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  1. 5 wins on the bounce eh! What a difference it makes playing 2 up top! Good to see us creating chances week in week out and playing some attractive football! I won't apologise for being critical of DY a few weeks ago but what a will say is a massive well done for turning things around, you have proved me and many others wrong and I'm delighted for him and long may it continue. The Docherty pen situation should never have happened and I'm hopeful the management will nip this in the bud, could have cost us the points on another day and it's not good to see! Anyway, well done again from a happy Fifer! [emoji108]
  2. I've got Raith on my coupon! Dumbarton fans can thank me on Sat night [emoji108]
  3. No easy games in this league and and things can change so quickly for Stenhousemuir just like it has for us! Our players are flying at the moment and confidence must be high! I don't care how we do it but fingers crossed it will be another happy Saturday night for all at EF! I'm looking forward to what will be another hard game against a side who will be hoping to end our wee winning streak! 2.1 EF
  4. Could do much worse I reckon! Players worked hard for him but his lack of experience at the time held him back. If there's no money to strengthen and board want promotion it's hardly a tasty job it? Cuthbert must stay
  5. What a difference a few weeks makes! Massive well done to management and players, long may it continue and the stay away fans start coming back to support the team.
  6. And won't be a laughing stock at same time! #roaringbackx2idontthinkso 🤣[emoji867]🤣
  7. Mon the Fife! Good luck to the team and supporters travelling down today [emoji108]
  8. I expected more from Airdrie too tbh, their supporters certainly seemed confident pre season, new dawn and aw this pish but they were poor! Maybe a bad day at the office or we just made them look bad, time will tell. Great to see the lads gain confidence, esp digging in deep and keeping the heads up after Airdrie scored and I was delighted with 3 points yday. Long may it continue! [emoji108]
  9. You fluked a draw last time round, next time you won't be so lucky! You lot are a laughing stock at the moment! Fingers crossed Smith gets the compo he wants for breach of contract. Pleasing [emoji108]
  10. Played better and lost! Best team won! Great 3 points against a poor Airdrie side. Well done EF! Pleasing
  11. The win over Partick Thistle will give us confidence! Fingers crossed we can take the 3 points in what will be a very tough game against one of the pre season favs. Any win will do! Mon the Fife
  12. #roaringback? You c***s are the ones who need to pipe down! Pleasing! Must be shit still being in the seaside league for a big ft club like you cants! 🤣[emoji108]🤣
  13. FFS just name Barry Ferguson or Nacho Noshow and we can all celebrate [emoji108]🤣
  14. Tough draw but as has been said thank f**k we didn't get a daft away tie that could ultimately cost the club a small fortune! Very difficult tie for us against a free scoring QOTS side but you never know with EF! I'm sure GN and SM will be looking forward to a return to New Bayview. [emoji106]
  15. I thought it was the speaker on my phone on the blink! Excellent highlights all the same
  16. Strange appointment for Rovers in the first place! Back to being a journalist! f**k um
  17. Must win game for Darren Young imo! Can't even be arsed saying anymore! 2.1 Fife
  18. But again can we actually afford to get rid of him? It's not as easy as saying "Thanks but no thanks Darren" he's on a 2 year contract that's got months to run and I'd imagine we would have to pay him off, money we don't have I wouldn't have thought and the pish crowds won't be helping! Who can we afford to take the job and who would want it? I'm not defending him in the slightest, his record would suggest he should have been punted by now. As I've said before, worrying times for us EF fans
  19. Must win game on Sat! Majority of supporters are getting sick fed up of this pish! Terrible record for DY but if the board don't have the cash to get rid or improve squad then I guess we're heading back to league 2. Arbroath game was never a 3.0 game in my eyes but it's the same mistakes time and time again and I'm afraid management have to take responsibility for that! Frustrating time for EF supporters
  20. The highlights package is about the only good thing at the club the noo [emoji85]
  21. The manager only has himself to blame! Losing Smith a real blow for any side at this level though . Yet another long struggle of a season. Thought it was a decent game and 3.0 didn't reflect the game at all but credit to Arbroath, i hope they win the league. Same shit different year for us! Predictable. f**k knows when I'll be back but no major rush, better things to do with my Sat afternoons than watch that pish. How many league games have we won in the last 30?
  22. Fair play for staying! Football a funny old game 🖒
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