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  1. He made me laugh a few times on HIGNFY. In that regard I give him a pass, as I don't think Thatcher had a sense of humour at all.
  2. Is that not intubation survival rates? There's a real chance he doesn't make it either way.
  3. Right. As far as Conservative party politicians go, he's far from the worst. I'm pretty far removed from him politically, but I wish him well and hope he pulls through.
  4. No she doesn’t. As far as I know, only Northern Ireland has mandated them to be closed. Here, as in England, it’s at the will of the site operators. They can close if they want to.
  5. I’m hoping for Cliff Richard and the Young Ones again.
  6. That right there, in itself, is grounds for his removal from office. It’s borderline criminally negligent.
  7. Tunnel 29: About some East Germans who built a tunnel to escape the Stassi.
  8. “Just take it... if you’d like.” It’ll set you back $8000 and possibly kill you, but just take it.
  9. This man apparently is President of the USA. He’s not well.
  10. Maybe he only saw two things. I mean, once Janey Godley has been seen, she can never be unseen.
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