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  1. They would in a empty hoose, ideal result would be for a scurry to dump the equivalent weight of a full size bridie of shite on that moaning auld twat of a stewards heid (not the ginger one the other one). By the way my original mails to the club about your stewarding seems to have ground to a halt, I was warned by Forfar supporters this would probably be the outcome but did not realise Boris had taken over at Forfar.
  2. Cheers was asked to get some for a guy that normally goes but there is a Xmas bash on at Balmoor on Sat night so could be a few of our regulars missing as doing both not an option. A good set up at Airdrie with the lounge at the ground fine. Our programme is now done online but is free to all as was deemed uneconomic to produce a option in print.
  3. Do Airdrie publish programmes still, quite a few clubs don't bother now & have been asked to get some if you do them for somebody that cant make the game.
  4. Ah well the result on Saturday is immaterial now just hope your new pies live up to the Forfar bridies at our last away game, also unlikely that your stewards will position themselves about 18 inch in front of our faces like that neep at Station Park did. 😵
  5. Had to look back the highlights of the game at Balmoor as I could not remember it off hand. We certainly competed ok & were undone by a softish penalty. Hopefully we can compete again on Saturday with possibly the score the other way round. There have been a couple games this season we did not turn up but on the whole we have been doing ok but not getting a break in front of goal, will be down as usual & would settle for a scabby og as a winner if its for us.
  6. It is an odd league where on their day any one of the teams can beat any of the others, think saying we are now a form team after losing to the 2nd bottom team 2 weeks ago & beating the bottom team last week hardly qualifies as super form. In saying that for some time we have been playing ok for parts of games but are struggling to convert chances into goals & wins.
  7. Following a familiar pattern this season playing ok in spells without being entirely convincing, wondered if we were going to shoot ourselves in the foot when Stranraer were awarded a pen for something, nobody seemed to sure exactly what it was for or who had given, anyway a fine double save from Greg Fleming and we eventually managed to put it to bed with a late goal.
  8. Have had a e-mail from Mr McGregor your chairman today saying the safety officer had been away at the weekend but was looking into my original report from Saturday so it looks as if it is getting attention. Get the impression that some Forfar supporters have resigned themselves to just having to put up with things which is a bit disappointing it might be worth supporters letting them know of problems. As mentioned Saturdays incident was something or nothing that would have passed by if a particular steward had not been so unreasonable in his attitude.
  9. Had a few e-mails from Iain Reid the safety officer yesterday but it would be unfair to make them public on here. He has said he will check the cctv from Saturday & if need be have words with the stewards involved, seems a genuine enough guy, will see if there is any more word about it. I did mention that there were no Forfar fans involved young or old, the whole thing was something or nothing which could have easily been avoided with some common sense & less confrontational attitude from one of them.
  10. Have had a reply from the safety officer who although not at Saturdays game has ask for details & will check cctv so seems a reasonable response. Will see what happens.
  11. Seems to be a few local grudges on the go but have no personal knowledge of any of the parties involved but annoying paying punters for no good reason is not a good plan.
  12. Not sure how it works at our level, are stewards unpaid volunteers or paid employees, would think there would have to be some system of vetting & licensing like doormen at clubs etc to validate their suitability to control crowds properly. Bigger clubs seem to use a company/agency to supply stewards of suitable standard which clears the club of some liability if things go wrong.
  13. Have sent an e-mail to David McGregor outlining the stewarding shortcomings so will see if I get a reply. Did suggest if they really wanted to monitor the crowd get them to sit facing the crowd on a stool to keep them out of the way.
  14. Poor performance from us at times we allowed Forfar to do as they pleased with us standing off too far rather than pressing high. Fairly typical from us to get back into the game with a good spell, equalise then have two of our players half-heartedly go for a loose ball which neither of them won Forfar go up the park & score a winner. Thought the only real bonus today was there was a spell that Aiden Smith started to show what he can do in his best game for us for a while & was unlucky to see a good effort come off a post. Officials were a waste of time again today, not sure if they were maybe upset by Jims statement during the week, Dickenson is usually a waste of time so no surprize there, The terrace side linesman was so bad it was a complete joke. Have not had much bother with them in the past but can see how quite a few away supporters & some home ones are unhappy with the stewarding at Station Park at one stage in the game there were two of us men of a certain age trying to watch the game & with the whole touchline to pick from there was a group of about 4 stewards decided to have a get together directly in front of us to pass the time of day, when ask if they could possibly move along to allow us to see what we had paid to come & watch we got the we have to do our job blah blah blah & one of them moved even more in front of us, think he would have wasted more time than the keeper was doing, although he was there it was not so much the ginger one that was most antagonistic but his older buddy, there was absolutely no need for it & can understand some folk staying away from Station park
  15. Difficult knowing how this might go, Forfar should have got a bit of a lift with a change of manager & picking up a point at Starks. We have played really well in a couple games lately but have been finding it hard in front of goal. It certainly looks as if every team in the league this year a capable of beating each other but to be involved at the right end of the table we need to put a few results together Saturday would be the ideal time to make a move.
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