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  1. The provisional IRA? Not so keen on them, what’s your point?
  2. I salute the men and woman who volunteered to fight the British invaders in the Irish War of Independence.
  3. What is it with the ‘wee’ shite?? I’ll have you know I’m average. C***.
  4. Can't remember ever reading of any other club being done for price fixing merchandise to f**k over their own fans. Their support fans will accept and move on.
  5. The c**t won’t catch the plane. So more Dutch clubs have came in for him than came in for Giakoumakis.
  6. The point being that the won, won, won, won and won team was made up of different players over the course of 5 years, the vote we’re discussing was for the best side over 1 season, if you can’t understand that then this is definitely a waste of time.
  7. The forest side you mention was over the course of 3 seasons, the Real team was over 5 seasons. The vote was for a team over single season, that Celtic team won everything they entered, unlike the others you mentioned.
  8. Karamoko Dembele a free agent as of today, shame he never lived up to the hype, too many injuries and not enough chances to price himself. Needs 1st team football somewhere.
  9. It’s a post about 2 police officers traveling the world, sightseeing, at tax payers expense.
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