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  1. Creetown

    Whos taking over from neil seemed a good fit
  2. The sack attack

    anybody being linked with either job both clubs need a bit of stability a manager to try and build a squad
  3. newton stewart

    any word off a new manager at newton stewart
  4. Wigtown & Bladnoch FC SOSFL Champions 2014/15

    well you would know andy
  5. Newton Stewart Management Team depart

    Probably because nobody else would want the job
  6. Newton Stewart Management Team depart

    Brian junior McDowell am hearing
  7. Newton Stewart Management Team depart

    So who gave the go ahead for this deal just my opinion but bad move by newton
  8. Newton Stewart Management Team depart

    Any names in the running for newton job
  9. Creetown Manager Resigns

    Are creetown looking to replace Hugh or are they happy as they are. Any names could Garry work with mcCrossan
  10. All Hurlford United Chat 2014/15

    King Kenny is mcharries boys dad people of hurlford
  11. Was at that game really strong Motherwell team with Alex Smith in charge up against a good saints team at that time
  12. Are Tarff Rovers Finished For Good?

    Chic played any 20 games fr tarf hardly worth bothering abt

    Just seems a strange appointment after going down adi road then going for rab ..jumping from a modern approach back to Neanderthal approach of tab

    Strange appointment personally I played under rab and don't rate him just my opinion maybe the milli n Scooby signings that he will bring with him the bigger picture
  15. 'Friday Night Lights' 10/10/14

    Management or players