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  1. Looks like Rogic is signing for West Brom, bit of a strange one but good luck to the handsome hunskelper.
  2. It’s like those minutes silence’s we’ve done at ibrox over the years when fans in the home end spend the minute staring at the away support, rather than paying their respect, waiting for a murmur or an idiot shouting something to get ultra offended and start booing. Strange behaviour imo.
  3. Love the teachings of my Celtic family, and I also love biscuits.
  4. Shitebags doing it on the website but not Twitter The classic ‘say nothing without saying nothing’, short, sweet, unstaunch and not arse licking. Still too long imo
  5. Didn’t they compete with PSV a few weeks ago, a few weeks after PSV humped Ajax?
  6. There wasn’t a banana. If there was a banana I feel there would have been a lot more evidence than a fuzzy one-angle still from the tele.
  7. At the time I saw 2 plastic bottles and a lighter/vape thrown on, which, apparently, you can do if you’re an ultra. But looking at this pic not sure if it’s a plastic bottle or a sausage roll, def not a banana.
  8. Couldn’t agree more, valverde was outstanding and can’t remember Kroos misplacing a pass. .
  9. Who was it from? Don’t use Twitter but it’s from his account. Or am I missing something?
  10. Hazard made a huge difference to them, pulling Celtic players all over the place and had a hand in all 3 goals, a quality player.
  11. Hardly saying he wants Madrid, he was asked how he would feel if we came out the draw together, he answered “If we get Real, then great. That would be a nice one to tick off the list, but I’m sure whoever we get will be top opponents.“
  12. Never heard a single Celtic fan, either at or after the game or on the Celtic fans forum I request, mention the gulf in finances as a reason we lost.
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