvisable in optics terms than Alex Salmond's willingness to use RT as a platform.
  15. East Region Superleague

    Think Blantyre Celtic might have had Jimmy Johnstone and Paul Wilson at the same time in the early 1980s. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Wilson_(footballer,_born_1950) ...After his spell at Thistle he was tempted into junior football by ex-Celtic teammate Jimmy Johnstone with Blantyre Celtic,[2] winning a junior international cap...