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  1. That would be heartbreaking.
  2. BBC bias

    Yeah. I caught it as well. You could argue that the premise of having him on legitimised the UKIP guy and #freeTommy, but the idiocy of his arguments promptly did away with any of that.
  3. Kieran Tierney

    If you passed Willie Miller in the street, you'd automatically go "puddle drinker". Not sure what that does for your argument about height, but it's nonetheless still true.
  4. I've noticed that as well. It only really amounts to photographs of training - which I'm slightly surprised the managers allowed - but it's a definite improvement from the absolutely nothing we got last year.
  5. This happens all over the place, but it doesn't really annoy me. What does annoy me is trying to work out how that order came about. It isn't by position, or by squad number order (although the subs are), or even alphabetical order. Surely it wouldn't just be at random.
  6. No it isn't. We need a formal ruling on the shorthand moniker we give our management team. I've seen Fergiewell, Ferguswell, Kettleson, SFSK (SKSF is also an option), and now Fergwell. Which is it to be? I was firmly in the Kettleson camp, but SFSK makes them sound like the sort of central European team that would hammer St Johnstone (other teams have lost badly) in the pre-pre-pre qualifiers for the Europa League.
  7. MLB 2018

    Yup. But that’s an incredible haul for a three month rental.
  8. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Celtic. The answer to moral high ground questions is always Celtic. Or Liverpool. In Dublin.
  9. Team of the Tournament

    I think the answer to that is $$$.
  10. Team of the Tournament

    How can the official team of the tournament have a different keeper than the actually officially recognised goalkeeper of the tournament?
  11. Rangers 2018/19 European Extravaganza!

    I've only caught the last ten minutes, but Rangers look clueless. They may well improve, but there should be so many alarm bells for Rangers fans it's not real. I bet there's any number of excuses.
  12. New kits for 18/19

    Here's what Partick Thistle could have won, had they not gone down the abominable Joma route.
  13. The Official President Trump thread

    Here’s hoping the transcript of the actual meeting leaks.
  14. The Official President Trump thread

    Trump’s performance gaining rave reviews, apparently. And by rave reviews, I mean he’s being slaughtered by actual International Relations and diplomacy experts.
  15. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    Nah. Papped in the group stages is always the preferred outcome for me. That way you get all the LOLZ plus the more jingoistic of the commentators are slightly less inclined to use the "but for..." excuses.