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  1. Negativity abounds….Pars prepare to be McGlynned…that is all.
  2. And he knocked us out one of the cups that season we have shared pain as well as trophy’s.
  3. Just buy a home ticket…plenty of them available IMO.
  4. Yardley, you had to mention him didn’t you………fkn ell..
  5. The boy on the train…..unfortunately the queer like smell has gone with the demise of the linoleum factories, linseed oil, remember it so well growing up. Anyway hope you enjoy a good trip down to the Lang toon as it’s a bloody long way back after you’ve been pumped………..know the feeling well.
  6. We haven’t really seen him since last October really…
  7. The beveridge park for away fans five minute walk, or around the surrounding streets.
  8. Only place I’ve been to where the wind comes from fuckin everywhere
  9. Didn’t we also pump you in a televised game in the diddy cup semi final?
  10. Aye whatever…..won’t work if your mob keep pumping us though….sheesh….
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