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  1. I’m definitely saying he’d get a game for most teams in the bottom half the the Premier League.
  2. You don't need to see a player regularly to know they are quality. Patterson sticks out like a sore thumb. The only question is how far can he go
  3. Not even close to being a Rangers fan but let's be serious: 1 - Tavernier is way better than O'Donnell. I don't think O'Donnell is a bad player either. Just not as good as Tavernier. 2 -Sevco patter is right up there with Dundee email patter. As crap as it comes. 3 - Morelos, Goldson, Tavernier, Patterson, Kent, Kamara, Jack and Barasic all could get a game in the Premier League easily. I'd argue some others too. You're telling me they wouldn't get a game for Norwich or Brentford at the worst? Turn it in ffs.
  4. This. I’d be fine with 32 nations really. Really, who actually cares how many are in? Once the tournament starts, we’re all excited for it. mulitple country bids would be good to get a lot of the smaller countries hosting a tournament they normally never would.
  5. Hazard was a good keeper too. Massive improvement on what we already had.
  6. That’s your opinion. I don’t agree with it. I’d wager neither do most Dundee fans.
  7. Don't use logic here pal.
  8. Genuinely, I don’t know why Chelsea have loaned him out. He’s better than everyone other than Kante in their own midfield.
  9. I mean, I grew up and lived in West London until 6 months ago and have had a season ticket for QPR for the last 7 seasons so I’ve spoken to a few of them. How many have you spoken to?
  10. Dieng was brilliant at Dundee and he’s gone in at QPR and raised his game again. They all love him down there. Also think that Liam Kelly is crap and needs to go.
  11. Anyone except Angus Gunn. Not interested in this little p***k.
  12. Who gives a toss? 😂 point stands. We snuck in and people expected miracles. We probably did a little less than we should have but we had 3 quality teams in our group and didn’t have the experience/breaks to go further.
  13. You don’t need to turn up early. Complete myth.
  14. Overall, 2%. Lower of the table clubs managed to do better way but their home records went down more. The top clubs kept the average from falling more. I think only Manchester United had a worst home win record than the season before from the big clubs across Europe.
  15. Genuine question, how many Scottish top league clubs give debuts to strikers now? How many Scottish strikers play at a Premiership club that came through their system? The pressure on managers to get results now is going to stop them all trying to bring through youth unless they hit the ground running. On boards and fans accept sacking managers after a few bad results isn’t the way to go, we might have a chance.
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