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  1. Fielding positions can be orthodox and unorthodox. I have no issue with the shift at all. Pitch clock I can get on board with.
  2. He’s a much better player this season. He’s another player who came alive under Mackay. I wouldn’t vouch on that continuing, but he’s generally been much better than advertised. He basically pushed past Harry Paton in terms of influence in central midfield, and I don’t think too many folk saw that coming.
  3. Iacovitti is a left sided centre half, who can string a pass on occasion, and scores a fair number. He’ll be harder to replace than you’d think. Drysdale isn’t remotely up to it.
  4. Yup. Back in the day, the savage red tops would have called that “a come-and-get-me-plea”. Another year, another completely new squad.
  5. At this point it’s a case of any old port in a storm.
  6. That must have been close to a red.
  7. Jennings in again, or has that horse bolted at test level?
  8. I’ll be honest, the last ten minutes I’ve been reading about Harry and Ben Paton, so you may well be correct.
  9. At the risk of being a contrarian arse, am I alone in 1. Thiking Arnold is chronically underused at international level and 2. Really quite enjoying this?
  10. That’s going to be next season’s version of the shirts with city names on them, isn’t it?
  11. Yup. I heard this too, although I could have sworn Spittal signed an extension. Paton has really dropped off, but the other two will be hard to replace. I
  12. I agree, but there’s no doubting he’ll be in the squad, and most probably start. Edit: also Jack Grealish.
  13. Quite clearly they only got him to join the cast by promising him a role that didn’t involve playing an emotionally restrained android. He got to show off his acting chops, and proved himself incapable of portraying emotions. Seems like a pretty good bloke on the old socials, but yeah, rotten actor.
  14. Looks like Brendan McCallum is the new test coach. The sort of fans who think openers should be 43/0 at lunch every time will not be pleased, but I look forward to a very attacking England team.
  15. Clevinger is almost as irritating to watch as Craig Kimbrel. Almost.
  16. I don’t know but he sounds like a very small fry internet company,
  17. It’s like ABBA doing an album of yacht rock covers produced by Rick Rubin. Truly awful. I think I’m done with them.
  18. I liked the first episode, and the last, but the middle eight episodes were dull. I’ll definitely watch S3, because most of Series 1 was as good as anything I’ve seen in years.
  19. Must have been a really tough call. Pookie really grew on me as the series went on. As an aside, we watched the last two back to back. Gordon Ramsay is an absolute arse in the kitchen.
  20. Is the “cover shadow” really a thing? Or is it the new “white knight”, which was the new “quisling”, which was the new “haver”? Can we not just agree to send it into the ether along with XG and false nine and all these soul-suckingly meaningless phrases?
  21. What are your coaches doing to him? He’s the best finisher I’ve ever seen at County, and it isn’t remotely close.
  22. The 4-0 was going on 12-0. I choose to remember that one. Edit: ICT decided to let Liam Boyce do whatever he wanted that day. It was utterly bizarre.
  23. Right. Who is likely to start every test other than Stokes? I think it’s a fair call. Gary Kirsten seemingly missed out on the job last time by not using PowerPoint in his interview; it’s not really a surprising appointment and I’m okay with that too. I think England missed a trick when they passed on Gillespie.
  24. For those of us of a certain age, Sportsound was never better than with Richard Gordon in the studio and David Begg on comms. Prior to that it was insufferably stuffy, and now, I fear, it’ll just be incompetent.
  25. She/they are a whole bunch of fun. Despite the shorts.
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