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  1. Mason has been playing in the states, Davy was asked if he would return to Balmoor said he enjoyed his previous spell at the club but did not appear to be buy one get one free meantime.
  2. Was up to see David introduced to the support yesterday, said we were getting a different person from what he used to be. Seems to be keen to be involved in more than picking the team. Big job on his hands but think he has shown he is up for a challenge
  3. We had our spell after half-time when we pushed Queens back but again us not having a striker meant we did not manage to score. Overall Queens players were sharper & put some good passing together & were the better team.. Not sure if the 1st was a deflection or a flick that sent it in, for the 2nd the player took full advantage of being given a free kick as he moved the ball nearly 10 yards from where it happened to give himself a good angle to the near post & the keeper did not get there.
  4. Were the crowd within walking distance of the pitch, that would have been off putting for Edinburgh/City/Fc
  5. Would imagine he would not play against his parent club, had a few good games early in the season but was out injured for a while. Wilkie from Dundee has been playing regular for us will depend on whether they dont want him cup tied. Also Hewitt from Ayr. Hopefully Aberdeen will allow Ritchie our keeper to play although the way things have gone for us this season nothing would surprise me
  6. For the record Jim resigned and was not sacked, he gave us his all for 11 years, personally always said Jim would know when to go and decided now was the time. Not sure where the financial problems came from, yes we dont have a sugar daddy Gretnaesque but the club is well run and we get along ok. This season has been a struggle after 14 good players moved on in the close season Savoury being one and we struggled to field a team in the league not being able to field trialists and that carried on to the start of the league. May not have the new manager in for Saturday but Davy Nicholls has said he will cover until one is in place.
  7. I did try to add one of your players to be considered, not sure if he would be thinking of a managers job but Sean Dillon was my shout
  8. Jim did the right thing today and stayed at home with his feet up, some of his potential replacements were at the game today but had not been impressed with what they saw
  9. Cant think of any games at Balmoor being off for waterlogged pitch, seems to be problems with flooding on some roads. Think tomorrow is meant to be wet & windy so will have to wait & see.
  10. Dont park across the road at McDonalds it is 2hrs and you will probably be sent a parking charge from a company down in England. Some say you can ignore these but i decided to pay the £50 as they threaten to eventually handover to debt collectors. We are due back on Dec 24th i think but am considering giving Meadowbank a miss until the whole matchday experience is improved
  11. Over the years Jim was a friend to many supporters who could be approached anytime, would be happy if he could be found a position in the club as his contacts & knowledge would i am sure be worth keeping
  12. Jim managed to rebuild teams a few times over his 11 year spell in charge. After losing 14 players in the summer then having a few missing the early season, Ritchie , McLean & McCarthy the league cup put us in a bad place before it started we only had 8 players & with no trialists allowed could not be too choosy in signings we only got a keeper in the day before playing the first game, this set a trend of struggling which we are only beginning to recover from. Not sure where we will find a replacement. Thought if not looking for anything else Jim might have been offered a place upstairs so to speak has certainly been a great servant to the club.
  13. Jim has now resigned, always said he would walk away if he thought he could not turn it round. No idea who will replace him Davy Nichols to take charge meantime. Ps did hear Carre was signing for Utd in January
  14. Hopefully not bit hit or miss taking in players at this level from abroad. We signed a young Egyptian released from Millwall looked great in his 1st game played a couple more and now thinks he is too good for this league so has not even made the squad for the last 3 games. Had a Ugandan defender that took ages to get clearance for, played a couple games but missed yesterday through injury. There is a Dutchman that is signed but cannot come until January as he is classed as amateur in Holland. We had another French guy that played a couple times as trialist in the last few weeks but has now signed at Arbroath. After losing 14 players in close season it has been a real merry go round just starting to see a few returning after long term injuries and not had a real striker all season.
  15. Julien Carre was a free agent, had previously been down in England with B Team at Brighton & Brentford came from league 1 in France has done pretty well although just back from suspension with a sending off.
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