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  1. Actually used to sponsor Cammy when he was with us on loan, saw the footage and was disappointed to see him at it. Seems to have been a bit of a rift between the the clubs now, started when Dundee used all three of their loans to us who we presumably helped pay the wages of were used by them to play against us for their B team in the challenge cup. Think everyone at the club would hope Josh Mulligan goes on to do well for Dundee but strangely since he was recalled the other two Dundee loan players seem to have disappeared from the squad.
  2. Dual carriageway all the way to Ellon its no bother now with the AWPR.. A home draw is ok but if Dundee are still struggling then may not be a money-spinner either, on the other hand we sometimes raise our game against higher league opposition
  3. Could have been him sitting next to Ryan Conroy in the stand yesterday.
  4. Yes a neutral something we have been suffering for ages, we continually pass the ball back and across at the back then need a centre half to punt the ball over our midfield. Today we missed Scot Brown as he is the one most likely to take the ball off the defenders and carry it to and beyond the midfield. Today we gave the ball away far too often sometimes even without being under pressure. We certainly do not try enough shots around the box trying to pass the ball in. It was never a very comfortable afternoon for us & was amazed how well our penalties were taken. Dundee in the next round is a bit disappointing as they should be able to get past us without getting a big crowd but you never know.
  5. Fae good stock then, Ray always gave a full 90 minutes.
  6. Oh well that will help pay a few bills. Is Yule any relation of Ray Yule ex Peterhead & Cove?
  7. Cove did themselves proud & full time fitness was the main difference between the sides, What was the attendance last night?
  8. Hopefully Dundee decide one way or the other before the window closes again, if they are just going to have him warming the bench he might be better back getting games with us am sure we would be happy to have him. Would obviously like to see him make it at Dens but if not this season next.
  9. Had a lot of bother with injury with us but a decent player on his day
  10. Good to hear Nicky Low featuring remember thinking he was going to be a decent player when seeing him for the Dons reserves when they played at Balmoor but he seemed to go off the radar for a while.
  11. Has Ben Armour been injured all season or is he not one of Barrys boys?
  12. Missing Jason yesterday left us short of options under normal circumstances a back four of Wilson, Brown, McDonald & Duffy should do the job & avoid having to use Scott Brown or McCarthy back there. Jim saying he is hoping to get two in but more will be leaving will have to see if that is all 3 from Dundee, not sure how long we can wait for Cook & decide what happens with the two we have out on loan, sadly even after a decent spell of rest Si Ferry could not last a half so a solution needs to be looked at with him as well. After all the effort put into getting Gary Fraser fixed we have stick with him & hope he comes back before the end of the season.
  13. Aye Love is a despicable cheat and deserved to be ignored as he did it a number of times yesterday and the ref knowing he was at it should have booked him for it. As for Ryan Duncan not sure if he could be more involved by moving more central as it appeared he had the game pass him by for long spells by staying wide.
  14. Although miles ahead in all the stats it looked like it was going to be another of those days, not converting chances & switching off at the back to allow the Clyde players to form a queue to head in without a challenge was going to cost us the points. Just as well we had Scott Brown to get his usual goal late on. We are far too cumbersome in our build up play with so many passes going sideways or backwards. We will miss Mulligans direct running & can only hope that players brought in to replace the Dundee boys add to our play.
  15. Played a number of positions for us but usually on the right or central
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