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  1. That's not what it says. It says if you're a *** wind your neck in.
  2. In domestic cup game chief, the statement was also about hearts fans behaviour.
  3. Why is this in the Scottish Premiership General Chatter forum? A statement from a relegated club, get it where it belongs.
  4. or he's pulling his body back to avoid the tackle, hard to tell from a picture
  5. I can understand this shit from the usual mob but morals and whataboutery from a rANGERs fan, f**k off.
  6. 142 posts and no mention that we were singing Hymns near the end, selective knobs. I also saw the graffiti on the wall it said "we're magic, we're magic" and was even repeated a few times.
  7. No whataboutary, just questioning his reasoning in labeling Guidetti the worst dive ever.
  8. I would have thought that was pretty obvious, he's being a tad over dramatic labeling this the worst, or one of the worst. here's one from last week, blatant cheating and the cheek to chase the ref appealing
  9. Some amount of greeting over absolutely f**k all getting done here. Fucking internet sucks balls for giving some self important, self righteous, greeting faced c***s a voice. It would bore ye to the grave at times.
  10. Nothing more than playing the fans and keeping them onside. Fans love hearing this sort of shit for some reason and even if they are in the Championship they Scumbos won't ever accept a 4-0 beating in their own midden..
  11. thats where we play our home games, keep up.
  12. You gotta have an away support for this to happen. This reminds me of a story about clyde fc writing to the folk who made the seats in their stand complaining that when the ball hit them they break. The company wrote back saying thats was a first for them as folk are usually sitting in the ones they make
  13. how did they games finish? She beelin' cause she got humped, giuy doll.
  14. thats not seats getting deliberately broken, thats rows of seats collapsing under the weight of fans standing on them, not right but not deliberate.
  15. was it her first hearts v celtic game ?!...just send us a bill Ann and when your mob next time come to CP we will publicaly let you know what damage was done
  16. What was in the paragraph before that one? It's terrible it happened at Hearts, such a family club too. We should be grateful that Ronny got out unscathed. Edit - If your team ever come back to Celtic Park, why not sit in with them Ann, you might be appalled again.
  17. They just love their world records The FCCC http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/rangers/11269147/Rangers-manager-Ally-McCoist-braced-for-fire-sale.html
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