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  1. Driving down so will not be able to partake, hopefully a good day for the Toon but well done Strollers for some good deals.
  2. Do the council not charge to park for Shire games, anytime we have played Falkirk they charge £4 to park behind the away stand.
  3. We tend to do the right thing as a rule. As a season ticket holder we have got the streaming included with it since lockdowns started. Unlike a lot of other clubs all our home cup ties are included with a season ticket as well.
  4. Did contact the club a couple days back to mention folk were not too happy about the stream, the problem was found too late but good the club are willing to do the right thing as usual. The system is not the best but has been improving with time. Prefer going to the games but for those who cant Pixalot is better than nothing.
  5. Just had a look at the match stream & it is poor, not sure if the camera angle has been altered or something but it seems to pick up our dugout & the linesman quite a lot. Also the lights on the far side have a lot of glare not sure if they have been altered either. This was the first game really under the lights this season so maybe needs looking at. Most clubs with the pixalot system have trouble with quality but ours had improved but did not look good yesterday. Thankfully i can say "i was there"
  6. Luckily enough i go to games so dont have to rely on streaming although its included in our season ticket. The system did seem to have improved since starting but went on today to have a look at yesterdays events. but no sign of Queens goal, lead up to penalty unclear then for our winner the camera was left further behind play than the Queens defence. Not sure if worth trying to run the whole game but with it being a remote system not sure what tweaks can be done to improve it.
  7. First half was concerned we were going to have another 90 minutes of chasing shadows like last week, conceding another soft goal did not help. Having quite a number of regular starters missing the team held out to half time just one down. Second half was the polar opposite with us winning first & second balls and pressing Queens at every chance. Rusty made a difference with his presence but Grant Savory deservedly won the MOTM award for a fine shift all over the park, if he can carry on like that he will be well worth the 2 year deal he recently got. Important 3 points for us after a lean spell. Notice a few Queens supporters having a go at Simon Murray did shout at him today he may be as well concentrating on his Xmas job as Kevin The Carrot at Aldi with his mop
  8. See Boris must be thinking its safe to come out again after all the grown up have gone home from Glasgow. He is going to address the nation at 5pm apparently with important information, makes the cash spent on his briefing room & flags all well worth the cash. How much waffle will he manage.
  9. Heard that, funnily enough the last couple weeks he has been poor compared to earlier.
  10. There was a time earlier in the league it looked like any team could beat each other, the wheat is now beginning to be separated from the chaff. Airdrie, Queens Park, & Cove have looked a class above. Falkirk, Montrose & Alloa in the middle order could go either way. Afraid the also rans include ourselves, Clyde, Dumbarton & east Fife. On todays evidence there is a big gap between the better teams and the rest.
  11. There was a game played on the park before the official opening. But it was just a bounce game . First game was v Clach.Score 2-1 for Clach. Colin G. Asked the person who has just finished writing a book on our history. We were still in the Highland League when moving into Balmoor before joining the League. First league game was against Montrose in the 2000/2001 Season on 5th Aug, Herd scored the first league goal at Balmoor
  12. The keeper will be happy most of his teammates had turned away as well so did not see it . Camera did not make our defending any better for their goals
  13. Do Airdrie show highlights somewhere, the Fife branch of our support left before our "spectacular" late goal . Thought Ryan Conroy may have started yesterday if fit, moved from left back to midfield for a couple games before injury & looked better there, we miss Si Ferry in that role one of those players you dont notice until not playing.. Back on to culinary matters a proper Rowie/Buttery is braw & worth a go, mentioned earlier was impressed with the Airdrie mince pie top of the league so far
  14. Me & my big mouth . Honestly was sitting waiting for the ref to blow halftime & thinking it had been quite a boring 1st half then having plenty chance to clear the ball we give it away in our box & go in one down. Disappointed with our display in defence our players were onlookers for the other two goals & even had an Airdrie player for clearing the ball off our goal line. Think the only thing that kept the score down was Airdrie overplaying things in the box. We are missing Niah Payne as he is physical enough to help take the load off McLean who was unlucky with a fine shot that hit the bar. Will be interesting to see our goal not sure who it was for us just went for a clearance up the park the keeper tried to show his ball control but kicked it in instead. Thought both teams probably could have played better but Airdrie deserved the win. Special mention to the mince pies best i have had in the league for sometime
  15. As mentioned did not get an e-mail to print my ticket for visiting on Saturday. Phoned the club and the girl was able to check my order & send out my ticket for printing off, turned out there was a letter mising off my e-mail address. As mentioned by others staff were very pleasant & helpful. All i need now is for The Bluetoon to turn up & not give Airdrie a 3 goal start. Thanks to all who tried to help.
  16. Not sure if streaming is good for clubs or not, most clubs seem to have lost punters through the gates. It had certainly helped when no crowds allowed but before that games were not allowed to be shown when games being played 3pm on a Saturday
  17. Thanks for the advice folks, will re-check but it seemed to go through, think i found it on the website & went matches, then selected tickets for the Peterhead game. Had bother with the Falkirk game down there& had to contact their office to get sorted. Should maybe have left it until tomorrow but sure it will work out in the end.
  18. Tried and thought i had bought & paid for one this morning but no e-mail conformation. Tried to e-mail & phone the club a few times during the day but nobody replies, is this usual?
  19. Not like wastemonster who quite happily allowed sewage dumping into their voters waterways
  20. Was it Watson that got a very early bath on his debut in the game at Balmoor?
  21. If its got a Jack then it goes back, on the shelf
  22. How is entry working for away supporters at yours, is it pay at the gate or do we need to buy tickets online it seems to vary from club to club. Cheers
  23. Not sure what went on in the lead up to it but when i looked across Dillon had a kick at Rusty who was on the deck at the time, luckily it was right in front of the far side linesman who made the ref aware, just as well as the main stand linesman and the ref had blind spots for various things, one a blatant handball no more than 10 yards in front of him. Luckily they did not get their usual pen as most of their dives were outside the box today. A bit disappointing not to get the 3pts but another clean sheet at least
  24. One of those you would rather have for you than against. Gets away with murder at times & has to be put under pressure
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