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  1. We’ll see but McPake fits the bill in terms of we are looking for a winger. Given we are a fairly young side and the opportunities McGlynn gives to the youngsters he might fancy the challenge with us.
  2. Noted from the Queens thread we are one 4 teams trying to get Josh McPake on loan from Rangers - Scott McDermott on Twitter
  3. Aye more inclined to say he’d suit a centre back/holding mid role.
  4. He signed for us after a spell at Brechin. He’d been out for a year or two with a bad injury and had played a handful of games with Brechin. He looked steady enough but we were using him as a right back and it’s not his natural position - many have commented in here about our imbalance with MacDonald flying on one side but not so much anything down our right hand side. He got injured again and was out for a good few weeks and had just got himself back into the team before lockdown occurred.
  5. That’s a fair comment and will give the boy a chance - in the bald messiah we trust.
  6. Boys scoring figures look pish bar one good season if it is to be him.
  7. Are we due to get anymore coin from the deal if Fulham get promoted? I’m in the same boat, sick of the yo-yo clubs going up and down - hoping super Brentford do the business.
  8. f**k me - eyes are bleeding trying to read that. Sound of big Neil Doncaster to give us the Pars and Jambos at home twice. Hero
  9. Quality highlights again from Dan. Didn’t know there would be any clips of the great Rudy Pussy [emoji23][emoji23]. Fucking hell how did he nearly spill that in like that [emoji23]
  10. Definitely not liking the idea of another crowd funder. The fans have done fantastically during a global pandemic filled with uncertainty - and after raising such a substantial amount, to then go back out with the begging bowl again - nah no for me. I even cringe like f**k every time I see the wee update thing of how much has been raised so far. No to mention the fans will probably get stung again on season ticket prices/streaming so that we are able to compete next season.
  11. Great to see Andy Ticklefeet get some airtime.
  12. I’m sure he made an arse of a big long ball which was over hit - it had been pissing of rain pre-game and the ball skidded off the turf right over his head and hit the bar I’m sure.
  13. The same as every SPFL vote that’s normally Hijacked by OF fans when someone scores a tap on for goal of the month. Let them have their moment they’ve nothing else to celebrate [emoji23]
  14. Loved this Q&A - his time in charge got me hooked on the game and hooked on the Rovers. Would love him one day to come back. Absolutely boaking my question never got selected! I’ll no be submitting anymore questions, same folk keep getting picked. Kudos to the club though it’s been refreshing and good to see - bookies paying out early on a Lesley Lynch question to be selected again the morn!
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