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  1. See todays draw has certainly created huge interest, when do the C Teams join in
  2. We have no strikers at all meantime, the trialists we have used have in general failed to impress. The keeper that started for us did ok and could be offered a deal maybe as we dont have any signed yet. Although not on the team sheet Lyall Cameron played second half for Dundee and did well, unfortunately Josh Mulligan went in late on McCarthy who had to be helped from the park. Hope Dundee go on to have a fine season but will be faced with stiffer opposition than we provided today.
  3. It is also a 2pm kick off, usually able to get space on surrounding streets
  4. Why have the Irish teams gone from this, know there were problems for them playing if reaching later rounds.
  5. Would have thought they maybe did not want to play in it with the Cinch name on it
  6. Be interesting to see what would happen if they were to sign Goodwillie
  7. The last time they tried to inflict B-Teams into the league it did not even get as far as a vote as clubs/fans made it clear they did not want it. Hopefully it will end up in the bin for once and for all.
  8. Peterhead win 5-4 on pens after drawing 1-1 in 90mins against Inverurie Locos in the Elgin centenary tournament at Borough Briggs. Final against Elgin City tomorrow
  9. We are up at Elgin this weekend for a tournament so will maybe get some idea how we are shaping up. If Russell not involved will know he will be on his way. Think Jim is still looking a few to come in.
  10. Scott Ross was ten times worse, did not really notice it from Ryan
  11. Dont panic Mr Mainwaring. Jim apparently has a few ready to sign & checking out players from England in a closed doors game this week. Details on our site today.
  12. Trying to remember was it Queens he came to us from, had a decent season for us and returned to Palmerston when contract up.
  13. Would not be so bad but after losing Josh & Brett in the last two seasons Lenny Wilson who was number 2 was expected to get his chance but he went and signed for Brechin for the coming season so in the meantime we have no keepers signed. Jim may have to ask Paul Mathers if he still has his gloves.
  14. Thought there were four owners including Si with him being manager of the team. Think he will do well in the coaching side of things as he was taking sessions while with us at Peterhead and was highly rated. Dont know how the club ownership thing will go certainly dont seem to have generated much interest to supporters in the past. Hope Si does not get his fingers burnt with this as always liked him while with us but believe they are one of the bad guys regarding votes for Colts and opening up relegation/promotion slots from the LL so will not lose any sleep if it goes pete tong and ends in tears.
  15. Will the rules for clubs streaming their games to the UK revert back to pre-covid times now. I always go to games myself but have seen a few folk saying they would be happy paying to watch a clubs stream to avoid having to travel. As far as i am aware games could only be streamed live to folk living abroad previously. not sure if clubs made cash off the service or not, how do other feel about it?
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