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  1. Or will he sit on the bench all year and only come to look pensive and timid?
  2. Cheers. In typical terrace gossip style, I had hoped it was a “falling out”, but recent history actually makes that quite a plausible explanation.
  3. The best I ever saw Fletcher play was against AC Milan, where he played wide left. He may even have scored that night. Remember also he played most of his early games wide right for Man Utd, and finished his career playing centre back on occasion. He was far, far more than just a holding midfielder. He wasn’t a better passer than Scholes or Carrick, though.
  4. Du Preez back in the wilderness, I see. What is it with Townsend and number 8s? What’s the deal with Hutchinson, Skinner and Johnson?
  5. Just you wait. Tom Hanks hasn’t been seen in twenty minutes. #AStormIsComing
  6. 123 year old Biden throwing some serious shade on Tangoman here.
  7. Yup. I’m guessing they were the two guys on trial, and/or the French bloke from Oldham who went home. Can we have a left back and a keeper please, John?
  8. One of the best things about the Amazon Prime documentary is you know precisely how disconsolate some of those Australian players will be. My heart bleeds, it really does.
  9. I wonder if he really just didn’t fancy it? He seems to be a rather unique bloke.
  10. Jackson Irvine seemingly had no offers over the last seven months. If they had to sign another central midfielder, it could easily have been him.
  11. That’s quite a surprising statistic. I’d have thought it would be lower than that.
  12. Butler’s done pretty well, all things considered.
  13. That 4th goal is why Vigurs is in the team. The only player in the team capable of that. Glorious.
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