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  1. Andy Haliday on SSB saying he’ll get the best out of the fat striker cause he speaks fluent Portuguese. surely after 5 yrs here Morelos should have a decent grasp of English, and, when did Morelos learn Portuguese??
  2. Don’t Japan have any right backs? I assume JJ must be offski.
  3. Looking forward to the ‘signing all these japenese players will never work’ type posts.
  4. So leverkusen, bodo glimt, Real Madrid or Leipzig. I missed anyone? out of those teams which one should rangers take their manager from?
  5. Jonah Ayunga insists St Mirren deserved to beat Rangers but had to do it against the referee too because he kept giving the Ibrox side 'every decision'. The forward scored the opener against Rangers and thought he was on course to help St Mirren make history by beating both sides of the Old Firm at home in the same season. He also scored against Celtic earlier in the season and Ayunga was frustrated that it finished 1-1, but reckons Kevin Clancy was favouring the away side. And he believes the penalty awarded to Rangers for a tackle on Ryan Kent shouldn't have been given because of a foul on Mark O'Hara just before that. He claims that St Mirren weren't getting anything from the whistler and Giovanni van Bronckhorst's men were always going to get an equaliser because it was impossible to keep them out while getting nothing from the ref. The striker didn't hold back in his assessment of Clancy and the refereeing team and insists Stephen Robinson's side weren't helped by the man in the middle. He told Renfrewshire Live: “I’m happy with a point but we feel it could be more if we had just held on. It’s still a good result in the end. “It didn’t feel like 11 vs 11 after 60 minutes. They were getting every decision, every 50-50. “That contributes to you feeling under pressure and there’s only so long you can keep repelling attacks without getting anything [from the referee]. “It felt like it was coming towards the end, but some of the decisions didn’t help. “Before the penalty there’s a foul on Mark O’Hara in their half that doesn’t get given and you think VAR will check that whole phase. I don’t think they did. It’s frustrating. “It’s the same feeling we have on the season as a whole. We will take it, but we definitely know we could have done more and deserve more throughout the season. We have got a point but we think it could have been three and we think we could have been higher in the table. “I think we had better chances than them and deserved to win it.”
  6. Ye, you play to the whistle. Not a massive issue but that was one of the worst referring performances I’ve ever witnessed, from start to finish he had a shocker.
  7. European final, Scottish cup champions and CL qualification. He’s a superb manager and a genuinely beautiful human being. This is disgraceful.
  8. Can you imagine the shite we’d take on here if we just waited til we lost before pointing out the glaring inconsistencies in the performance of the refs and the var refs?
  9. It’s not a decision var can change, if it was intentional then it’s a free kick and a yellow card, var can’t intervene in those decisions. Just gonna have to suck it up like we’re doing with the fact Motherwell should’ve been down to 10 men at that point.
  10. Not sure, from his angle, Collum would’ve seen it nick off his head.
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