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  1. At best will need to be a bit of belt tightening when things start up again but as we have come to expect the club seem to have been honest with the staff who look to have accepted the way things are and are hopefully willing & able to continue with the club.
  2. Me too. And me if we just resume the fixture list as was. 🤪
  3. England has never been wanting a deal since it kicked off, if the country recovers from coronavirus Boris will just use it as an excuse to leave regardless & blame the EU for it.
  4. See the inbreeding among the Tories is catching up with them, cannae see green cheese if Boris gets it they all have to.
  5. Their time would be better spent trying to recover all the "missing" files implicating Westminster Mps & Lords in kiddie fiddling.
  6. Surely not paying the youth guys big money or indeed any money? We have no youth team.
  7. Agree there is a difference between full time players who as the term implies are professional footballers as their main/only job and are dependant on clubs for their livelihood. Part time players tend to have other jobs out with football so possibly could be asked to accept a retainer reduced wages during this exceptional period to help reduce costs to part time clubs which you would expect to be working to tighter budgets.
  8. Must admit got a bit of a surprize channel hopping just now & came across live fitba from England, Halifax v Ebbsfleet in the National League, it would appear all games at that level in England been played, that level would in the main have crowds equal to most of our division, not sure if the ban is coming to these games next week or not but makes you wonder why we had no games to go to here today including HFL LL & Junior games. All the measures being taken seem slightly random, think there is a Lewis Capaldi concert in Aberdeen tonight indoors which could have 10,000 at it.
  9. We must be defending well, unheard of not to have conceded after 10 minutes against Raith.
  10. Not sure of the financial workings of football clubs but would think season ticket money would be long gone by this time of the season.
  11. Don't think so, all games down to grassroots cancelled so presume HFL, LL & Juniors will be off.
  12. Fairly Friday 13th, depending how long this goes on how many clubs will go to the wall.
  13. Agree it just seems to be presumed that players will not get the virus, if one of the squad has then the rest of the squad are taken out, think Everton have found that today. The other thing is if the season is just cancelled now how do players contracts stand, how could most clubs afford to honour 2 months wages without any income when the league does start again it could look very different with teams having folded.
  14. Saw something on the telly today & as far as I could tell they are hoping to delay the peak of infected folk until the summer June/July as they reckon it the spread should be less in better weather & services less busy & better able to cope with hospital cases.
  15. Watching a bit of the TPC Golf from the states, was announced earlier that no spectators will be allowed into the course for the last three days. Mr Trump has went from ignoring it too panic stations in a few days.
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