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  1. Jesus my eyes are bleeding with this post Cornea virus perhaps...
  2. It's getting the SFA to agree to allowing webcasts and you know what fuckwits they are......far too sensible an idea.
  3. I've just timed the first verse of Georgie Munro ( including chorus) at 30 seconds, if we agree to wash our hands to this ten times a day can we continue our fixtures ?
  4. Well that's the east fife game and the cup final totally fucked now....corona killjoy.
  5. Wan wan Rovers better fitbaw team....bring on the bridies
  6. Routine pumping of six fingered bairns from the wrong side of the Forth IMO.
  7. I reckon the signing of McLean and Anderson will give us the league, they both know how to fight, a comparison to Martin Hardie signing for the pars perhaps.The run in will be full of bloody noses for us all but we will need the experience in defence and up top, two intelligent footballers. We will prevail keep the faith.
  8. Would not surprise me in the slightest ..usual f**k up from the SFA...
  9. Raith TV ....broadcast in real time? Could use the commentary and turn down the volume if so.....please let it be...
  10. So sixties...James Hunt in the seventies sad thing is I knew what he meant.
  11. Bah humbug......nae moans......shite eh !
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