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  1. Anyway in an attempt to get back to what i was trying to say, I am fully in favour of the pyramid to allow teams to progress to higher levels on merit. What i am against is what is happening in the Lowland League by allowing teams using it as a plaything & bribing their way into it and so denying teams lower down in the pyramid a place in the league
  2. Ellon United Football Club are a Scottish football club from the town of Ellon, Aberdeenshire. Members of the Scottish Junior Football Association, they currently play in the North Super League. That would be one of my options if the league places are continued to be sold off. There would also be the Highland League that appear to have a bit more integrity than the Lowland version.
  3. Noticed Josh in the squad so well done to him. Sure with game time he will develop into a fine player for Dundee. Anymore like him requiring a bit of development feel free to send them up to Peterhead
  4. I'm willing to give you any odds you want that the colts will be in League Two within five seasons. Have always said that if that comes to pass i would not be going to follow my team in the Scottish League, if they sell out would go to watch junior or Highland League providing they have not sold out as well. No way should teams be allowed to have more than one team in the actual league system.
  5. Have not seen anything official yet, hopefully its a done deal.
  6. Most leagues are run for the benefit of actual members not chopped & changed to suit a couple hangers on
  7. Disappointed Gary did not give us at least a season after being well looked after by the club. Hopefully the rest will stay but having the squad & training split between Glasgow/Dundee maybe starting to be a problem with Si Ferry not involved.
  8. If they play for the senior side they aren't allowed to play for the B side in the same window is my understanding. Given the lowland league was over it was irrelevant So who are they actually contracted to during the season?
  9. Are the B teams not meant to be a separate squad or can they move back and forth as they please. How does it work if booked for one team while playing for the other. Who signed off on the lowland league regs Boris it has his mark on it, bung some cash at it and make things up as you go
  10. Not sure about letting him go, on one year deals not a lot you can do to avoid players moving on, bit surprized with him dropping down a league it may be less travel for him
  11. The question now is will Lenny Wilson finally get the No1 spot or will we get another "keeper" we have been very fortunate with that position for as long as i can remember
  12. Not sure where he lives, presume travel may have come into it. Noticed the other day Joshua Rae had left QOTS to go to Carlisle. Brett had some tremendous games for us but had a few howlers as well.
  13. The reason i mentioned the six game unbeaten run had nothing to do with Jordan playing but because as mentioned a FEW supposed supporters seemed to be hoping for failure to end Jims tenure as manager as it turned out we started getting results that we deserved. As for the appointment being an improvement on having Simon in the role, he was moving on so we needed to replace him Jim knows Jordan well and must think he is capable of taking on the coaching role and if fit is a decent player to have probably on the bench possibly more of a threat than Del was.
  14. Well done Bonnyrigg on your escape from the joke league
  15. Off course yourself & a FEW others were underwhelmed when we went six games unbeaten at the end of the season to avoid the play-off. No idea how Jordan will work out as a coach but he is enthusiastic & Jim who has a few years in the game must trust him so am happy to get behind him as most will
  16. Sporting integrity of the league PRICELESS or should be
  17. Has the Hearts bribe to join been accepted yet?
  18. Would make sense to have covered terrace for away supports that should increase in numbers in the championship. Not sure how big a hospitality set up Cove have it can be a good earner. The club seem to be happy with their finances but it starts going to a new level if spending cash on ground & players, not sure if the home support will change much with the step up but they have got most things right for a good while.
  19. Could be worse could start selling league places to the highest bidders who can effect the outcome but not win it. Went to the game yesterday as a neutral and although it did not hit the heights think the play-offs have kept the interest going much longer into the season than used to be the case .Prefer a visit to Annan next season again but good luck to both the finalists
  20. As a neutral have to agree it was a game of two halves, Forfar in the first & Annan allowed into it in the second. Could have been forgiven for thinking it was just another 3 points that was available not a chance to climb a league. A few good young players on show for Forfar one i believe on loan from Livi who kept himself busy throughout and the young 22 who must have thought he had scored before Greg Fleming pulled off a great save. As was said with the pen coming so late it was too little too late for the Loons
  21. They sold out a show at the Hydro recently which holds thousands, cant say i have heard it myself but obviously has a decent following certainly more than most LL clubs by the looks of it.
  22. Took a signing on fee from us Supporters club) at Peterhead, played a few games then said he was packing fitba in then a wee while later he signed for Pollock i think, he is a chancer
  23. McCluskey must be due to pocket another signing on fee before disappearing
  24. Why how would allowing full time pros of any age play against each other be worse than than allowing a limited number of teams enter a league that they cannot win against mainly part time jobbers and at the same time deny the clubs the pyramid was meant to promote.
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