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  1. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    They can always try to get into the juniors now.
  2. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    ^^^this means the team from the town that is closer to the Forth didn't get in rather than the one with all the roundabouts, just in case anyone is trying to figure it out.
  3. Pyramid 2019/2020

    ^^^not looking forward to having Kelty Hearts or Hill of Beath Hawthorn as the big derby game rather than Dunfermline Athletic.
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    True, but the board directive angle was mentioned in PWG minutes, so had to be given some credence on that basis. We were always going to find out this month whether there was any actual substance to it. Would help in a lot of ways if they do have the power to break the logjam, but that seems to stretch no further than the SFA possibly having the ability to shoehorn in wildcard entrants into next season's LL entry playoffs, but it' s not clear yet that they can even do that without the LL, EoS and SoS all signing off on it first and whether that is just a compromise proposal. Also not clear that the LL would even be able to accept a Tayside playoff champion should one ever emerge in terms of their constitution, and whether the HL will be amenable to ever accepting one, given both they and the NRSJFA appear to want to keep things as is.
  5. Junior football, what is the future?

    Will be interesting to see if the ERSJFA clubs even actually care about being tier 6 and whether they decide to stick with the split format and do their own thing regardless. Kind of looks like that's what already happened. That new format definitely looked at the time like an own goal in terms of their future pyramid status. If the north region can sit out in pyramid terms and stay as they are, maybe the east will as well? At that point if it's only the west needing in at tier 6, there's a strong case for doing it through a directly SFA administered WoSL. So much for all the board directives patter of recent months, basically.
  6. Club Licencing

    That needs to be communicated loud and clear to ERSJFA clubs, if that info is not being passed along to them.
  7. Their ground is a bit out of the way, which doesn't help in visibility terms. Beyond that how many folk in Coatbridge support Albion Rovers rather than one of the Old Firm? They would need to be at Championship sort of level for a few years to start to be taken seriously by a lot of people.
  8. Club Licencing

    Never been clear to me why that's unlikely and who has a vested stake in that being the boundary. We'll see if it gets addressed at the next SFA AGM, basically.
  9. Game of Thrones

    ...and for episode 6, where they could show some of what happens after the dust settles as a teaser for the sequel or feature films to come.
  10. Mathematical Certainty for 2019-20

    They messed up the wording by talking about bottom and second bottom rather than 15th and 16th, so that's not 100% clear cut. It was always likely that WW back in is the default position making this all academic. Having a club promoted from the EoS and Cove promoted to the SPFL is the scenario that relegates WW in a way that still opens a place for Sauchie.
  11. Mathematical Certainty for 2019-20

    ...although it could also be Preston, LTHV or Hawick or even Glasgow Uni on replacing Selkirk. Very unlikely but technically possible.
  12. Edusport Academy

    Bothwell Bridge Covenanters for some dodgy headline possibilities with the acronym, Hamilton Palace for local history buffs or Bellshill St Germain for some Gallic flair.
  13. Club Licencing

    They are registered members rather full members. Have to wonder whether other business got bumped due to dealing with the Alex McLeish issue? Although the awarding of licences is a big deal to the people posting on here, it's probably not viewed as a high priority by most people involved with the SFA.
  14. Game of Thrones

    Melisandre appeared to be planning to come back to die along with Varys, so odds on she has some sort of major part to play. Plenty of hints on the fire burning in her in the book as well, but there are often hints for multiple possibilities provided as was the case with John Snow's parentage, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything and may have been a red herring. There's a whole complicated side plot involving the Golden Company that I won't explain in case some of it happens, but it will be interesting to see what they get up to in the later episodes and whether they have their own agenda as Euron and the Ironborn might as well given Cersei has made her position vulnerable by driving away the rest of her family.
  15. The Star Wars thread

    A film trailer form of click bait basically. Think they'll play it very safe on the plot in a way that keeps most people entertained and happy and provides scope for plenty of sequels, which means nothing too radical can happen to either Rey or Kylo, with the former probably leading a newly founded "Skywalker Order" of force-sensitives following the teachings of Luke by the end, and the latter weakened quite a bit but still head honcho of the First Order doing his ein reich, ein volk und ein fuehrer thing with a subtle hint here and there that there is some sort of Donald Trump parallel.