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  1. Sectional Cup Final

    Just what to expect from ather jealous junior teams - no doubt being nice to Andy & the committees face but stabbing us in the back
  2. Sectional Cup Final

    According to Pollok officials- about a hundred
  3. Sectional Cup Final

    Well done to Talbot. classy team The good news it’s bumped our price up for the Scottish All part of the master plan
  4. Sectional Cup Final

    Could somebody translate that authentic deepest Ayrshire gibberish?
  5. Sectional Cup Final

    Hard core glory hunters you mean I hope it’s a good game today - I’m sure the Gow are in with a good chance and don’t embarrass you by pumping you by too much
  6. Sectional Cup Final

    Like you and your sister/wife do?
  7. Sectional Cup Final

    Cheers the Cashman!! Always try and get a bite - it was easy wi the chappies from L****k but still managed to hook an Ayrshire haddie Yep keep an eye out - or an ear
  8. Sectional Cup Final

    So the comments on other threads re McPherson Wilson etc being left on the bench are all imaginary
  9. Sectional Cup Final

    A lot of disharmony on the Talbot pages - I think it will be a lot worse after Sunday
  10. Gow 2018/2019

    Great performance and result v an ordinary looking Ashfield team yesterday to go top of the league. Bring on the Talbot!!
  11. Todays scores 6/10

    If the Gow play like we have been - especially the first half v Petershill and Talbot don’t turn up then we should be in with a good shout.
  12. Sectional Cup Final

    Looking forward to next weeks Final when one of Scotland’s oldest and most respected Junior clubs play a mob from somewhere in Ayrshire It should be a cracking game - especially if the Gow play like we have so far this season. Mon the Gow!!!
  13. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Well played Gow yesterday. Good open game even if Ashfield didn’t react too well to the pressure and tried to turn it into a kicking match eventually.
  14. Gow 2018/2019

    Great result away to Shotts Gow away to EK Thistle on Monday night QF 1) Whitletts v Auchinleck QF 2) Kilwinning v Johnstone QF 3) Petershill v Clydebank QF 4) East Kilbride Thistle v Lesmahagow Semi-final draw: Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 Winner QF4 v Winner QF3
  15. scores 15/8/18

    Great result for the Gow