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  1. It’s very good. Reminds me a lot of a cross between a strait laced True Grit and a Johnny Depp film called Dead Man.
  2. Senegal’s left side of defence is an absolute liability. Number 14 is all over the place.
  3. In fairness to Qatar, and notwithstanding the minimum wage migrant workers who built it, that’s a beautiful stadium.
  4. A little more on the final feature length episode of one the greatest ever U.K. TV shows. https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/comedy/mackenzie-crook-detectorists-special-diana-rigg/?fbclid=IwAR3Lmg3_TxmF2m6G4BJCY21_UWEFmKEJtAqR1TK3RyWD_SrpbNCaZbApflw
  5. ITV’s montage for England’s starting XI is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.
  6. The old looking centre half for Poland is a complete hatchet man. He’s in terrible shape for an international player.
  7. Looks like Saka is being the scapegoat for being selected over Rashford. There always has to be a fall guy.
  8. BBC has been pretty good in that regard, for the most part. Shame a couple of their co-commentators are semi-literate halfwits.
  9. Southgate has more than proved himself. He is what he is, but you can’t play a high line if you are England.
  10. Course there were. He was doing the foxtrot in the run up.
  11. Another joke of a handball decision. Get VAR so far into the sea.
  12. That was rather splendid. Best France have played so far.
  13. At some point, England are going to win something. It’ll be insufferable, but they’re also a pretty decent team.
  14. Of course, he’ll somehow get blamed for Argentina being terrible, and revisionists will say he’s had a poor tournament. He hasn’t. He’s been exceptional. The problem is that his teammates are of far lesser quality.
  15. Good news all round. Except for Azhar Ali.
  16. Nah. It’s a bold and entertaining decision. This England team is becoming increasingly likeable.
  17. I hope we aren’t relying on Argentina to beat England. They’re no good at all.
  18. It’s a tribute to their former Rangers contingent.
  19. It’s unprovable twaddle, isn’t it? xG should have been jettisoned into the sea the moment the Guardian (presumably) first coined it. Whatever you think about baseball, football is not baseball.
  20. Adams is a terrific wee player in central midfield, but he’s not getting much help.
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