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  1. IF he had it the only thing to be sorry about was his remarkable recovery once the heat on him had died down a bit.
  2. Makes sense to allow the lad to train & possibly play for his parent club. Has done well for us & will be welcome back if shutdown ends & Dundee allow him back.
  3. He has been great for us, still learning but bags of potential. Pity we cannot give him game time due to circumstances. Hopefully he gets & takes his chance back at Dundee he will have the best wishes from all at the Bluetoon. If not being used when/if we get started again he is more than welcome back.
  4. Has Hancock answered the question yet? 🤑
  5. Presumably players will not be able to continue with normal training either, after 3 weeks off & no training it will be like another close season difficult to see how season can be completed under these restrictions
  6. There will be a live stream from us which can be accessed on the club page for registering
  7. He should have asked his assistant Mr Ross to assist oh wait a minute he is allegedly leader of the Scottish Conservative & UNIONIST Party so would be totally unbiased.
  8. Thought Mr Dross might have taken his wee union jack flag to wave since he was on the telly today. Whats the odds of the Dons having a last minute equaliser flagged for being offside.
  9. Would imagine it could end up on telly, not sure how tv cash works out this season or the share of streaming if not.
  10. Si Ferrys red from Saturday is being appealed, after watching it its felt that it was a trip that merited a yellow not a straight red,
  11. Wondered why he rarely featured when we were down to the bare bones.
  12. As i say have not seen it someone thought it was maybe classed as last man but Jordan Brown was not far away. Was rubbing my hands when i noticed Rory had picked up a booking, in the past it would have been odds on ge would have nipped the refs head until he got a second one, was always frustrating when it happened but with the standard of officials you can understand players getting frustrated, with not getting to games and having to watch officials in action live reckon it should have extended my life expectancy quite a bit, have even stopped taking the tablets since Mr Stephen Finnie retired (bluetoon fans will know what i mean) 🥵
  13. As i thought missing players in important positions the ones i thought of pre-match was either Armour or Layne upfront to give us a chance of winning & keeping ball in attack, & also McKenzie at the back who when playing can dominate high balls & gives us a bit more composure at the back which is all well & fine but no use playing one week out of every three. Did not see the game so cannot really comment on the red cards we tend not to get too many favour from officials who are in general of a poor standard to all teams.
  14. Seems we could be missing some important players again, problem that seems never-ending this season.. Would take a boring 0-0
  15. Cant believe how many folk say he has just been unlucky with so much going on but am afraid he is a complete buffoon who has failed at everything he has done apart from breeding.
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