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  1. Which do you prefer? A good handgun murder, or a jolly old football riot?

  2. Hitler used to be a Rangers fan before he went mad.

  3. Good afternoon everybody, and welcome to the luncheon interval.

  4. Hi.

    1. Addie


      Hi how you dooooin?

    2. Savage Henry

      Savage Henry

      Mustn't grumble. Yersel?

  5. Feeder are a pish band imo. Definitely get too much credit they don't deserve. Meanwhile, Rangers fans are Kii. Am I doing it wrong?

  6. Beer, pizza and baseball to start the weekend. Gotta live a little, right?

  7. So Willie flopped and Johnny Flynn is a stiff? Some luck.

  8. Bob Harris (yes, Whispering Bob) of BBC R2 will sign for Killie this afternoon.

    1. Derek Patterson

      Derek Patterson

      Whispering Bob Harris, why was his voice so soft? Had he murdered a prostitute up in his loft?

    2. sky+remote


      Every window this is mentioned, still not sure why?!

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