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  1. Zanata……technically gifted but takes too many touches I’m sure the bald one will get it sorted.
  2. Shouldn’t we be tweeting derogatory statements regarding the penalty miscreants as it’s all the rage nowadays….
  3. The bauld messiah says yes…good enough for me.
  4. The obviously awe inspiring comeback at Airdrie sparked by Davo’s Daftness.
  5. In the bald messiah I trust…….for Christ sake wind your necks in…
  6. You can’t ignore the pars centre forward…..he’s playing for them…so abuse has to be given only not of the racial variety…it’s how things are done in this county old chap.
  7. I think King would be a valuable addition to the squad and would fit into John’s way, if McGlynn goes for him he will have a very considered opinion of how he wants to play him,I trust the manager completely.
  8. Should have been red carded for foul and abusive IMO....I’m shocked what’s the game coming to.
  9. Ming ....I will have you know that that is McGlynn the merciless circa 2010 ...bow in the presence of greatness ...peasant.
  10. Hello....just to remind you the semi ain’t finished yet......that is all...
  11. Why are we arguing enough of this pish roll on Wednesday
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