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  1. Scotland Gemmill will get him running about more. So there’s always that.
  2. Thought Megan was the strongest throughout the series, but Kadeena smashed it in the final. Double that up with the undercooked meat from Megan, and it was the right decision. Had to laugh at Joe getting a bollocking from the health and safety advisor.
  3. Fontaines DC are a band in their 20s who seem to attract an audience twice their age. And one of them looks like John Denver minus the smile. So you can stay for them.
  4. I’d never heard this, and it’s just come on KUTX, my Austin based music station of choice. It sounds like Lily Allen singing Jack Johnson songs. I genuinely hate it.
  5. Because she’s a wildling.
  6. Tell you what, Julia Cumming can preach manically to me whenever she wants. Sunflower Bean are great. Edit: I also quite like that, and I haven’t said that about a Manics song for a while. They do all look like they should present late afternoon shows on Radio 5 Live though. Edit 2: I’ve just discovered that my HomePod bleeps out Julia Cumming’s surname. Edit 3: First time I saw the Manics was in an 80,000 seater baseball stadium in Chiba, Japan. James Bradfield missed the opening line for A Design For Life, and was livid with himself.
  7. It’s the right thing to do. Which makes me question the motives of the BCCI.
  8. If you only watch one 9/11 memorial programme this September, make it Turning Point : 9/11 and the War on Terror. 6 one hour episodes that go through the actual events and the resulting war in Afghanistan. It culminates in the departure from Kabul. Gives a voice to all sides, including the Taliban and Al Qaeda guys trying to justify 9/11, and the neocons, and the more reasoned of the conspiracy theorist cooks. It’s a brilliant, and massive, piece of work.
  9. 1. That really sucks. He seemed like a really good bloke. 2. Nomore Little.
  10. He’s dreadful and never an international quality forward. But I think everybody - including Clarke and Nisbet - knows that. Hopefully Belgium proves fruitful for Shankland.l, otherwise it’s back to McBurnie or that St Mirren guy.
  11. Yup. Adams on, and let’s never speak of this again.
  12. Honestly, I think he’s a notch above the average Rangers youth product.
  13. It is a bit odd. But every set of fans wants their players to get capped, I suppose.
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