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  1. Cheers for the info guys hopefully my team turn up on the day. How is parking around Firhill?
  2. Whats the story with attending games at Firhill as an away supporter, do Queens sell tickets online or can you PATG on the day. Cheers
  3. Wish i had put my money where my mouth was today, said before leaving the house Gavin Duncan will give Cove a pen & Rory will put it away, fair play to him he did what he was expected to do but showed a bit of decorum after slotting it away. Scott Ross on the other hand came over to the side shouting & bawling all sorts of obscenities to folk that used to pay his wages, hopefully he gets the worst of one of his wild tackles & suffers for it. As for the game fairly even affair, at the time nobody seemed to know if the ref had given a pen or a freekick to us but we should know not to give a ref any excuse as we always come out on the wrong end of things
  4. There are highlights on the streaming service but presume you would have to subscribe, also think goals can be seen on the SPFL Youtube site which covers most of the games i think
  5. Will the Clyde support be comfortably seated for this & remain in them for the full 90 minutes?
  6. Anyone know why Clyde supporters were not able to sit in the stand, were the club concerned they may claim squatters rights as they have all over the Glasgow area. Also whats the story with Danny Lennon in a suit & tie does he have a job interview coming up or is he due in court at the start of the week
  7. Its the only realistic chance of an Aberdeen side winning anything this season. Did the Smokies play a weakened side
  8. He seems a much better player now than when he left us, has scored a few for us already in what has been a difficult wee spell, hopefully we can get back on track and Russell gets more chances
  9. The Brochers should have taken the chance to throw him in the sea the same as his party did to the fishermen.
  10. As long as the pie hut is open she should behave
  11. Aye got today, treating the wife to a trip to Methil, ken am all heart
  12. Cheers, presume East Fife sell them on the website?
  13. But they are only meant to stink the league out for one season "are they not?"
  14. Are the club starting pay at the gate for away supporters yet or do we need to purchase tickets online for saturdays game?
  15. Been a bug bear of mine for a while that Ryan feels the need to come over from his own position to take all the corners as if nobody else could take at least some of them, Stevie Noble used to do the same then was out of position when the other team broke up the park. We had a spell that if we won a corner the other team had nearly as much chance of scoring on the break as we did from the corner. Think we should be trying to get Ryan facing play as much as possible as we saw saw yesterday if turned it can take his good foot out of play resulting in the penalty. As for freekicks think he was unlucky once but more often than not missed the target. Dont want to pick on him but the corner thing has been going on for ages without bearing much goals so needs changed.
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