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  1. Here’s what he actually said “We’ve played quite a few big teams but probably the one most of the Celtic fans would like is Real Madrid. I’ve not played against them yet but we know anybody we get drawn against will be a top team and a big challenge for us.”
  2. Not sure what Celtic losing in feb in the arctic circle has to do with rangers fans struggling with the heat.
  3. Was a clammy night, they’re known to struggle with the heat.
  4. The balls got to be played forward for it to be offside, so that looks onside.
  5. Looks like a sell out now, you’d think someone would’ve taken up the tv rights,
  6. I’m sure it’s on rangers tv for a tenner, not sure if it’s cause it’s not a sell out that it hasn’t been sold to a uk broadcaster. Rangers have never overturned a 2-0 1st leg deficit, I expect that to change tonight.
  7. Oh well, if Alan Brazil says we should sign him then bring him home. Any news on Rod Stewarts thoughts on potential signing targets?
  8. Very quiet in here the day before the super cup final, thank you Aaron.
  9. I know it’s a very difficult to tell from those pics buts it looks a decent crowd, when the attendance was low a CP the front of the main stand was pretty much empty as was the Celtic end. May I be the 1st to call shenanigans on the old board.
  10. Wish I hadn’t tbh, was reading the whole smith/sourness and Neely allegations yesterday and started reading about how Smith bullied youth players by taking them for a square go in a dark, locked room and I was fresh in my head when I came in here. And you’re correct, was common place back then, I remember guys trying similar with me at the start of my apprenticeship.
  11. Actually don’t remember giving a f**k about that song, mainly because I didn’t think they sang ‘f**k the pope’ at all. Maybe my memory is clouded and you can prove me wrong. I do a lot of drugs.
  12. So you think, that I think that because he was a bit of a bully to youth players then it’s ok to celebrate his death in song? Reading way to much into that post my friend.
  13. Where did I mention a song? Just passing on a bit of knowledge about Walter smith to flybhoy. Maybe he was a decent man but definitely a bully by all accounts.
  14. Still young for a keeper. was the Nicol that scored for Ayr Steve? edit - just noticed it’s a different spelling plus he left for Liverpool in 79
  15. Thought it was Johnny Gibson of thistle. McAlpine played in a pre season tour when Celtic had a goalkeeping crisis in 1988.
  16. MacDonald? Whittaker, and mcAlpine played a game for us. I’m sure Gibson of thistle was at Celtic too.
  17. Counted 9 ex or future Celtic players in the other premier league teams.
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