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  1. Heading along for this titanic tussle. Do Dundee fans still get part of the cowshed?
  2. Hartley's target of finishing in the top 4 is going to plan...
  3. Agree. Been going to Dens for almost 40 years and definitely most hyped keeper of all time.
  4. Bain on the bench for Development team tonight. Is it the beginning of the end for him at Dundee?
  5. As much as I didn't like Hartley's management for the past 18 months, I can't believe he instructs Bain to stay on his line. Did Ph also instruct his defenders not to tackle, midfielders not to pass and forwards not to shoot??
  6. I disagree that Bain has been average at best this season. He's been honking
  7. Agree. I hope we can get a decent fee for him when he leaves. His value has certainly diminished this season.
  8. Anybody else hacked off at Scott Bain's performances this season?
  9. Fantastic noise by the Dundee faithful in the last few minutes (must be all the dark blue blood past on by our forefathers)
  10. That's correct Moo. Lots of possession with Dumbarton getting plenty of men behind the ball. Created 4 or 5 good chances but it was just one of these days.
  11. Have a derryrhumba on my behalf. Will need to learn the art of containment or it could mean ejection from The Cheaper Insurance Stadium.
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