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  1. Look what I found in the attic........discuss
  2. Best band ever .......should sponsor the blue toon to be honest.....a Balmoor name to live up to.
  3. yellow weather warning with floods possible now.....game in danger ?
  4. Will be interesting to see how far Clyde have come since the San starko pumping. Hopefully not miles......
  5. Twas i who started a thread called 'Mcgurns a witch burn him" after the ridiculous save v Ayr and it kind of stuck.......but it would not surprise me if his enchanted cauldron is utilised to cast spells on the unworthy.....
  6. Never saw Ray for yers bud so cant comment....
  7. Cliff Mitchelmore jings another one for the teenagers, The guy in the Shades is Ray Swift a Rovers supporting Manc who wos an old workmate of my good self and a certain Mr Alan Innes.
  8. Let's get the Lino doon lads there cow pats and sheep dip everywhere.....
  9. Call me a daft auld bugger but i remember us playing Clyde in the league around the turn of the melinium .....nurse.......
  10. Now is it a Roaring right back, left back, or centre back your looking for...........we are not sure who is who just now........
  11. My panic usually starts around the clocks..............
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