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  1. Had heard that, even without putting on his boots still has a sponsor
  2. Certainly, Paul Dixon has been poor just wonder if the change from full time to part time has affected him, not sure what the ldea of playing him in front of Wilkie was but it did not suit him & was right hooked. As for Prince not sure if he is too keen to impress or what but when getting the ball never seems to gain control of it & loses it, also tends to dive in & will get himself in trouble. Saw the Elgin players complaining but did not actually see the incident with Jason he is one that does not like getting beat but needs to keep it in check. Thought towards the end of the season when Andy McDonald was playing further up the park he looked more comfortable. Hopefully we can avoid another battle of East End Park on Saturday although i still blame the ref and a certain Josh Fakenham who had everyone wound up, me especially
  3. Not good news, noticed Hamish Ritchie was back on crutches on Saturday not sure if he has had something done or if it is a case of giving it time. we have been unfortunate with having important players out for long spells Andy McCarthy has been a big miss as well
  4. Recruitment to replace so many losses has been hit or miss, still a few to clear paperwork hopefully we can strike lucky with some of them. The young lad from Millwall showed some great moves on his debut but has been away on international duty. Have said elsewhere we lack a steadying influence like we have had in the past in Raeside, Mann, Perry & Ferry think Paul Dixon may have taken in for that role but whether he has not adjusted from full to part time he has disappointed & should probably just be used if really short. The injuries Hamish was still on crutches yesterday and will not probably play this season McCarthys problem has gone on longer than was expected and as for Russell McLean has been no word for a while but we really could be done with him on the park not everyone's cup of tea but he can take a chance when offered which is something sadly lacking just now, O,Keefe looks like he could work if given some help up front.
  5. Has there been a new date fixed for this yet?
  6. Been there and done that, presume that wee toerag Fakenham has returned south. Not sure if Andy still has anything to do the Shire if not he will be more than welcome to join the Bluetoon faithful.
  7. Not enough, one too many more like
  8. Could always offer the SFA a bung, worked for the "B" teams
  9. Was it not meant to go on for another week after she went below decks or was that for the family only. Hopefully the rest of us plebs can get back to our miserable lives.
  10. Now that he has got rid of his mother now would be the ideal time for charlie to issue redundancy notices to himself and all the family he was quick enough to do so to his staff. She served a purpose that is no longer worth keeping going with the remaining cult members.
  11. He got a warning shot a while earlier that just went wide, would have been terrible not to have won with that strike. That ref was murder today but despite that when Kelty pushed on with the extra man we showed good determination to see it out for a vital first win of the season. Hopefully we should get stronger as we still gave 9 players unavailable today.
  12. Just had a look at this for anyone that had tickets for todays game FC Edinburgh @FC_Edinburgh · Follow In light of today's announcement regarding the postponement of this weekend's fixtures. Purchased tickets will remain valid for the rearranged fixture date, we will inform all fans SOON If you wish a refund please email directly - [email protected] *refund 5-7 days
  13. Just all seems a bit OTT a minutes silence would be enough & let those that want get on with their lives
  14. Thats presuming it is only this weeks games that are affected, with the funeral and week of mourning spoken about it could be 3 weeks without a game if they stick to their guns
  15. Aye even worse for part-time sides that need to get players time off from their work & general loss of revenue at this time. Even if the funeral is next week they say there would be another week of Mouring after that, could be like another pre-season by the time teams get back to playing with the precedent now set
  16. Wonder when this will be arranged for. Bad enough cancelling games anyway but more so for part-time sides it will involve probably if played during the week getting time off for players & all the usual drawbacks. Would be not so bad if clashing with the funeral but that probably a week away then they say a week of mourning after that, ridiculous. So now rather than see their team play on Saturday a lot of folk will just head down the pub for a few pints rather than stay at home wailing for the departed. It would have been much more sensible to continue with games until it is all over.
  17. Remember seeing some of them years ago at Pittodrie & Ibrox mainly
  18. Could always do a bit of racing round the track at half-time
  19. With our form might be best just to stay in the car
  20. Whats the story with entry to games. Is there a method of buying away tickets online or is PATG an option. For smaller away supports is it possible to get a seat or not
  21. https://www.peterheadfc.org/.../a-letter-from-the-chairman/
  22. Said last week we need to make ourselves hard to beat for a start, Alloa fans are saying it is the easiest win they can remember & having been there difficult to argue with them. Again some experienced players missing the young players are either going to have to learn quick or be left out. I always try to be optimistic in regard to the club but difficult to see much light at the end of the tunnel without getting players back that can make a difference.
  23. Finally got there this morning, although i had an account from last time found it more complicated than most, by the time i got the checkout i had applied for 4 tickets for myself so had to go back and adjust. Hopefully the game is more straightforward. See you Saturday.
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