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  1. What about Leverkusen or Gladbach? Looking at their average attendance to capacity as a percentage they look like they may be slightly easier to get tickets for.
  2. No one seems to have picked up on the tweet that first announced the stadium arrangement saying that they will "initially" groundshare. Hopefully that means they have long term plans for their own stadium.
  3. That lasted long. I wasn't at the game today but surely that has to be Roberts finished with the club. He's a liability. Yogi.
  4. For some reason, after feeling depressed after Saturday at the start of the week, I have started to feel really optimistic about us winning the league. I can't explain it. It will probably disappear at 14:50 tomorrow once I see the starting line up and Beck is in it. I would like to see the team Marshmallo posted tried out.
  5. There was a massive turn out at Edinburgh's King's Buildings picket line - three people. I'd assume there will be a bigger turnout at central/ the main library.
  6. Is the course Computer Programming Skills and Concepts? I'm at Edinburgh and did that course when I was in first year 4 years ago. I'm studying Civil Engineering and it was a suggested outside subject so I chose it. Like you I found it very difficult to begin with. I found it got better as it went on and I ended up passing it fairly comfortably.
  7. I very much agree with all of that though I haven't seen any of the friendlies he has played in. I definitely wouldn't have given him a two year deal.
  8. I made the same mistake in choosing Physics as an outside course as well. I also did 'Computer Programming Skills and Concepts' which had a decent amount of coursework though did have the advantage of access to a computing lab in Appleton Tower with free printing.
  9. http://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6449&Itemid=320 We have signed a 20 year old defender from Norwich. Dale Fulton and Flannigan away as well. Vaulks signs a new contract. Its the right decision releasing those who are away. I don't think Higgins or Fulton were good enough, age is catching up with Dods and Weatherston is too injury prone.
  10. I can't decide if I like the new kits or not. We've definitely had better.
  11. 9th, 13th, 16th and 18th of May for me. Its pretty decent and I have certainly had far worse.
  12. At Edinburgh for engineering (all disciplines) you do a interdiciplinary group design project that has a presentation at the end of it and there is a couple of group presentations in the first semester of first year . In Civil Engineering you also do a 'sustainability work shop' in third year which involves presenting a poster to other students as well as people from industry. I've no idea if there are anymore other than the two I mentioned for Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
  13. I must have just missed this as I left the library at half 12 to go to Kings Buildings. Pleasing.
  14. I just got a text from someone who is there and we only made a profit of 200k last season despite the sales of Higginbotham and Wallace and the cup runs. This was seen as acceptable by the accounts guy.
  15. Thing is, if it is true (I doubt it), then we would get fined whether we appologised or not for breaking a rule.
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