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  1. Does anyone recall what clubs voted for/against Dundee getting a 25 point deduction after their administration?
  2. The pair of them can f**k right off. And I like Adam. But yeah, f**k off mate.
  3. Anyone know when the squad announcement is?
  4. This isn’t new. Their manager said last week he can’t go to Israel because he’d get quarantined.
  5. Should be in the squad regardless of how he performs against Villa
  6. I’ve done the train up but a few of my pals have gone with the plane option this time. Pricing on both was actually quite reasonable for a change. You’ve got a steal though.
  7. He’s not even Dundee quality now
  8. He’s been fine for Scotland. What do you expect from him exactly
  9. You’re off your meds then. When did he ever had a bad game?
  10. For me, same team as the other day except Fleck for Jack and McBurnie for Naismith
  11. Being that Naismith played when we actually tried to win the game and McBurnie got on when we decided we couldn’t be fucked getting up the park again, I’d say that’s quite obvious.
  12. I wish you focused more on your grammar instead of worrying about the national team losing.
  13. You do realise Robertson has showed up right? This is embarrassing
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