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  1. Just wondered as i heard away team had to be allowed some tickets. We have had our capacity just now set at 246 so season ticket holders only, last couple games Cove got 28 tickets to sell and yesterday there seemed to be some more Alloa supporters at the game. Will wait and see what happens during the week
  2. How restricted is entry at TFS just now for away support?
  3. Is there a limit to how many kids you can claim family allowance for or is that just for normal folk, would be funny if Cummings gave Carrie one as a leaving present to the Johnson tribe.
  4. Was good to see Payne get off the mark as he works away non-stop so his 1st goal for us will do no harm/Rusty is much more involved now than he was when we had him before. Would hope our midfield could chip in a few goals this season with Scott Brown, Ritchie & Cameron all able, we nearly had a real collectors item with Simon Ferry brining out a save from your keeper from 20 yards out unheard of normally 😄
  5. Good camera work from Alloa team, commentator must have misread the map saying both scorers were playing for Montrose. Nice change from the pixalot camera.
  6. Satisfying win to get the league started, we usually take a while to get going so this is just what we needed if we can build confidence on the back of it think we could do ok. Different side this season, we seem more willing to close teams down earlier & want to pass the ball forward rather than just side to side. We have a few youngsters in the side but they are not frightened to take the ball & use it. The one thing i would like to see is a bit more variation in corners and freekicks we seem to be back to when Steven Noble was with us now replaced by Ryan Conroy every corner taken bye the same player normally with similar results then a left back having to go back and forth the length of the pitch every time when i am sure we have other players capable of delivering balls into the box without leaving a gap to be covered at the back. Rusty is a improved player all over the park and good to see Payne get reward for the good work he provides.
  7. https://www.traffic-update.co.uk/traffic/peterhead.asp If travelling to the game best check if main road is still closed & allow extra time if it is
  8. Cove Rangers sign former Aberdeen right back Shay Logan (33), a 3 year deal AGAIN, maybe Rory can teach him to be a real plumber in 3 years 😅
  9. Would need to check with the club, last weeks game against Cove they got given 28 tickets to sell which they did to their season ticket holders, possibly still a few weeks before things change. The game will be streamed via our usual channels
  10. In your position you should ask to be included in the Cove huddle 😄
  11. Aye good luck for the season, we have been in the nearly qualified position in this cup before think we missed out with 9 points but dipped out on gd. Noticed that there was word of a cash gate today was this for home supporters? did wonder about going down but did not chance it.
  12. Think we all know its nothing to do with the Scottish national team, the important thing is to make sure that when their year in the Lowland League is up they are banished to where they belong in the sea
  13. Did not really think about it at the time but is Ryan Strachan injured just now as did not see him listed today. Happy with the performance today from our point of view but would have been more satisfying if there had been league points at stake. Although we have a number of new players this season we seem to be gelling more quickly than Cove maybe have. Early days yet & the game of no great importance but a nice we boost for the winners.
  14. Check the stop press column in the Sunday Post, if its a slow news day they may get a mention/
  15. Was happy enough from our point of view although would have been happier if we had tested Gordon. Hearts moved the ball around ok & gradually wore us down as full time fitness told. Not sure how Hearts will get on back in the Premier they could struggle for goals but all the best to them.
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