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  1. What a tosser you are. My old man has been on the committee for 40 years including managing the team in the late seventies for a couple of years. Running the line when Roy were in the lower leagues , looking after the pitch at Adamslie for years - been to virtually every Rob Roy game in the last 40 years and a bawbag like you thinks he's not a real fan because he gets free sandwiches. Piss off and gie's peace ya total muppet. Totally shown yourself up as a clueless idiot.
  2. No argument from yesterday at all. Bonnyrigg were much better all round and the score could easily have been doubled. They gave nothing away - so solid in defence and completely nullified any attacking threat from KRR. I think there is also a big advantage in knowing the pitch -many of the KRR through balls in the first half just ran away for a goal kick. They may have been bigger and won the physical battle - cant fault KRR for lack of effort - just werent good enough on the day. Id agree with previous poster who stated that Bonnyrigg didnt let KRR play - but in saying they Bonnyrigg played well from 1 to 11.
  3. I scored the opener for 3rd Kirkintilloch in boys brigade league final at Adamslie in 1972 - 3-0 victory over some Chryston bumpkins I think. A future Rob Roy manager was watching as well (Davie Smith) but wouldn't sign me a few years later. Bloody dads eh. Following my trip up for the Penicuik game , cannae wait for this one against Bonnyrigg -new venue for me.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the highlights of the Penicuick KRR game -just confirmed my impression on the day - one of the best games of football Ive ever watched - just had it all - and as a KRR supporter have to credit the first 2 Penicuick goals as absolute beauties.
  5. Thtas the second time Ive seen KRR this season - been a KRR supporter since I was a wee boy many years ago - my old man was manager in the late seventies and still a comittee man - Ijust tend to see cup matches these days. As has been said the ref was the same in the League Cup final where he gave us nothing and sent off 2 men so definitely no favouritism with Rob Roy. The manager must have learned from that game to keep the fouls to a minimum as the referee is very strict. This to me is where Penicuick went wrong - persistently fouling through the game - the video evidence suggests the ref was correct in all the contentious decisions - all the bookings appear justified. I was impressed with the Penicuik attack as well as the KRR attack - both better than the respective defences - didnt think there was much between the teams apart from Penicuick resorting to fouling when they didnt need to. Attitude from both teaams was excellent fighting back from conceding goals. For me it was a cracker of a cup tie and a nice set up at Penicuick - great cup of bovril as well. Wish Penicuick all the best for the rest of the season and will keep an eye out for their results.
  6. Came up from Newcastle for this one. What a belter of a game. Great attitude from the Roy after twice going behind. Both attacks I thought were better than the opposite defences - some cracking goals , controversy , sending off , bookings - loved it. Penicuick played some really good football but let themselves down with persistent fouling which ended up with them down to ten men - but they were still threatening after that. Thought Rob Roy should have sealed it when we missed a couple of chances at 3-2 before Penicuick equalised. Home fans complaining about the ref as I was walking out - saying ref was from Cumbernauld and naturally favoured Kirkintilloch - had to tell them there isnt natural affinity between the 2 towns -and that was the ref that sent 2 of our players off during the League Cup penalties. Think possibly Rob Roy might have had an advantage knowing that the ref didnt take any nonsense. Impressive performance - looking forward to being back up for the quarter final.
  7. I'm coming up from Newcastle for this one . Came up for the Musselburgh game a few weeks ago and bloody inspection at half eight in the morning called game off - should have given it a wee bit more time as it was raining. Hopefully with weather forecast Penicuik ground ok.
  8. Fantastic video Killiepiyo and one I will treasure. Got my dad Davie Smith in at the start on the team bus - he's been on the committee for 40 odd years and terrific to see all the hard work come to fruition. I had to come from England for this one - seen us lose quite a few cup finals in my 50 years or so of being a Rob Roy supporter - smashing day and all the better with your coverage as well mate -cheers.
  9. Good shout, Sir......open up the cup to the Juniors......

  10. I used to watch Blackpool regularly in the lower leagues - too expensive now at £26 quid for a home game and more than £30 for most away games in the Championship. I dont have any affinity with any non-league teams in and around Blackpool - Id rather stick my football bets on and watch Jeff Stelling et al on Sky Sports doing the results program.
  11. I cant remember what Davie Brown was like as the Rabs manager in the early 70's. I just didnae like him cos when he was picking the school team he didnae pick me and several other guys for the first game. We all knew what the team should be - but he never watched us and just made a balls up of selection - never knew which positions we played in (most of us played for the BBs at the time and we had a decent time) - so thats just my personal bugbear lol. I dont remember the Rob Roy team being much kop back in early seventies. Davie Brown was on the Rob Roy committee and must have been selected as match Secretary. Same happened with Kojak - he didnt have any managerial experience before doing the Match Secretary job in 1978. I cant remember the managers name before Kojak but he did an excellent job - that was the team that reached the cup final against Ladeside in 1977. We had in Jimmy MCLuskey one of the finest goalscorers Ive ever seen. Not much pace but like Ally MCCoist always in right place right time.
  12. I read that article. The guy that was the Rob Roy manager Davie Brown was the janitor at my primary school Townhead. He tried to pick and manage our football team - he didnae have a clue - between us we changed our team around and just ignored him tactics wise. We beat all the other primary schools in Kirky and Lenzie with one exception St Flannans - they had an excellent player in Willie Reid who went on to play for the Roy and there was another called Graham Carr who I believe played at a higher level. Cant remember the names of some others in that St Flannans side in 1972/73 - full of excellent players. We had Bobby Barr who went on to play for Hamilton and had his leg broken by Terry Butcher playing against Rangers if I remember rightly. Current committee member Jim Letham was in our team as well.
  13. Anytime I'm back up in Scotland - I find it hugely boring reading the Scum or the Retard. Numerous pages with all sorts of shyte about the Old Firm and piss poor coverage of anything else. They obviously think that is what their market is. Even when Scotland are playing the coverage is way below that of Rangers and Celtic.
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