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  1. Ffs, the guy said ‘up the celts’ hardly provocation to call them a pack of ****** b*****ds.
  2. Either that or if I hadn’t washed my lucky pants for the 1st time in a year.
  3. Ye, cause not giving a f**k that the queen died is exclusive to Celtic fans.
  4. Congrats to St Mirren, deserved win. No complaints at all. just need the real Saints to win tonight to salvage my Sunday.
  5. I think we have the last laugh here, we lost a football game, she’s dead.
  6. Just noticed this, that’s brilliant but gotta be a wind up. But very true.
  7. Yip, unless I’m reading it wrong. Going into last game we’d be on 7. Shatker on 4 and RB on 3 (assuming we get nothing in Germany) We’d have a 3 pt lead over shatker with a better head to head.
  8. Madrid win their next 3 games and we win our home games then 2nd is ours, Glasshalffull.
  9. Delighted the far right acknowledging the quintessential far right club.
  10. There will be no minute's silence ahead of Celtic's Champions League encounter with Shakhtar Donetsk in Poland. The position was confirmed by UEFA following a routine pre-match meeting between the two clubs and the governing body on Wednesday. The Ukrainian club have been granted permission to display anti-war messages on screens at Legia Warsaw's stadium ahead of the game. Shakhtar have been displaced from their home stadium since 2014 because of conflict in eastern Ukraine. A minute's silence will take place at Ibrox when Rangers host Napoli later. However, UEFA have rejected requests from Rangers, Chelsea and Manchester City to play the national anthem before their Champions League matches. A Uefa statement said: “There will be no anthems played — this also includes the Uefa Champions League anthem — on the basis of maintaining a consistent pre-match ceremony with a subdued atmosphere and without any celebratory activities across all UK venues to show respect as we did last Thursday.”
  11. UEFA have confirmed commemorative plans have been put in place to honour the Queen in this week's upcoming Champions League matches featuring UK sides. Both Celtic and Rangers are in Champions League action this week with matches against Shakhtar Donetsk and Napoli respectively. Celtic travel to Poland to play the Ukranian side in the second matchday of the competition with Rangers at Ibrox as Napoli jet in to Scotland. And UEFA have now confirmed a set of commemorative plans are in place for UK clubs competing in Europe as a mark of respect to Queen Elizabeth after her passing last week. All matches featuring UK sides will begin with a moment of silence and players could also wear black armbands to commemorate the life of the Queen. There are further commemorative plans in place for UK teams playing at home in the Champions League this week. These changes will only impact Rangers (and other UK clubs playing at home) with their match at Ibrox against Napoli. For the match there will be no Champions League centre-circle, pitch banners or arch. The Champions League anthem will not be played before the match and no pre-match sponsor activations or player mascots will be present. These changes are in additions to the moment of silence and black armbands. UEFA confirmed: "In commemoration of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, the following will take place for matches involving UK teams as the home team during the pre-match ceremony: No centre-circle/pitch banners/arch, No UEFA Champions League anthem, Moment of silence/black armbands, No pre-match sponsor activations/player mascots. "Additionally, the following will take place for matches involving UK teams as the away team during the pre-match ceremony: Moment of silence/black armbands." Commemorative plans for UK teams playing at home - including Rangers No centre-circle/pitch banners/arch No UEFA Champions League anthem Moment of silence/black armbands No pre-match sponsor activations/player mascots
  12. It's an attempt to be able to hold the game with less policing as hundreds of Scottish officers are being sent to London to provide mutual aid until after the funeral. How much less police are there gonna be ? Still gonna be a full stadium and a city centre full of Celtic fans out watching our game, and now loads of ticketless rangers fans in the city for this game.
  13. Where’s the sense in this? I’m struggling here. will there be away fans at Liverpool, Chelsea, City this week?
  14. It’s obviously difficult to police a football game in Glasgow 6 days before a funeral in london.
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