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  1. Also it’s “John McGlynns Blue and White army”.......so much wrongness in the first page mlaud......I can smell sheeeeite.....
  2. Ah nostalgia...... back to the tynecastle of the seventies ...
  3. Don’t pish on your hands..go see a clarinet player..
  4. Never mind lads Starkies and the Novar for you next season....
  5. Lads in true Jesse Jackson style last night I had a dream....not one of those....we had signed as our twin strikers ...Brian Graham and Ryan Hardy.....mibes aye mibes naw...
  6. Wee Bairdy what a legend, scores the winner in the diddy cup to beat sevco, then comes back to us and with a sublime finish against Forfar puts us back into the championship....roaring on.....love you wee man x
  7. Acht most points is obviously the fairest IMO A wee Moët and Chandon for you neebur or a brandy and ceegaur or perhaps all three......
  8. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/1252897/spfl-dundee-united-raith-rovers-cove-rangers-title/
  9. To the Vote Dundee Utd , Raith, Cove ...champions Patrick and Stranraer relegated Today’s info straight from the big hoose
  10. Is the Dunfermline game on repeat on Raith tv fancy watching it tonight wi a wee beer ?
  11. Jesus my eyes are bleeding with this post Cornea virus perhaps...
  12. It's getting the SFA to agree to allowing webcasts and you know what fuckwits they are......far too sensible an idea.
  13. I've just timed the first verse of Georgie Munro ( including chorus) at 30 seconds, if we agree to wash our hands to this ten times a day can we continue our fixtures ?
  14. Well that's the east fife game and the cup final totally fucked now....corona killjoy.
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