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  1. Any information of this ilk can be obtained by communicating with our resident soak Zen Archer…..
  2. How’s about ….We should have won and Yooz are jammy weegie b*****ds …type posts.
  3. Fife ..Cowdenbeath only place to vote in a communist MP…er what’s a Tory…
  4. Just think it’s great to have the two Scottish Glasgow teams in this league…CMYR..
  5. Looked good today ….technically gifted players, great to see easy on the eye but my favourite moment…when our centre half just blootered it oot the park…..clear yer lines son, clear yer lines ! It’s what we needed..
  6. Wonder if he’s ever thought about going into politics
  7. Question ..is there a better club coverage at this level than Raith TV well done lads knocking it out the park again.
  8. They are epitomy of their manager…a fuckin wee shithouse.
  9. Alas I remember it well ended up sitting next to some auld fart slavering on and on…..
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