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  1. I see you lot have signed someone, according to your twitter feed.
  2. I don’t think even Garrison could have got away with putting Obama swinging from a branch, although he clearly wanted to.
  3. I’m assuming our friend is trolling, but your comparison is not far off. I’m a big Brian Graham fan - a complete nightmare to play against. I think Stewart’s got more about him; I wouldn’t want to see Graham play wide, but Stewart can. Stewart’s also quicker and can beat a man.
  4. He’s politically independent, apparently. Not sure what it is about Trump that makes his supporters deny they are supporters, or produce such atrocious art.
  5. I like that a lot... ... What I don’t like is the weather forecast. They’re never going to get enough play to get a result.
  6. It almost looks deliberate. Gavin Gunning levels of heads-gone, there.
  7. The YouTube highlights aren’t wonderful... but from the angles given it doesn’t look like a penalty on Burke, and it’s literally impossible to see what the County penalty was given for. Some nice attacking stuff by both teams, it would appear though.
  8. The veneer is breaking.... Going by the highlights, it’s very hard to say whether the County penalty was indeed a penalty. Other than that, from a County point of view, they seem to be playing a more expansive kind of game. Gardyne looked to be playing more centrally, but there was a lot of fluidity of movement which was nice to see. Going by the defending in the Motherwell vs Livingston game, there’s a chance that might be quite a successful ploy.
  9. Team is very much closer to your selection than the XI from the first two games.
  10. I wonder if this “both sides bad” take is so that any election result will prove you right, or if you are just scared to admit you like Trump? Either way, it’s cowardly.
  11. 8. At London prices. It’s an absolute scandal. The pizzas are very good though... it’s a real dilemma.
  12. He refuses to be alone with another woman who is not his wife. Obviously can't control himself. He’s a fucking weirdo. Believes in gay conversion therapy. In many ways, worse than Trump because he’s competent enough to hide his agenda. This is it. Trump has destroyed the GOP for years to come. Harris will win 2024 in a landslide if it comes to that.
  13. Harris would wipe the floor with either of them. A very decent pick in terms of substance, if not policy.
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