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  1. Has anybody got the phone number for the mental health line...this is so bloody depressing...cue a 3-3 maybe?
  2. Hope everyone is ok after this ..I’m a wee bit worried about the gaffers health he’s been through enough recently.
  3. My moment of glory was in the early seventies at Stranraer we were up 3-2 at half time and full time...also remember sinking a quarter bottle of gin pre match ....ah the bovver boys days indeed....
  4. Jings crivvens help ma boab, some pish on here fae the Derry mob...
  5. Sick of scoring five.....we want six.....
  6. Fkn hate myself but I agree with all this.......
  7. Tried a steak Bridie out of the new Stephens up by the ice rink...it was thin floppy and fucking awful...nothing to the glorious meat fest bridies of bygone Derby days.....is it they have changed to a wee recipe for us wee team customers was a great disappointment......f**k the pars let's get it right up thum.....
  8. Mc Glynn to come back and man manage a win here...looie to make a surprise start and score the winner 3-2 with Manny scoring the other two you heard it here first. Cmon Rovers let’s get this lot pumped.
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