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  1. XBL: pistolped7 madden 09, gta iv, fifa 09 (my brother has a loan of it just now), pes 09, skate 2, etc. Add me!
  2. Legends of Wrestlemania is a pretty simple game to get full gamerscore.
  3. Aalborg would murder Hearts. Kaunas would murder Stirling.
  4. Don't be worried about me, be more worried about the state of your club.
  5. Like JMDP and Makoliunas, who are basically a couple of diddies having a good laugh at Celtic and Rangers getting knocked out of Europe by teams that, if they faced Hearts or Stirling, would pummel them.
  6. You made out I was a failure in life.
  7. I'm a Celtic fan who supports Scotland. I totally agree, it's the small minority of weirdo bigots supporting the Republic of Ireland and those Rankers fans supporting Northern Ireland ahead of Scotland that disgusts me.
  8. I'm not hurt, Celtic are actually my local club, plus I think you're wrong to say I'm a failure in life.
  9. None hurt, because we're quite happy sitting top of the SPL at the present. Are you happy sitting in 5th in Division 2?
  10. I don't think you can comment on any Scottish Premier teams losses, you're in Division 2
  11. Divison 1 Unavoidable Relegation Going under in next three months
  12. You can't beat the likes of Livi, QOS and Ross County.
  13. Tell me, what's it like in Divison 2?
  14. Oh, that one, I see... although I have noticed they beat you 2-0 last year........just saying...............
  15. Well, i took your quote and here it is: Out of interest, who waves a British flag at a Scottish football ground? Not that there's anything wrong with it - not to those of us who aren't daft wee shortbread tin xenophobes, in any case - but my curiousity's been piqued.
  16. Well, it seemed a wee bit unfair to criticise people for waving Union Flags at football grounds in Scotland while your avatar is a Union Flag.
  17. Excuse me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember last season you had a catastrophe of your own. Finishing bottom of Division 1 below those footballing behemoths, Clyde.
  18. Theres nothing wrong with it, its just the " wee daft shortbread tin xenophobes " quote seemed to be a bit hypocritical.
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