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  1. No disrespect meant but honestly thought Jack would have been setting his sights higher than Albion. His form dropped off a bit last season for us, can be a very good player on his day but sometimes gets a bit casual & plays a lot of attempted passes without looking, he did score a few goals for us. Presume he was offered a deal with us but for whatever reason did not take it .Wish him well.
  2. In the sea with the twat hopefully never to be seen or heard of again.
  3. Difficult to see how its going to be good news for us, would think it must be a technical matter regarding the contract or perhaps Scott has had an offer of maybe full time which i would think we would not stand in the way of.
  4. Agree we did not get to see too much of him last season but very disappointed he has gone thought he could have developed into a real leader for us at the back.
  5. Looked ok at times against us last season, & possibly scored at Balmoor
  6. Old firm Ladies must be the next step.
  7. There will be lots of players looking for contracts i would imagine. We usually go with a fairly small squad & depending on who gets resigned from last season would not expect us to take in players not ready to challenge for a 1st team place as we have no youth team to play them in.
  8. Apparently Jim & the chairman have met to approve the budget for this season so Jim can now begin recruiting for the season ahead.
  9. He has been sick for a long time, see today he is basically washing his hands of the pandemic and just saying to employers & councils to sort things out
  10. After english voters giving them a blank cheque with a big enough majority to please themselves the only way to go is to wash our hands of them asap. Cummings is obviously in charge just a case of whether he is working for himself or his Russian friends
  11. Aiden Smith & Scott Hooper are from Annan area, the club go out of their way to ease the travel to get players to the club.
  12. Aye you have got a quality keeper in Greg Flemming, fine shot stopper now & then gets under a cross but fine keeper. Think travel was his problem with us./
  13. Yes remember that day it was during Scottish Week roads were a nightmare with everyone parking up to see the Red Arrows. The 50/50 draw raised £37,950 half going in prizes half to the club & also £3795 being donated to the clubs nominated charity.
  14. A couple typical pearls of wisdom from Boris the other day The country is in quite a deep hole & the only way out of it is to keep digging, And his belief in his beloved Whack a Mole system, while he is busy waiting for one to show itself there probably two poking their heads up laughing behind him Hardly likely to inspire much confidence in his leadership.
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