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  1. Nope. Looks like a £5 t-shirt. Which, of course, is exactly what it is.
  2. He made the best save I’ve ever seen - including the videos of Gordon Banks - from Pierre van Hooijdonk. But I actually remember him most for his performances at Euro 96, and when was at Hibs. There was a game away in Europe, back when David Begg was commentating down a telephone line, that Hibs got pulverised. Goram stopped it being ten or twelve nil. It was clear he was very special in that game. For a while, around 96, he was as good as there was in the UK.
  3. Charlton fans are not at all happy about this. Exciting move. A keeper now amd we should be just about set.
  4. Ross Stewart wasn’t given great reviews by St Mirren fans, but I’m struggling to think of too many players who their former fans have misjudged. Alex Samuel was pretty popular, I seem to recall.
  5. Geoff Boycott will be seething. More power to the McCullum/Stokes axis.
  6. Felice Brothers were great at the slightly odd Botanics House (formerly Mr G’s) in Inverness. Whisky fuelled, but gloriously anthemic as usual. They new stuff - and new line up - seems more mature.
  7. He used to do this consistently before he got clunked on the head.
  8. Fair fucks to England to get a lead from 50 odd for 6. Look a much more relaxed team already.
  9. Trent Boult has just ruined everybody’s fun.
  10. Tim Southee’s figures in the series so far: 2/389.
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