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  1. My you’re a bundle of sunshine today. Of course the standard of football isn’t as good as the leagues above - it’s the lowest division of 4.
  2. Muirkirk 0 Gow 2 (Jarvie) thats the Gow notched 100 league goals
  3. You’re, grinding out tight wins with poor performances - keep hoping the luck will run out for you
  4. The Gow have been a revelation this year From getting relegated and suffering 13 & 8 goals against last season to scoring 18 in a game this year, top of the league and also reaching the west league cup final has been some turnaround. well done Rab Jacko Eric & the committee
  5. Nah - I would have beaten the Gows 18 but only just
  6. It was me!!! So I can verify the story. and I don’t - unfortunately
  7. It’s working fine! He knows about Lesmahagow because a guy from the Gow was on Countdown when he was host and spoke about the Gow & Jim Holton. It must have stuck.
  8. What’s wrong with Wee Jeff?
  9. Gow 18 Ardeer 0 and a mention by Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports!!!
  10. 18-0 for the Gow and a mention by Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports!! Well done Gow
  11. Congratulations Mcginto Hopefully see you at the Gow at some point - you can buy me a pint in the Bull
  12. A comprehensive win from the Gow to take us back to the top of the league. A good performance from the Gow - a few cracking saves from your goalie kept the score down to 3
  13. Tight league but hopefully the Gow will get a result next week
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