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  1. Wasn’t aware I said anything yesterday about him. The drugs do work.
  2. Did I say it was bad?? Just thought there might be a chance of him signing another contract if there wasn’t much interest in him, also just saying that the interest might grow now and, therefore, less chance of him extending his stay. Everything isn’t a criticism, just my opinion.
  3. The more he scores the more he’ll attract attention and the more chance he’ll walk away for nowt.
  4. "Atlanta United and Celtic have agreed a deal worth £4.3m for striker Giorgos Giakoumakis. It's understood the initial fee is £3.5m, with £800,000 in add-ons. The Greece international has agreed personal terms with the MLS club and is set to finalise his move to the USA."
  5. St Johnstone have lodged an appeal against the red card shown to Nicky Clark in Saturday's 2-0 defeat at Rangers. The forward was dismissed after 37 minutes following a challenge on Ryan Jack, with a VAR check confirming serious foul play. "I just can't get it, I don't understand it," said Saints manager Callum Davidson after the match. "A really big decision, I don't think it was a red card." Soon after the sending off, referee Willie Collum stuck with his decision to give Jack a yellow card for a late tackle on Adam Montgomery after checking the pitchside monitor. Davidson, who was also upset by the award of a penalty for handball, said of the red card: "He was getting fouled originally, he has lost his balance a little bit as he has gone to ground. Ryan Jack has come in to him at force, not the other way round
  6. They could’ve, at least, got Alex Baldwin in to fire the cannon.
  7. You ever thought about throwing the towel in? Some of your posts…
  8. Nice to see you’re continuing with the same, tired, old patter.
  9. Possibly in response to the abseiling sojers at ibrox yesterday, possibly due to a full days drinking with a late kick off time.
  10. It’s been 3 years 5 months since they had a red card at ibrox, how many armed forces days do they have?
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