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  1. My you’re a bundle of sunshine today. Of course the standard of football isn’t as good as the leagues above - it’s the lowest division of 4.
  2. Muirkirk 0 Gow 2 (Jarvie) thats the Gow notched 100 league goals
  3. You’re, grinding out tight wins with poor performances - keep hoping the luck will run out for you
  4. The Gow have been a revelation this year From getting relegated and suffering 13 & 8 goals against last season to scoring 18 in a game this year, top of the league and also reaching the west league cup final has been some turnaround. well done Rab Jacko Eric & the committee
  5. Nah - I would have beaten the Gows 18 but only just
  6. It was me!!! So I can verify the story. and I don’t - unfortunately
  7. It’s working fine! He knows about Lesmahagow because a guy from the Gow was on Countdown when he was host and spoke about the Gow & Jim Holton. It must have stuck.
  8. What’s wrong with Wee Jeff?
  9. Gow 18 Ardeer 0 and a mention by Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports!!!
  10. 18-0 for the Gow and a mention by Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports!! Well done Gow
  11. Congratulations Mcginto Hopefully see you at the Gow at some point - you can buy me a pint in the Bull
  12. A comprehensive win from the Gow to take us back to the top of the league. A good performance from the Gow - a few cracking saves from your goalie kept the score down to 3
  13. Tight league but hopefully the Gow will get a result next week
  14. Just what to expect from ather jealous junior teams - no doubt being nice to Andy & the committees face but stabbing us in the back
  15. According to Pollok officials- about a hundred
  16. Well done to Talbot. classy team The good news it’s bumped our price up for the Scottish All part of the master plan
  17. Could somebody translate that authentic deepest Ayrshire gibberish?
  18. Hard core glory hunters you mean I hope it’s a good game today - I’m sure the Gow are in with a good chance and don’t embarrass you by pumping you by too much
  19. Like you and your sister/wife do?
  20. Cheers the Cashman!! Always try and get a bite - it was easy wi the chappies from L****k but still managed to hook an Ayrshire haddie Yep keep an eye out - or an ear
  21. So the comments on other threads re McPherson Wilson etc being left on the bench are all imaginary
  22. A lot of disharmony on the Talbot pages - I think it will be a lot worse after Sunday
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