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  1. 1st half goals. 0-1 Kenny https://streamable.com/u7t0ao 0-2 Hatate https://streamable.com/5ov08p 0-3 Johnston https://streamable.com/f166z3 0-4 Kenny https://streamable.com/5laqo1 0-5 Jullien https://streamable.com/k4tz6b 0-6 Forrest https://streamable.com/y7j8ca Ajeti on for 2nd half 2nd half goal. 0-7 Vata https://streamable.com/01q6jc
  2. My only explanation is that it’s McNee and Walker we’re talking about.
  3. Think we’ve all seen goals incorrectly disallowed but we know when they’re given and when they are not.
  4. Mostly on loan but he signed for gent last year so you’re prob correct.
  5. No, pretty sure that was a rangers goal at ibrox, stv had it as a goal so everyone watching at home thought they’d scored too. How the commentary team etc, sitting in the stadium, didn’t notice that the game restarted with a free kick in the penalty box is beyond me, the entire production team must’ve been glued to the replays or celebrating the goal. edit -
  6. Not sure you should be taking this thread down that road tbh.
  7. Yip. No denying he was a great goalkeeper.
  8. For someone that’s never off the Celtic thread I’d have thought you cared enough to know that.
  9. Thought that meant a 30% sell on payment for benfica.
  10. Still doesn’t make the most expensive signing in Scottish football history.
  11. Scottish football history you say Oops. edit - worth every penny.
  12. Daniel Prodan - £2.5m, 0 games, not sure how you work out price per game for him.
  13. I’d imagine a fair chunk of his pay would be covered by insurance.
  14. That’s our business model. £2.5m and a 5 yr deal for a Croatian international is a great bit of business by Celtic. See ya JJ.
  15. So you find some positive news about how well your team have done over the past 4 seasons and your 1st thought is to post it on the Celtic season thread.
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