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  1. Toshney and Dixon as our full backs is a problem which opposing teams are exploiting at will. Neither can defend with any capability. Hopefully Frank is back from injury soon and McKinnon restores Robson to the starting line-up. Thought Mickelson was pretty poor, although service was non-existent. Lucky to still be in the game when Telfer and to a lesser extent Spittal came on and changed the game in our favour. Our 14 game unbeaten run and solid defence was done almost entirely with no Dixon, Toshney or Murdoch in the side. Speaks volumes.
  2. I really liked listening to Graham Taylor talk about football on 5Live and he made a decent co-commentator. He was concise, reasonably witty, extremely intelligent. He commanded respect but didn't demand it. He could construct an argument and relay his opinion without having to be a controversial twat(Sutton), or be downright cynical(Lawrenson). The tabloid media treated him horribly. That's their style with anybody that's more articulate than they are. I'd like to think it didn't phase Taylor in later life.
  3. I'd agree with that. Fans of Premiership clubs were expecting a great game due to media hype and large crowd. Those of us who watch this league regularly realise just how shite it is.
  4. Maybe not. I probably won't clap, never knew either of the guys concerned, hadn't even heard of them until today. It's not offensive. But it is happening more frequently which I find quite morbid. I'm also hoping a goal is scored during one of these minutes applause, for United obviously.
  5. Wind your neck in ffs. Now do we have the utter calamity of two minutes applause four minutes apart? It's daft.
  6. Well done for completely missing the point. From a Hibs related Twitter account. Take a look at @HFCTalk's Tweet:
  7. Notice there's a campaign amongst Hibs fans for a minute's applause for a fan that died at New Year. The circumstances of his death don't sound great, but the sudden proliferation of these types of things are weirdly morbid in my opinion. Why just not have a minutes applause for every fan that dies? Apparently he was a Bonnyrigg Rose player, more fitting to have it at the cup tie I'd have thought? Seems like it's being done for maximum exposure on live TV. Respects to the family and all, but these things are becoming overkill.
  8. Unreal 180 hitting from Chisnall. Anderson only has a chance if Chizzy gets nervous.
  9. A hugely emotional day for me personally on Saturday, as I lost my old man the previous week, he'd been a season ticket holder at Tannadice for over 50 years. Tears at kickoff and full time, first time I've cried at the football. My last memory of him is going to Kirkcaldy together last weekend for the Raith game. On to the game, despite being bottom of the league, thought St Mirren gave a very good account of themselves, and on the balance of play probably deserved a draw. Utter calamity from Donaldson at their goal. Thankfully the equaliser was instant. Good finish from Fraser, who then whipped in a great free kick for Murray's winner, took out the entire defence and keeper. Fraser tired really badly second half. Saints were dominant for the last ten minutes. Clarkson is a dirty b*****d, should've seen a second yellow. Paul Dixon likewise on another day would've seen red rather than yellow for his daft reaction. Jamie Robson should be rightly pissed off at losing his starting position to Dixon. He wasn't great at Kirkcaldy, but nothing to merit getting dropped. An obvious delight that Hibs only drew sending United clear at the top. Judge me at Christmas McKinnon said. OK top. A fitting end to a personally difficult week.
  10. Think it has already been mentioned by every United fan in the world, we need a striker! Tope the latest misfit. United better with ten men and Murray up front.
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