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  1. Arteta won’t see another game in charge. Mind you, I don’t think he’s the real problem. In retrospect, Wenger was a miracle worker. Then they sacked him.
  2. This isn’t a court of law, though. Griffiths also told an Edinburgh lad to “go back to your own country”, lest we forget. He’s also incapable of keeping himself in shape. There’s any number of reasons to go absolutely nowhere near him - the lack of prosecution is a red herring.
  3. Leigh Griffiths should sign for County. He’s the type of player our manager deserves. Unfortunately, it looks like you guys are taking a little of our “banter club” prize money.
  4. In theory, there will be have a transference of military hardware from the US over to the Afghan army (such as it is) over the last few years. What this means in reality is that the Afghan military is given money taken away from educational programmes and soft projects, and told to use it to line the pockets of Trump’s pals. Again, in theory, there should be no abandoned equipment. What happens to that equipment is option to question, however. It’s the sort of thing that leads to the tinfoil accusations that “But but but but the West funds IS”. The reality is that Afghan soldiers will most probably flog their tanks to the highest bidder who will keep their family in the black for the rest of their lives. It’s one of the legacies of every single “occupational” tour. If you ever look at Iraqi or Afghan police cars, they look strikingly similar to Texan police cars. This isn’t just due to the weather. And then you get the sons of politicians speed driving around in cars that look remarkably similar to spray painted Texan police cars.
  5. You may well be right. I’m less pissed off with deception on Celebrity Masterchef than when Professionals can’t do basics.
  6. You may well be right. I’m less pissed off with deception on Celebrity Masterchef than when Professionals can’t do basics.
  7. I think it’s more a case of the contestants overplaying how incompetent in the kitchen they are. To be fair, Greg did mention that he was surprised to see the TOWIE woman do the deveining. I’m also pretty sure they know what the skills test is going to be in advance.
  8. I think his quotes today after the latest loss to the Giants about Syndergaard cutting out his curveball are quite telling: Seems like he’s a bit on the outside.
  9. It wouldn’t at all be related to populism and the chance to make a quick buck, would it?
  10. Billie Piper has been married to Chris Evans and Laurence Fox? Questionable taste.
  11. You’d imagine they’d declare at 9 down rather than have Anderson make his usual 7 from 32 balls. Those Overton runs are probably ensuring that England won’t have to bat again.
  12. Yeah. Cobb was a malevolent piece of work, but the tagalong was a simpleton with clear learning / developmental / anger issues, he resorted to “white power” whenever he lost an argument or didn’t get his way. Real Deliverance stuff.
  13. Somebody is going to get badly injured because of the offside rule?
  14. This is awful. Every Rangers player looks a yard off the pace.
  15. And Kohli is just dialling it in. I like him, even though he’s a bit of a dick, but his head, to use P&B parlance, goes. England will be looking to only bat once here. Joe Root is having a year akin to that season that Alistair Cook basically hit a double century every other inning.
  16. Hate to flog a dead horse, but things are going badly south for the Mets. No chance Luis Rojas is coming back next season.
  17. It is as good a day’s play as I think they’ve put together under Silverwood. Absolutely blew India away. Came back on after about an hour. Was fielding at first slip, so presumably it’s all fine. Edit: there’s every possibility that both the England openers score more runs by themselves than the entire Indian team.
  18. It’d take quite the Ben Stokes effort to get 220 from here… Glorious stuff. I’ve never quite seen too much of Overton, but he’s causing all sorts of problems here. 2 in 2 for the second time in the inning. India have lost 4 wickets for 0 runs.
  19. Or, as an alternative rib-tickler, India must surely be thinking about declaring very soon.
  20. I was listening to a Mets podcast and they were talking about how the gulf between the Giants and the Mets is not the roster on face value (unlike the Dodgers, who are just stacked in every position). The difference between the Mets and the Giants are how they take the back up guys and make them better - Lamont Wade jr and Mike Yastrzemiski being the obvious cases - once they are already on the roster. The Giants lead the majors in home runs, but that’s because they’ve got about seven players with 19 home runs. Their hitting coach - and, I must admit Gabe Kapler - has done a great job.
  21. Replaying the Ashes test from two years ago at lunch. Absolutely brilliant commentary by Agnew et al.
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