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  1. After Scott Brown’s downgraded red on Boyce, I have given up predicting what the compliance officers are thinking.
  2. Townsend appointed Lions forwards’ coach. Hopefully it’s chuck-it-all-over-the-shop Townsend and not “pragmatic”Townsend.
  3. Indie tweeness at it’s finest with the new record by the tediously named Reds, Pinks and Purples. Belle and Sebastian long since disappeared up their own backsides and into three hour lectures on Facebook about Christianity, but if they hadn’t, this is what I’d hope they’d be doing.
  4. Yes. I’d far sooner be challenged by music I just don’t get than listen to former Oasis members recording increasingly poorer versions of the same song. That being said, the new record by The Blips is as unoriginal as it comes but really is splendid fun. If you like Alabama rock (and I do) and if you can get past Taylor Hollingsworth’s vocals (somewhat harder) it is a great record with nods to, as you might expect, Drive By Truckers, the Glory Fires and so forth.
  5. Put me firmly in the "what the f**k is this shit?" category. That's a very captivating video, but the music does absolutely nothing for me. They're absolutely humourless on stage as well.
  6. Hughes will manage to shoehorn Vigurs and White in there, and play somebody wildly out of form out of position. Let's only hope Laidlaw and Naismith can play constant one-twos for 90 minutes.
  7. Yup. I’d have no problem with these guys coming in on face value, but people talking this guy Kelly up as if he’s the next big thing, or Doohan as if he’s Celtic’s next keeper is just wrong. It doesn’t help the players, for a start. And it happens all the time. I have no idea why clubs keep doing it.
  8. It’s funny how bad some of our loanees from Celtic and Rangers have been. Henderson, Kelly, and Doohan in the last couple of years have been dreadful. As for the Athletic... in the US some of the best sports writers work for it. Here it appears to be overpromoted bloggers.
  9. Do you really have faith in UEFA doing that though? Far be it from me to agree with the Rangers cause, but this has all the makings of a scandal.
  10. Agreed. What’s going to be an even bigger can of worms, as is being speculated, is if the racist gets a token ban and a £2,000 fine, while Kamara gets a five game ban. And I’m sure all of us agree that we hope Kamara absolutely flattened him.
  11. Big fan of it. It’s not exactly life changing, and some of the acting is flat out awful (Gen) but it’s strangely compelling.
  12. Ask if he has every given International Relations advice to Joe Biden’s chief of staff, has had a children’s book published, played in a Scottish Cup final, or plays fives with either Christian Dailly or Alex McLeish. If it’s a yes, you’ve got your man.
  13. Henry Smith of Hearts. Can’t remember why, though. Presuming injuries, as he hardly got any caps and was never really second choice.
  14. I seem to recall either Brian McClair orPaul McStay getting credited with a goal that hit the post and came off the back of the keeper’s head in that CIS game. I also remember Andy Goram being flat out brilliant in both 92 and 96. He had his issues, but he was a genuinely top class goalkeeper. I seem to recall Scotland giving a pretty good account of themselves, although there was a very big dose of “who else but us” excuses. Scotland’s World Cup performances were not such great accounts.
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