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  1. His form at Dens was fine. Was constantly being linked to bigger clubs the entire time he played for us. He plays for the top team in Turkey just now. He’s played in every game except one and that’s the only game they’ve lost this season. He must be doing something right.
  2. Whilst your premise is right, McBurnie is better than Shankland. A lot better! People need to get the blinkers off when it comes to the pair of them. I’ve seen plenty of the pair of them. I think Shankland could score in the top league for fun but he hasn’t and doesn’t. If he ever does, I’ll debate the pair. I’m still waiting to see Callum McGregor take a decent game for Scotland and nobody is screaming for him to get replaced. Especially for someone at a lower level or even two.
  3. Just to add to everyone else’s points made (decent suggestions and arguments too lads) Steven Fletcher is finished. I’d like him back but he’s not coming so we need to move on. Not convinced by Shankland at all. 100% would have Steven Caulker in. Not bothered that he played for England. He’s better than everyone we have and he is calling us asking for a game. We aren’t chasing him.
  4. Except he’s played both for us under McLeish and was absolutely fucking gash! His own club manager says he’s not a defender. This idea he can play right back is a myth. He can’t. Seen it in person many a time now.
  5. Callum McGregor in a Scotland shirt is a complete fraud.
  6. Never wanted the bookies to clear up as much as tonight. Betting against your own? Get in the fucking bin
  7. People who are talking up McBurnie generally don’t mention the price tag. The people looking to shit on him do. The price tag is irrelevant. The market for English trained players is way over inflated. Not been great for Scotland. Neither has anyone else. Forrest at a stretch but his worst performances are worse than McBurnie’s. No striker is scoring regularly in this team the way we’ve played. Imagine judging Andy Robertson on his recent Scotland performances. The hype of Shankland playing against San Marino amuses me. The likes of McBurnie and Burke should be playing against them to build their own confidence by banging in a few. And almost nobody slating him has actually seen him play club football.
  8. Iwelumo never hit over 20 a season. Iwelumo never scored 1 in 2 on average over a season. Iwelumo never scored in the premier league. McBurnie has done all three and has 10 years left of a career to go.
  9. Not even the worst striker to play for Scotland in this campaign
  10. Basically you’ve described exactly what Oli McBurnie needs and hasn’t been given when he’s played yet folk can’t stop laying into him.
  11. Looks like Ryan Jack will be pulling out
  12. Gilmour getting in too edit - apparently not. Spoke too soon
  13. And you’ve seen Sheffield United play how many times? Definitely never saw Swansea play.
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