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  1. Aye seems to have a poor attitude, seemed keen for a couple games but soon disappeared presume we only gave him a one season contract (fingers crossed),
  2. Have Dumbarton used Isaac Layne since he went on loan, you never know you may get him on a day he is interested
  3. Dont bother with a paper nowadays so have not really kept up with all things ICT just wondered how Shane Sutherland was getting on up there, has he been getting game & if so how has he done?
  4. It would appear he can please himself, hard as it is believe he has come through all this scandal smelling of roses down south. We have to make the break asap as he will turn on us as soon as the chance arises
  5. Nobody would bother if these teams that want more than one side play each other in a reserve/2nd teamleague & not interfere with clubs going about their business
  6. I will second that, has always been my stance regarding colt teams.
  7. Would be surprized if the royal yacht idea was being pursued by Liz it sounds more like a Boris type idea to allow him to keep his england is great propaganda.
  8. Think we have our cases packed ready for our summer break. When it looked as if Forfar would not score we gift wrapped a couple goals for them. It is up to Dumbarton to show they want to stay up. Would not be too disappointed if the Sons manage a win be worth it to see the Broadwood mob panic for a couple days.
  9. We were poor for much of the game but if we absolutely gifted their goals to them the best they could have done was zero, Joshua Rae has been pretty good for us most of the season but had a nightmare today. As i said a while back glad we got ourselves safe & in a position to not worry about the Dumbarton game & wait to see the outcome of your game against Clyde (dont let us down) 😜
  10. We are going on our summer holidays, our keeper must have had sunstroke today.
  11. Are Forfar the new Stenny for us, worst team in the league & we cant beat them. We wont have to put up with them next season at least. Could we have a comedy goal comp down at the Rock on Tues.
  12. Trying to remember who got sent off for a supposed trip in the first leg when there was no contact.
  13. That is something we are probably able to do now without being an easy touch
  14. Hopefully we can continue our good late season run, only a few years ago Forfar relegated us in the play-off in somewhat controversial first leg sending off leading to our downfall/
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